PlayStation Plus Double Discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Plus, new discounts on digital-only games, and PS3 & PS Vita catalogue titles

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts returns to PlayStation Store this week! Running until 22nd March, we have great discounts on a wide variety of titles such as Batman: Return to Arkham, No Man’s Sky, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition, and many more. Not only that, but if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you also get an additional discount on top of the initial saving!

If you don’t have a PS Plus membership yet, head on over to the official PlayStation Plus page for more information on how to get started.


PS Plus Double Discounts

Deal of the Week (until 15/03/17)


And that’s not all. Starting today, our deal of the week offers a hefty saving on the phenomenal stealth adventure Hitman The Complete First Season – as well as each of the individual episodes.

Totally Digital (until 22/03/17)

Our Totally Digital promotion also starts today, offering savings of up to 60% off a selection of digital-only titles.

Whether it’s Rocket League, Salt & Sanctuary, Firewatch or Valley, you can start your next digital adventure today!

Not only that, but you can also save 20% on pre-orders, such as the much anticipated Parappa the Rappa Remastered and Loco Roco Remastered.

Just head to PlayStation Store to find out more.

Totally Digital – Pre-order

Save on PS3 and Vita (until 22/03/17)

Finally, we have a host of PS3 and Vita titles available on offer. Classics such as Farming Simulator 16, Yakuza: Dead Souls, WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship are all discounted, so head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

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Thought maybe Wild lands would be there .
Thanks anyway .

Can we please have Front Mission 3 and Vagrant Story on Croatian store?
All other Square Enix games are there, only these two are missing.

Wheels of aurelia, La cops, mother Russia, headlander, seigecraft commander and Fahrenheit. May also take silence and oxenfree
Good sale would have liked more vita content


I can highly recommend oxenfree. Great story and voice acting

CravingForCookie 08 March, 2017 @ 18:53

Awesome sale, thanks :)

Still no discount on the last Drive Club DLCs? What are you waiting for? 2019?

Is there a reason why some games are included in the Totally Digital sale that aren’t actually discounted? Seems strange to put them in the sale part if they are going to be full price still.

Xx_STRICK3N_xX 08 March, 2017 @ 21:41

Not in the US I guess!


It’s the European PlayStation blog.


Tempted by headlander and hyper light drifter after I’ve finished the amazing Horizon. But not rushing it as it’s brilliant. 14 hours on and only 16% through as I’m taking my sweet time

Romero_Carpenter 09 March, 2017 @ 00:40

Why does the PS3 digital edition of Sleeping Dogs always go on sale but never the DLC?


Tempted by headlander and hyper light drifter after I’ve finished the amazing Horizon. But not rushing it as it’s brilliant. 14 hours on and only 16% through as I’m taking my sweet time

HeikeStagBeetle 09 March, 2017 @ 09:59

Very nice sale!

“Classics such as […] Yakuza: Dead Souls, […]”
You’re funny.
(I like Yakuza: Dead Souls, a lot, but even under torture I would never admit to it being a classic.)

I can’t see the price for each Hitman episode? Can anyone tell me? Are they also at a discount?

SupeRgigaMecha 09 March, 2017 @ 15:17

They are discounted if you have the first episode i think
They show up as unavailable if you don’t have the first episode/intro

SupeRgigaMecha 09 March, 2017 @ 15:18

I was hoping for street fighter x tekken oh well still great deals


It says “You are not allowed to view this content”. I am a PS Plus user in USA. Is this for UK users only?

SupeRgigaMecha 10 March, 2017 @ 05:33

Yes this is for people in the EU only go to the US blog if u only have an account in the US

rocketman534 10 March, 2017 @ 16:54

Why isn’t god eater 2 on discount if its on the list? And why not God eater 1? its digital only for ps4
God Eater 2 is on the list of games for PS Plus discounts but it’s not on sale

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