Sci-fi shooter Farpoint hits PS VR on 17th May, with new PS VR Aim controller

Plus, online co-op play confirmed for Impulse Gear’s new FPS adventure

At last year’s E3 we showed you the first gameplay footage for virtual-reality sci-fi shooter Farpoint. In development exclusively for PlayStation VR, Farpoint transports you to a distant alien world where you’ll need to contend with hostile lifeforms and hazardous environments as you explore your surroundings, piece together what happened and search for a way home.

One of the unique twists for developer Impulse Gear‘s debut title is the new PlayStation VR Aim controller, which puts the game’s high-concept weaponry directly into your hands and allows you to aim via the weapon’s virtual scope for first-person precision.

The controller’s built-in motion sensors and sphere work with the PS Camera to track your movements, offering pin-point accuracy as you take on the planet’s hostile inhabitants. On top of this, built-in rumble features, will deliver immersive real-time feedback every time you squeeze the trigger.


For those players who prefer more familiar controls, the Dualshock 4 wireless controller is fully supported as well.

The team at Impulse Gear is also excited to announce that Farpoint will feature online co-op play at launch. This extra mode will allow you and a friend to buddy up and enter previously completed levels to tackle enemy hoards side-by-side, racking up points for kills and accuracy as you go.


Since its first reveal, the response from hands-on impressions with the new tech has been incredible and we’re excited that everybody will be able to play the game in just a few short months!

Farpoint launches on 17th May and will be available at retail as a standalone game or bundled along with the PS VR aim controller for that extra level of immersion.


The standalone game is priced at €59.99/£49.99 RRP, or for €89.99/£74.99 RRP you can pick up the Farpoint + PS VR aim controller bundle. Alternatively, you can also purchase digitally via PlayStation Store.


Additionally, players who pre-order the bundle or standalone game will get access to the Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit – an exclusive UEP skin to wear in-game – to give you a stand-out look for your first outing into Farpoint’s alien world.


Learn more about Farpoint and the PS VR aim controller over on, and look out for news about other PS VR aim controller compatible games soon.

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VR is amazing but the more time moves on the more I think I can live without it.
Dualshock controls but no move support? Or separate controller. It’s like the same mess all those rhythm games got in to all over again.


VR is the future of gaming,just play resistant evil in vr or dirt rally . looking forward to far point ????

Jugding by your last sentence you are not sure if you are looking forward to it or are you asking Harrisown…????


I put a smiley face their lol but its turned into ? Marks.

I thought it was supposed to be the 16th? And the only place I see where you can pre-order it (gamestop) has it set for a June 30 release.

For those of us who like to buy games in Digital form, will it be possible to buy the controller on its own?


It’s got a listing on Amazon, but no option to buy or pre-order.

Finka_Karfein 08 March, 2017 @ 19:42

I’m looking forward to Farpoint but since I don’t know any other titles that will support PS Aim – can we just use PS Move Sharp Shooter to play Farpoint Aim-like?

Roadkillwarlord 08 March, 2017 @ 21:02

I want to know this as well! Could be a deal breaker.


I’m pretty sure they already confirmed that the Sharpshooter won’t work anymore. The sharpshooter was just a cradle for a move and controller, but the PS Aim is a controller with additional features. The game wouldn’t be able to replicate what the PS Aim does with the sharpshooter. Sorry.


Can I use my Move Sharpshooter peripheral?

Not buying the Aim when I already have another I could use.


No, from what I’ve heard, only the controller or this PS Aim


I’m waiting for official word, not rumour.


There are 2 sticks on PS Aim, only 1 on the Sharpshooter…

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Are there any UK retailers offering the game and controller bundle for sale?
I’ve searched but has no luck.

StevenJamesHyde 09 March, 2017 @ 09:25


Others sure to follow soon


Amazon does but it costs £75. Bit on the pricey side which is understandable because of the controller, but i’d probably need to try the game first or at least know its not a 3 hours game before splashing nearly a hundred on it

Game looks pretty good. First VR game that’s really grabbed my attention, and RE7…..

HugsyTheAssassin 09 March, 2017 @ 11:31

Do we know anything about the playtime on this game? Hoping for a least 10 hours


Circa 4 hours as reported by impulse Gear. Farpoint’s Developers.

PiercingLance 09 March, 2017 @ 23:36

On the box art of the Aim controller bundle, is that player left-handed or is that the way everyone supposed to hold the Aim controller? Conventionally the d-pad should be accessed using left hand, not right hand as seen in the picture. Can we assume the box art picture was flipped in a bad photoshop attempt?

Can we have a better picture on what seem like face button + right stick combo? Do we access the face buttons by moving the right stick in the 4 directions? That seem like a very terrible design.


The Aim peripheral is ambidextrous.


R1 button mounted on either side of the trigger,


Really looking forward to this one. Might be defining the FPS VR genre. Now bring Portal to VR and I’ll be one happy camper!

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