On the fifth anniversary of Journey’s release, its creator reflects on the game’s legacy

A look back at the incredible path a cloaked traveler took towards the mountain, and the stories it inspired

We’ve glided across sands and soared above ancient ruins on our way to the mountaintop. We’ve formed bonds with strangers unknown, whose paths we’ve intersected. We believe that there is no better time than right now to experience Journey. There’s a new friend waiting for you, and a journey to discover.


We’re incredibly proud to share the five year anniversary of Journey this week with creator Jenova Chen and the team at thatgamecompany, along with everyone who helped to create this award-winning experience. Journey was born out of the raw, extraordinary talent of a highly inventive team of creatives. They set out to craft a game that could emotionally connect with anyone.

“It’s hard to put into words what the past five years has meant to the team since we released Journey. To see all of the connected travelers extend their friendships online, at conventions, and in the community has been truly humbling. Thank you for continuing to share Journey and for inspiring us for our next game.”
–Jenova Chen

There are endless things to say about Journey, and — for Jenova and the team — their narrative and technical achievements with its creation are timeless.

To celebrate five years of Journey with thatgamecompany, we’re collaborating on the following activity. We hope you’ll take a moment to check it out:


  • We’re supporting the Able Gamers Foundation who are running a charity auction including an extremely limited, rare edition of The Art of Journey book signed by the creators, one of the last remaining original Journey “Traveler” statues, and the 20th Anniversary PS4 special edition console. All proceeds will benefit the Able Gamers Foundation. Please visit their charity auction here to bid.
  • Over the past five years, fans of Journey have created incredible inspired artwork, cosplay, jewelry, even weddings! We’ve sampled some of thatgamecompany’s favorite pieces in this post. Check them out below.

From everyone at Santa Monica Studio and thatgamecompany, a sincere thank you for your continued adventures with Journey on PlayStation over the past five years.

We look forward to seeing countless more Travelers soar to the mountaintop with new friends, side by side, for many years to come.

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My favourite experience of all time on the PlayStation, so many emotions. If I had to take just one game, just one, to a desert island this would be it! Pure brilliance on every level. Thank you.

Shannon Studstill 15 March, 2017 @ 18:27

:) Means a lot to all of us at Santa Monica Studio/thatgamecompany. Thank you for playing/sharing your wonderful experience.

My email to Kellee Santiago, Co-Founder, President thatgamecompany.

“So there I was, sat in a vast open desert with no idea of my next move, I have a controller, a screen, a little character and a soundtrack that will later, as with all the above, turn me into a emotional being, staring at the screen with tears rolling down my face wondering…. How!?

Never has a game made me feel this way. Before my Journey, as with most journeys, I knew very little. Gaming can be on many levels of emotion, mostly annoyed at not “destroying” the end of level baddie. This was more refreshing than any other experience I have ever had on PS3.
So, without reviewing the whole game, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for one of the most emotional experiences I have ever laid my hands and eyes on! Fantastic!
I hope many other people get to witness this “experience”.

Who replied with “Thank you so much for sharing this – it made me tear up as well!”

Great game,great game.

Shannon Studstill 15 March, 2017 @ 22:19

:) Thanks for the support!

The PS3 original is beautiful. Too bad the PS4 port was handled poorly. Whose genius idea was it to remove the specular mapping on sand textures?

heh I remember trying to put words into this describing the story as me and my niece played this. She was to small to just sit back and relax but man what a wonderful experience it is.

As much love as I have for this I’m still trying to get my wife to play it. One day she will notice this piece of art, and then I’ll show it to my kid. Man it will be an amazing day.

I can’t believe it has been 5 years!

Atdarighttime 18 March, 2017 @ 14:20

This for me was a fantastic experience. Not the sort of game I would
play but so glad I did.
If ever a game was classed as art then this is it.
Beautifully created, a true classic game that everyone
should try.
Thank you for creating such a game!!

This game was truly one of my favourites of all time, to feel connected to a character in a short time is something i have never come across in a game before and probably ever again.
Simply Amazing

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