Pick up big savings on Ubisoft games on PlayStation Store this weekend

Plus, acclaimed FPS revival Doom is your new deal of the week

We have a host of amazing Ubisoft content on offer this weekend on PlayStation Store until 20th March! Whether it’s For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, Far Cry 4 + Far Cry Primal Bundle or The Division, you can find a great deal on some of your favourite Ubisoft titles.

Here’s a full list of everything on offer, just head to PlayStation Store for your local pricing.

Deal of the Week (until 22/03/17)

Deal of the Week

Tear your way through hell in this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Doom!

Both the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition are available on offer on PS4 so head to PlayStation Store and save today!

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andrewsqual 17 March, 2017 @ 11:23 am   1

No, where is the reveal for the new Assassin’s Creed? That is all.

GUDGER666 17 March, 2017 @ 1:03 pm   2

Nothing for PS3…. Rubbish.

MaxDiehard 17 March, 2017 @ 5:14 pm   3

Who cares? PS3 is over 10 years old, we’ve all moved on.

    Romero_Carpenter 18 March, 2017 @ 11:22 pm    

    Not everyone has “moved on”. There’s always some legend like you who has to make this same comment. If you have a PS4. Good on you!. But some people haven’t rushed out and bought one to keep up with you yet.

    Romero_Carpenter 18 March, 2017 @ 11:25 pm    

    Playstation purposely once again leave out what platforms the sale is on for, so that everyone clicks the link.

    Ryusennin 19 March, 2017 @ 2:53 am    


    I have a PS4 (which I barely turn on these days), and I still play on PS3. As a matter of fact, I’ve just replayed Artorias of the Abyss and spanked Manus on NG+2. Can you do the same on PS4?

    I thought so…

    Dust2dry 25 March, 2017 @ 2:54 pm    

    I have my PS3 since 2011 and my PS4 since 2015.
    It’s 2017 and they are still co-existing in my living room.
    So not everyone has “moved on”. 😉

dange1981 17 March, 2017 @ 6:41 pm   4

Eagle Flight for me. Been waiting for a while for a decent discount.

For Honor not doing too hot, eh? I wonder why.


I gotta say – that is a pretty sweet deal for Doom. Even cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen it for PC, too…!

Romero_Carpenter 18 March, 2017 @ 11:26 pm   7

Playstation purposely once again leave out what platforms the sale is on for, so that everyone clicks the link.

Ryusennin 19 March, 2017 @ 2:50 am   8

Child of Light DLCs are discounted on Ubi Store, but not on PSN. What gives?


we have duscount for MGS4 !!!! its great? but its another post

Argonark 19 March, 2017 @ 6:32 am   10

heh, watch dogs 2 already 44% off? Isn’t it like 2 months old game?

    makaveliiiiii86 19 March, 2017 @ 8:08 pm    

    nearly 5 i think but it’s an awesome game plus the plat for it is was easy to get

EscEscEsc 22 March, 2017 @ 6:53 am   11

Only one weekend!?!? Missed it, was going to pickup a couple of games, oh well at least I save some money!