Wipeout Omega Collection gets 7th June release date, first details on the soundtrack

Pre-order on PlayStation Store now and receive an exclusive dynamic theme

What kind of Pilot are you? Feisar? Auricom? Mirage? Pirahana? Well, soon you can join your favourite team and climb aboard your ship and put your AG Racing skills to their absolute limits.

Yes, WipEout is back and coming to PlayStation 4 on 7th June with WipEout Omega Collection, featuring all the tracks & ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 together for the first time.


WipEout Omega Collection looks utterly stunning, with remastered tracks and ships at 1080P on PS4 and dynamic 4K on PS4Pro all at 60FPS.

In addition to remastering all of the sound effects so WipEout sounds better than ever before, we’ve also added 28 licensed music tracks from famous musical artists. Pilot your favourite ships to killer tunes from Swedish House Mafia, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.


Each game has its own career mode, plus there’s a racebox mode which lets you tweak and customise your own races.

And if you are new to WipeOut, where have you been? Come and join the Anti Gravity league in the original and best AG racing series.


Play with your friends, either with split screen local multiplayer, or race online* for up to eight Anti Gravity Racing league pilots. Race in tournaments, single races, time trial or in the famous zone mode.


You’ll be able to line up on the starting grid from 7th June, but starting today you can pre-order WipEout Omega Collection from PlayStation Store and you will receive an exclusive dynamic theme.


*Active PlayStation Plus membership required to access.

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Cannot wait!

Do these have multiplayer?


Yeah, you can race other dudes.


erm, did you not read, there is local spilt screen mode as well as online mode


thank you for the date, that a rare day that Wednesday but its in my birthday month so its very much in my buying plans

Yes 60fps! That was a make or break for me i wouldn’t have bought this if it was 30fps for this game. Is the 2 player local splitscreen multiplayer in all 3 of the games? That would be sweet and also can you do splitscreen players with online too?


The Daddy is back! I cannot wait!

Mark O'Connor 30 March, 2017 @ 20:48

Yes, 2 player split screen for both HD/Fury & 2048 modes. No split screen multiplayer, 8 player online is there though.

Mark O'Connor 31 March, 2017 @ 12:25

Just to make clear, what I meant to say was there is no split screen multiplayer online.

Cannot wait my favourite racing games of all time and the reason I got into dance music when the original launched on PS1 back when I was 17!!

You forgot to include this crucial info from the YouTube video description to this blog too here:

” We have been able to take advantage of the power and memory bandwidth of PS4 to rework all textures in the game. Compared to the original games, textures are now clear when viewed up close: you can even read some of the small text on the ships for the first time. As well as a host of improved graphical effects we have also added in HDR which massively improves contrast to what was seen before. “

Oh yes! I was wondering when more info would come, lo and behold! I cannot wait to play this, one of my favourite game series of all time!

Sweet! Will there be down-sampling for Pro users with 1080p screens?


Thank you for a physical release for an affordable price. But dynamic 4k is not 4k in my book, so don’t hype that up. It’ll just disappoint people.


In “your” book. You don’t even know if it doesn’t hit true 4k or not, it could hit it 100% of the time for all we know.
Dynamic framebuffers is also a good thing to have in any games, I have a feeling your don’t know what does this really mean. Or would you rather have framerate drops rather than resolution drops? Jesus.


Awesome, retail release too!!!! This is one to create a “Classic Wipeout” playlist on Spotify for and play with that running in the background although I’m sure the new tracks are great too. Wipeout is just the kind of game that benefits more from HDR.

Damn were all the people from the PS Plus post yesterday to say how awesome this is? Oh yeah we won’t see them for another 4 weeks when their Plus “expires next month” yet again lol.

Yes! Finally, a release date for my favourite racing game!

at least I sorted my plus out knowing there a few games that are coming like this game meaning all i have to do is buy this game (with my Birthday money)

lumoplusjess 30 March, 2017 @ 16:59

Looking good, loved the previous wipeout games esspecially 2048 on vita.

Given that 2048 had all HD and Fury ships and tracks as DLC I’m a little confused why this is touted as the first time they are all together…sony can’t have forgotten about vita in the same post they talk about a vita port can they?

The3DGalaxian 30 March, 2017 @ 17:25

At this point it seems like a remake of a remake of a remake. A totally new Wipeout is what I need to get excited about it again.


It’s a port of previous games, no not a remake. Closer to remaster but at the same time isn’t.

Local split screen FTW!!!

I hope they add lots of tracks!

Mark O'Connor 30 March, 2017 @ 21:04

We have, there are 26 reversible tracks, plus 46 unique ships.

Carnivius_Prime 30 March, 2017 @ 17:59

Got interested til I remembered I never really liked Wipeout. Didn’t care for the floaty ship feel at all. Now get me a new Rollcage (my actual fave PS1 sci fi racer also by psygnosis) and I’d be happy. I know there’s a spiritual successor being made for PC so hopefully that comes to PS4 at some point.

Important questions:
1) Is the custom soundtrack feature from HD still in?
2) Is the Racebox also available for 2048?

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 12:24

Hi Shiff

1: Unfortunately not, but you can play your own music via Spotify or your HD. We think you will love our new soundtrack though, it’s proper awesome!
2: Yes yes and ….yes!

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 30 March, 2017 @ 18:30

“featuring all the tracks & ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 together for the first time.” eh, no, Vita owners have had access to HD, Fury and 2048 in 1 game for a really long time now. this is just a console port of 2048+DLC which i’m totally fine with, but it’s not the first time all 3 variants have been part of a single title…

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 12:24

it is on the big screen Merlin!

M3RL1NS_N3M3S1S 06 April, 2017 @ 01:28

And i can’t wait to play it as the lack of PSTV support due to the menus being touch only was a bummer. It’s also a shame we’ll never get a new genuine wipeout game on playstation now the team have been let go, but hey, you could always get them to port Forumla Fusion to PS4 ;)


The only thing that will interest me is giving this PSVR support. I don’t want a rehash of all the other games in one.

CluckNuggets 30 March, 2017 @ 20:01

You won’t be getting that yet, unfortunately. If you have a PC though you should try Redout, It’s like Wipeout without the weapons. It’s also quoted as being like F-Zero, Rollcage and POD.. I’d say Star Wars Episode 1 Racer too. It has full VR support and the developers love their customers.

There’s also Vector 36 which is like flying the ships from The Matrix. That’s pretty good and an excellent price too.


I have PSVR, doesn’t work with PC other than the 2D cinematic mode.

Plus nothing compares to WipEout.

CluckNuggets 01 April, 2017 @ 18:15

Have you tried pushing VR over the PC version of Remote Play?
I doubt that works, does it?
Hopefully at some point the platform restrictions will be broken.


This cannot be a Liverpool studio development, you guys sack them all years ago

CluckNuggets 30 March, 2017 @ 20:07

P.S *No Edit Button* I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce VR support in a few months, it’d be that surprise to thrill and excite fans prior to release. It’s genuinely possible.

CoolRichy007UK 30 March, 2017 @ 21:47

It will happen i might buy psvr at some point as long as i dont get motion sickness lol

CluckNuggets 01 April, 2017 @ 18:16

I’m mostly worried about whether my dog will let me play. I’m waiting for second or third generation VR anyway, current VR isn’t really that good.

CoolRichy007UK 30 March, 2017 @ 21:46

I might just pre order this tomorrow i never had the games on ps1 i already pre orderd 6 games, crash bandicoot, yooka laylee, micro machines, loco rolo, lego city undercover & euro fishing so il have loads to look forward too. Oh ye i hope they add a wipeout soundtrack to ps store as well


Played and enjoyed every wipeout, HD is still my all time favourite game, never have I looked forward to a game so much in OMEGA this will be the first one I’m going to book a week off for. Lets hope Sony put something in the pipeline for a totally new version.


SupersonicBoyUK 31 March, 2017 @ 00:37

Pre-ordered today but no dynamic theme?! :/ help?

H3is3nb3rg437 25 April, 2017 @ 22:58

You’ll get the theme on release day.


WipeOut is awesome! But pre-order link is broken… sloppy web page! :D


I think I saw a Van-Uber!

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 12:26

You are correct! If you purchase the game via the PS store you get an extra ship. Van Uber makes its long awaited comeback!


7th June is my birthday, thank you :)

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 12:26

Happy Birthday/Wipeout Day!!


Can you fix the PlayStation store link, please!

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 12:27

Working on it!

ZampesGuardian 31 March, 2017 @ 09:52

Is the theme also available in European PS Stores? I pre-ordered today and I cannot yet find the theme… It’d be a shame if European customers only get the theme when the game releases.

Could someone please confirm this? There is no reason to pre-order now without getting that theme…

H3is3nb3rg437 25 April, 2017 @ 22:59

Theme is available on release day, as is the norm.

Hope that this collection will resurrect the best game series of all times, and we’ll get a new game in the future.
All hail WipEout!!!

PS. Can’t wait to see SOL 1 track on my TV.

Will PSN users be required to re-buy the game if they already own HD/Fury & 2048?


Yes, because this is a new title.


Discount for WipeOut HD owners? Otherwise no buy.


Aww, you think because you bought an older version, you’re suddenly entitled to a new game on a new system.

Hi mack and o connor. just two questions. in the blog it states that you can play time trial online

“Play with your friends, either with split screen local multiplayer, or race online* for up to eight Anti Gravity Racing league pilots. Race in tournaments, single races, time trial or in the famous zone mode.”

Is this a error and its meant to be elimination? time trial online was never in HD/2048. Or is it a New game mode? A confirmation please

In the description in store it states you can play forward and reverse on 26 tracks… does this mean you can play reverse on 2048 tracks and the Zone exclusive tracks in HD? (Pro tozo, mallavol, corridon 12, syncopia) And can you play those zone tracks on other game modes now? (time trial, speed lap, single races etc)

John McLaughlin 31 March, 2017 @ 16:01


I think what it means is that your TT are posted online.
Online game modes are: Single Race, Eliminat0r, Zone Battle, Tournament for HD/Fury and Single Race, Combat and Tournament for 2048

In terms of tracks there are 10 2048 tracks, 12 tracks in HD/Fury and 4 Zone tracks
The 12 tracks in HD fury can be reversed.

All HD/Fury/2048 tracks can be played in zone mode

The Fury background is not in the Omega collection


Thanks for confirmation. wish it did have fury background though… it’s really mindblowing… hopefully there be a update in future that includes it :)

Forgot to also ask this… but is the Fury/2048 menu background in omega Collection? (fury)


Good question!
Fury menu was mindblowing. I almost fainted when I saw it for the first time))
As you know, Liverpool themselves created/recorded this track, wonder if XDev has access to it.


Same. and they did? thats awesome :D what about hd theme? i liked the old Music better for it

The soundtrack , it’ll have Cold Storage’s songs? No offence to Swedish house mafia et all , but with WipeOut one needs cardinal dancer.

ShawnSandiego 31 March, 2017 @ 22:41

I asked Tim this question the other day (I think back in January) on social media, but the answer was, that no one didn’t contact him yet.

So I won’t expect any of his great music in the game, sadly. ????

PlayStation / XDev, surprise us, please!


Two questions:

1- Is zone mode back from Wipeout HD? I had a very nice (and a little frustrating) time reaching Zone Zeus, I’d like to do it again :P

2- 60fps is also for standard Ps4?


1: Yes zone mode is in omega

2: Yes. HD/fury was also 1080/60 fps back on ps3. 2048 was 30 fps but its now 60 fps in omega :)


Very excited by this, WipeOut always have been my favourite game.

Little problem tho: the preorder don’t come with a theme as advertised. It’s not even in my download list. Will you adress this? Thanks!


I’m assuming the theme unlocks on the game’s release.

ZampesGuardian 01 April, 2017 @ 08:24

I also asked this question, they keep avoiding it…

H3is3nb3rg437 25 April, 2017 @ 23:01

Theme releases on the same day as the game.


Can’t find anywhere where it says what music is used in the trailer, any info on that?


So does this mean we can use the 2048 ships on the HD tracks? and vice versa?
Also how do i go about getting the dynamic theme as i can’t find the download after preordering it…

ZampesGuardian 03 April, 2017 @ 09:02

Still nothing on this it seems…

John McLaughlin 03 April, 2017 @ 09:07

2048 ships can only be used on 2048 tracks and vice versa for HD/Fury. The reason for this is the handling of the ships are very different and designed for the tracks specifically.


Is the online ranking system from hd in omega? Can you use 2048 ships on hd? Is there leaderboards? Ps4 pro downsampling support?

John McLaughlin 12 April, 2017 @ 18:44

Yes we have online leaderbpoards etc
No you can’t use 2048 ships on HD (totally different handling model)
PS4 Pro Downsampling? Hell yes!!

ultravioletblade 03 April, 2017 @ 10:58

can’t wait!

also, to the person who wrote the article: ‘wipEout’ doesn’t have a capital ‘w’ :-)

This is just awesome, will be picking this one up for sure!

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