PlayStation Store has big savings on Destiny this weekend

Plus, acclaimed fighting game Mortal Kombat X is your deal of the week

Become legend and prepare for Destiny 2 with big PlayStation Store savings on Destiny for PS4 this weekend. We have discounts available until Monday 3rd April 2017 on Destiny – The Collection, Destiny: The Taken King and Destiny: Rise of Iron, so head to PlayStation Store today and become legend!

Deal of the week (until 5th April 2017)

Just a reminder of this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week: it’s the ever brutal Mortal Kombat. We have both Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat XL* available on offer on PS4**. PlayStation Store has all your local pricing, so save, download and play today!

*Please note: Mortal Kombat XL not available in Germany.
**DOTW in Saudi Arabia is LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition

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not played it since september last year. played since beta but not long after ROI came out could no longer join on same fireteam on same network so you can shove this crap and if destiny 2 has similar issues ill no be buying it as it was the only game i played online with the wife


To clarify, you can’t group up with someone if they’re on the same home network as you? Or is this an internal game network… not played Destiny so unsure of it’s terminology.


It’s 2 players using the same fibre optic broadband. Me and the wife both shelled out for the Base game then all the dlc could’ve shared the content but I got the 1tb uncharted console and couldn’t be bothered changing stuff about. I believe the problem not destiny itself but the stupid servers at activision and as usual everyone passes the buck. Call of duty games are a pain for joining also. Something to do with demonware software that they use? God knows I just gave up as no one cared to do anything about it. They blame everything else, restart your game/console. Turn off and on your broadband, do a funny dance while holding a ball drinking water and reading aloud your favourite book


I had a similar problem on PS3 a few years ago. 2x PS3’s in the house. Both had different accounts. When both tried to play each other on some games we had some issues. Mostly joining each others games.

After giving both PS3’s a static IP address and putting 1 into DMZ mode both had no issues joining each others games again.

So my advice is if you have not tried doing so. Give both PS4 consoles a static IP address (must be different on both consoles). Put one into DMZ on the router and open the correct ports PSN needs open for the other ones.

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Aww, I have MKXL can’t I get the discount on lego star wars too?

Why has the Destiny Collection Upgrade been removed?

I can’t buy the Collection itself because “you already own Destiny The Taken King”. So the only thing available to me is Rise of Iron standalone.


It won’t let you buy a game you already own, it only lets you buy the DLC.

I was hoping Titanfall 2 would be on sale this weekend to coincide with it having a free MP/trial weekend.

Rise of Iron is still way too expensive.

Will wait for the inevitable 9.99 euros discount sale in September.


Really hoping Sony gives me the £10 credit from spending over £50 on the store tomorrow so I can use it to buy Rise of Iron!


Don’t count on it. Fully expect it to be “£10 off when you spend another £50”


Don’t count on it!!!!
Fully expect us all to get an email for £10 off when you spend another £50.


Well bluej1975 you got that wrong. £10 will be credited to psn wallet via a top-up voucher code which will appear in the notification area on ps4 between the 6th and 7th of April. I’m guessing by some of your comments on the blog your a glass half empty type of person.


I own Destiny on PS3 along with all the dlc. I would like to purchase it for PS4. The upgrade has been removed and I am unable to buy any of the versions available digitally for PS4 because ”you already own Destiny The Taken King”. Does this mean that if I wish to play Destiny on PS4 I must buy the Destiny Collection physically?

Destiny is so overrated, too much money for such little content. The most disappointing game I ever played

warensembler83 01 April, 2017 @ 09:24

A 25% for the last DLC isn’t “Big savings”


Is there core game too in rise of iron?

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