Everybody’s Golf tees off for PS4 on 30th August

Check out the new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive sports sim

What type of golfer are you? A casual weekend golfer? A semi-pro? Or maybe you’re one of those golfers who spends more time picking out your outfit than you spend practicing your swing?

No matter your play style, we’re pleased to invite golfers and gamers of all skill levels to play the next installment in the Everybody’s Golf franchise – Everybody’s Golf. And what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise than to launch the next iteration of the series this summer.

We’re pleased to announce that Everybody’s Golf will launch on 30th August 2017 for PS4!

Not only does Everybody’s Golf boast the same three-click shot mechanic our fans have come to love, the series returns with new features such as more character customisation, robust online modes and other fun activities including fishing, buggy racing and treasure hunting in the open world environment. How you enjoy the game is up to you.



Pre-order and get bonus items!

Pre-orders will be teeing off soon – keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more information. When they do go live, these are the bonus items that you’ll receive:

Available on day one:

  • The 20th Anniversary Course
  • Rabbit Mascot Costume x1
  • Unique shirt x2
  • Premium Kart x1
  • PS Dynamic Theme x1


Closed online test

And before we sign off, we wanted to share some exciting news for our most eager fans! We will be conducting a closed online test which starts on 26th May and ends on 28th May. We will send details to eligible players soon, so make sure to check your emails!

Hope to see you on the course soon!

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Hi. Will there be a pspro mode? 4k???

4K for cartoon graphics. Alrighty then. Just look at the pictures, it hardly even looks 1080p. Something tells me you were supposed to comment on some other game.

Can’t resist


Can’t wait!! :D

How do you get on this closed BETA. This series is my all time favourite and pretty much what my Vita is exclusively used for.


how do will become eligible on the BETA exactly cant wait for this hope i get in :)


WOW, did not see this coming. Thought it was only coming to Japan at the end of August and we would have to wait until early 2018. Can’t wait!!!! Another top notch PS4 exclusive confirmed for 2017 then.

Get Kat from Gravity Rush in there again. ^_^

i love EG only game that never left my ps3… both of them are still on i cant wait.
played the beta on the ps2 when i was in that beta group from scee and i am hooked since.

and no dont add kat add kratos again! i loved those go sacrifice yourselve from my friends when i beat them.


Err “Download from the PlayStation Store” at the end there? This BETTER be coming to retail.

And add more to the name of the game like “Everybody’s Golf 8”, there are already 2 games on the PS Store called exactly “Everybody’s Golf”, the last one on Vita and the PSP port of the original game. You are just causing unnessary confusion on search engines with the same name.
Would you call the next Horizon Zero Dawn game, “Horizon Zero Dawn”? No, why do it with this franchise then???

But what happened to the art style?


Agree… Everybody world golf tour worked perfectly with the design on the PS3, but it seems it doesn’t have the nice touch to it here on the PS4. Sure.. might be alpha footage… i really hope they shape it up before release :-(

mtoftheshire 20 April, 2017 @ 17:13

This is why I bought a PS4. It’s been far too long! Absolutely can’t wait for this game. I need that beta in May :)

A packed last half of August; 23.: Lost Legacy, 30.: Yakuza and Everybody Golf!

For the love of god PLEASE make sure it has a colourblind mode. I couldn’t play the PS3 one because couldn’t see the swing line on certain terrain :(

Excited for this to be back! Can’t wait! :D

Cannot wait for this!

Can someone confirm whether all the top level gear will be locked behind micro-transactions like the last game or not?


One word….. Awesome!

Dirtee-cache 21 April, 2017 @ 12:21

woooo – swimmin in the lake!

Is this like hot shots golf. If so cream cheese


Hot shot golf is everybody’s golf.. it was renamed after a year or so to hot shot golf on the ps3. Dunno why they got back the “everybody’s golf”-name (which i liked better).

Everybody’s Golf is actually one my favorite series on PlayStation. I’m gonna get this for sure.

PlatinumDragon7 21 April, 2017 @ 15:55

Please motion control.


Day one buy. Been waiting for this for what seems like an eternity!!

But please….no albatross trophy this time round. ????


Will buy this on day one. I’d love to participate in the beta, too.

At last!

Johnny-Bee69 24 April, 2017 @ 10:07

Awesome, so happy to see this coming over to the PS4. Ive owned this across all the Sony Platforms from the original Playstation, PSP Vita and Playstaion 2 & 3.

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