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A quick fire guide to what you can find - and do - on our revamped site

For the past few months we’ve been tinkering away behind closed doors on a new-look PlayStation Blog.

With the redesign comes, we hope, improvements to your overall experience, new sections to highlight the best recent posts you may have missed, an at-a-glance overview of the biggest talking points in the PlayStation community and much, much more.

But we’re not forgetting what these new additions are being built on. PlayStation Blog is still the place to come for the newest game announcements, release date reveals and breaking news stories, as well as keeping you up to date on what’s happening on PlayStation Store and with PlayStation Plus.

You’ll also find deep dives into your favourite games, the wider PlayStation world and its rich history; and we’re still bringing you direct access to PlayStation creators via exclusive guest posts from top developers.

So let’s take a tour through the new digs, shall we?

The front page

You may have just clicked through from the homepage, but for those of you joining us via a direct link from Twitter or Facebook, you should bookmark and from there you’ll be redirected to our all-new front end. (If you’re coming to us by way of a mobile device, you’ll note the site is now optimised for a smooth finger-scrolling experience.)

PlayStation Blog

Three options to get to the content you want

Use the search bar at the top right of the page [1] to find a specific game you’re interested in. Alternatively, the ‘Categories’ tab in the top left [2] will house all the stories in a certain group – PS VR blog posts, for example – with just one click to bring you to the relevant sub menu.

Alternatively, tap on any tags in our new ‘Trending tags’ section [3] at the top of the page’s side column (on desktop – for mobile, scroll down!) and you’ll be plugged directly into the current big talking points within the community.

Staying with the new side column for a moment, you’ll see a steady rotation of posts grouped together in our new ‘Spotlight’ section [4]. Look here for a selection of posts on significant current happenings – whether that be a major game launch, an event such as E3, or a major PlayStation anniversary.

The main feed houses our latest breaking content, headlined by the five biggest stories of the day [5]. Below, you’ll find all our latest blog posts listed in chronological order. If you want to see everything we’ve published, you’ll be scrolling for quite some time!

PlayStation Blog

This month’s PS Plus titles and discounts, and PS Store’s new releases

Relocated but no less important is our trio of regulars that are essential reading for any PlayStation owner: ‘This week on PlayStation Store’, ‘This week’s PS Store discounts’ and ‘This month on PS Plus’ are housed in a new middle column [6] (on desktop, for mobile, scroll down!).

Highlighting the best comments of the week

We’ll be regularly highlighting our favourite comments – both from readers and post authors – via our new ‘Comment of the Week’ section [7]. Grab some glory for yourself and pen something interesting, insightful or funny in response to any post and maybe you’ll see your name on our front page.

There’s now more ways to comment

Tired of typing? Wel,l good news. You’ve now the option to express your thoughts on any particular blog post with a click of a button, via our new emoji feedback system. Below every post you’ll see a row of icons conveying a range of expressions [8]. Click the one that suits your mood! Please do use these – your feedback on individual announcements is shared with the wider PlayStation business and is really useful to us!

Additionally, the comments section now offers emoji support as well.

PlayStation Blog

Not commented before? Sign in and join the discussion

At top right, you’ll see a ‘sign in’ button [9]. The low-fuss process will only take a minute and has no hidden catches or additional sign-up prompts. But it will allow you to comment directly to any post on the site, and also respond to any guest comments from the post’s author!

And there’s more

You’ll see a video-centric carousel further down the front page (again, just scroll down on mobile!) as well as further highlight reels that give you a great overview on a variety of different subjects. So dig in, play around, have a read, and let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. We hope you enjoy the new PlayStation Blog experience and stick around a while.

9 Author replies


Artemisthemp 03 May, 2017 @ 16:27

Looks great on Mobile


Layout is fine but I’m not a huge fan of the white background personally.


agree makes my eyes hurt

But still no edit option!

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:33

We’re aware many of you are asking for it. We’re still looking at it for a future update, will update you when we have something to share!

Doesn’t work on my phone , Used to work fine

Looks allot better through the PS app on mobile, always disliked how the page wasn’t laid out very well once you got to the comment section. And is now fixed.

You’re lucky… I get a black screen when coming here with the PlayStation app

Think it’s because now we finally have a mobile site. EU ps blog was embarrassingly behind.


Much nicer and so much clearer on mobile. Well done team

Well done on the new look. However, the ‘edit’ option please? We’ve been asking for it forever.

kingkenny76 03 May, 2017 @ 16:53

I like it, it loads much faster than the old version of the blog

Actually looks nice on mobile as well now. Great work 🕺🏾

bonestormXL 03 May, 2017 @ 16:58

Looks good! It’s missing something that ties the design together, but overall pretty nice.


I personally think it looks awful on the mobile app. It’s too black and white. Also, great that you’ve been doing something ‘behind the scenes’ but it would be even better if you concentrated on responding to comments instead of ignoring them.



CoolRichy007UK 03 May, 2017 @ 19:18



Looks really great.Can you guys tackle the PlayStation Store website next?

timothyonfire 03 May, 2017 @ 17:07

Looks great. Looks cleaned up and is nice on mobile. Good job.

supersmith2500 03 May, 2017 @ 17:16

Loving the new interface, any chance you could start hiring new employees for SIEE. A blog manager had to do Store update blogs now.

CoolRichy007UK 03 May, 2017 @ 19:17

Ye wat he said

JFCCMcDondy 03 May, 2017 @ 17:23

Looking good.

CoolRichy007UK 04 May, 2017 @ 01:00

Like a McDonald’s would


Make it as pretty as you want but if you don’t actually talk to anyone on here it’s all for nothing



Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:34

We’re working on that as well!


Much better to use and navigate on mobile.

I like the new reactions at the bottom. Get us more guest posts from devs and studios and I’ll make good use of the “cash” react. Any word on another “vote” for the next lot of PS+ games? (I know May’s have been announced, but I mean in time for June.)

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:36

Certainly looking to continue getting devs on here to talk all about their work!

Rastamadeus 03 May, 2017 @ 18:09

Sound. Hopefully the new look is also a new beginning for the blog and the staff actually respond to comments, positive *and* negative.

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:36


Nice and clean!

CoolRichy007UK 04 May, 2017 @ 01:01

Like a well oiled machine

CoolRichy007UK 03 May, 2017 @ 19:16

Woooooooo a new look but just 1 thing will you sony remove the stupid not a robot picture thing we dnt need that on the website thx


Looks absolutely brilliant, However, i’d like to see the background changed to black for a sleeker look. Also does this mean we can expect more from the blog in the future? As it currently stands theres very little on a daily basis.

andylangers 04 May, 2017 @ 09:11

Or an option to select black or white background on personal preference would be even better, like the game spot website

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:38

Intention’s definitely to get as much great content up daily, covering upcoming releases as well as deeper dives into titles already available.


If you do that, I’ll come back :)



Looks confusing, maybe I just need more time. Can we have a black background/layout too?


Still no edit button, I am a bit disappointed :/

The new-look looks good

ShovelFighter_89 03 May, 2017 @ 21:33

works fantastic on mobile 10/10

transpondster 03 May, 2017 @ 21:39

Would love to see similar redesign for the actual web PS Store. It’s rather ugly and slow.

Sc4tt3rbr4in 03 May, 2017 @ 21:51

Is this for EU only?

CoolRichy007UK 04 May, 2017 @ 01:02

Usa has same i think go look


Ahn etid buton woult bee reallee abbreciatet.

Simulacrum_AT 03 May, 2017 @ 22:37

*closes eyes halfway and puts sunglasses on* Nice, but a bit too bright…

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:39


Looks great!

fain2daniel 04 May, 2017 @ 02:18



I like it, looks much crisper. And least it works nicely in ps4’s browser, something you can’t say about every site.

TheLordPegasus 04 May, 2017 @ 06:21

Notifications bruh! How else am I supposed to track all the salty replies I get?

TheLordPegasus 04 May, 2017 @ 06:22

Also very dodgy not putting in the thumbs down button. The Xbox trolls get to ya?

Just a heads up, your “This week’s PS Store discounts” links to an article that is now about 6 weeks old and lists discounts that are no longer availablee on the store.

dark_angel69 04 May, 2017 @ 14:31

The blog looks lovely! Good job. But did the writers on the blog get a nice upgrade too (start replying to us a lot more)?

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:42


dark_angel69 05 May, 2017 @ 10:10

Hello to you too! And thank you for the reply!

Rhys Sutheran 05 May, 2017 @ 16:01

*wavey hand*

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MarkoZecevic 04 May, 2017 @ 14:51

Is there a way to stay logged in? Having to enter the password and the 2-step verification code every time is quite a nuisance..


lol they copied facebook with the new emotes

Rhys Sutheran 05 May, 2017 @ 16:03


Would rather you spent your time on actually passing us information, which is what blogs are for…”Here are this week’s new discounts! – SEE PS STORE FOR LIST” – yeah, real nice. If you can’t put in proper effort towards us, then I can’t put in proper effort to open my wallet. Nuff said.

Not bad, but please reconsider the two-step verification process. I consider it absolutely essential for preventing unauthorised access to my PSN account (and strongly recommend everyone uses it), but it’s complete overkill when all I want to do is simply “like” or reply to a blog entry/comment.Surely you can find a way of differenciating between the two?

Oh and why is a blog entry from 22 March listed under “This week’s PS Store discounts” ??

Doesn’t work on my phone , any ideas? Used to work fine._.

Stonesthrow 05 May, 2017 @ 00:35

Another redesign and still no edit function?

bluenorangecat 05 May, 2017 @ 01:46

Darker colours are energy saving…Just saying.

jason-bridges 05 May, 2017 @ 11:36

Great new look, looking very nice on my mobile – my device most likely to be used to connect to this site :)

jaroslav_01 06 May, 2017 @ 11:03

you should make a broadcast option for ps3, so i can see a friend playing a game. would be cool.


Don’t like it. Takes triple the time to discard news not interesting because you are now forcing to read all. Will end up not reading this anymore.



The_BlackPanda 11 May, 2017 @ 03:19



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