Here’s your first look at WipEout Omega Collection’s new ship: the Tigron K-VSR

See the aggressive vessel in action in a brand new trailer for the PS4 racer

When WipEout Omega Collection hits PS4 on 7th June, you’ll be able to take your pick from the full range of classic WipEout teams. Today, we’re really excited to unveil a brand new additional team and vehicle making its WipEout debut – the Tigron K-VSR.

WipEout Omega Collection

See it in action in the brand new trailer:

Here’s a little background on what you can expect from the Tigron K-VSR:

“The design philosophy of the Tigron K-VSR is ‘sheer brute force’. It eschews advanced tech and handling in favour of high speed and pure aggression.

“The shape and layout of the craft consists of a central chassis and cockpit with two longer outer arms that have two design functions. They allow for aggressive ramming and shunting while keeping the central chassis and pilot safe from collisions. This design feature makes the ship very heavy, hindering its acceleration and handling but does work in its favour when it reaches higher speeds, turning it into a juggernaut.

“Due to the size and weight of the craft, it needs a very large engine to push the ship to the desired speed. Having a pulse ram jet of this size proved to be highly unstable, so the design team got around this by using one large turbo pump that that feeds the thrust into four smaller chambers, allowing for a safer distribution of force and also giving it its distinctive ‘cluster thruster’ design.”

WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection

Sound like your kind of ride? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

WipEout Omega Collection launches for PS4 on 7th June, and is available for pre-order now on PlayStation Store or your local retailer. Look out for more on the classic anti-gravity racing franchise’s return to the track in the coming weeks.

WipEout Omega Collection

2 Author replies

No fury variants?

Gillen McAllister 04 May, 2017 @ 17:26

I’ll ask!

Wait the UI is just like WipEout HD on PS3?

CluckNuggets 04 May, 2017 @ 17:13

It’s a remaster with much more attention paid to it rather than a completely new game.

Wipeout Omega Collection looks decent i feel the remastering could have been better but could you guys at Sony bring Formula Fusion (the game being currently developed by ex-Wipeout team) to PS4?It’s a next gen Wipeout very nice and fast


FFormula Fusion is coming to PS4. I backed it and it was one of the stretch goals.

Formula Fusion isn’t being developed “by ex-WipEout team”. They’ve got a few devs that worked way back then on WipEout 3 and that’s it. None of the people who created or worked for most of the series is there.

Delighted to see Tigron back; any chance of us getting a look at that Van-Uber ship teased in Amazon’s pre-order description? :)

I am insanely happy that Wipeout Omega exists. Even more so that I am a PS Beta. XDMy thanks go to Sony XDev for bringing this to the PS4, u have no idea how much I missed Wipeout.

CoolRichy007UK 04 May, 2017 @ 17:52

No such thing as a ps beta and anyway the beta is now closed

CluckNuggets 04 May, 2017 @ 17:16

I’m definitely looking forward to this. It’s been too long since I put my PS3 away.

The ship looks great! Nice to see there is new stuff coming! Let’s hope you also include in Omega extra ships & tracks from Wipeout Pure & Wipeout Pulse that weren’t included in Wipeout HD/Fury.


What about PSVR support?If you’re going to rehash old games, make them worth it.

Carcide_027 05 May, 2017 @ 05:20

There IS a thing called Motion Sicknessand it’s horiible


Awfully expensive for a PS4 port of Wipeout HD. And no cross-buy, not at least a discount for PS3 owners who already coughed up for HD and its Fury extension? Typically Sony.


Uhm, that’s a damn sexy ship!

Can’t wait to flash round a few corners in this whilst blasting an opponent of the track and hitting a straight just as the music kick’s in!! Boom!


So I just noticed you put up a video of a model Tigron K-VSR. These look infinitely coolWill these become available I really want one!!

Eric Whelan 08 May, 2017 @ 11:51

Afraid not, it’s just something we put together for fun so they won’t be going on sale. Glad you liked the video though!

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