New on PlayStation Store this week: LocoRoco, Polybius, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

Plus, NBA Playgrounds, Strafe, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 DLC, more

This week sees the arrival of colourful cult favourite LocoRoco on PS4. The remastered version of the classic PSP puzzle platformer is available from today – don’t miss it.

Elsewhere, veteran psychedelic arcade specialist Jeff Minter delivers his latest sensory onslaught: PlayStation VR shmup Polybius; classic survival horror Resident Evil Code: Veronica X gets a PS4 release; and quirky puzzler Human Fall Flat makes its debut.

See below for the full list of new arrivals.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Human Fall Flat
    9th May

  • NBA Playgrounds
    9th May

  • Bloons TD 5
    (Only in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, NZ, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, SA, Spain, UK)
    9th May







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crimsonidol-de 09 May, 2017 @ 11:59

To everyone wondering: Caligula won’t release today, according to Atlus:

crimsonidol-de 09 May, 2017 @ 12:00

Eh, why is it released?

Was wondering the same…. Man I miss Hardin. Haven’t heard squat from the new rep

Gillen McAllister 09 May, 2017 @ 14:14

Enquiring atm to see if we can find out a new date, removing it from the list until then!

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Hey mr.Fred,Veronica X is awesome but it were happens on PS3 already, tell Capcom guys i want Rezident Evil outbreaks remasters pleasebest wishes


Looking forward to Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

The article doesn’t mention it, but Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is not a port of the PS3 HD remaster.It’s the PS2 version running in the PS4’s PS2 emulator. So it’ll display in 4:3 and won’t have the lighting and texture improvements.

andrewsqual 09 May, 2017 @ 13:08

Oh no. Does it still feature bland, unimpressive in the year 2000 3d environments, horrible running/traversal animations and reused zombie sounds from RE2 lol?Seriously though, I have no idea why people go nuts over this game. It was also the first RE to feature the MOST hilarious, over the top voice acting ever with Alfred. This was soon beat by the opera singing villain in RE 0, I die laughing every single time. :)

Gillen McAllister 09 May, 2017 @ 14:20

That said, CV’s Nosferatu boss creeped me out.


Thanks because the PS3 version lighting is terrible… the original is way better and with the bump in resolution it is possible this emulated version to be the best one.

Capcom is just lazy. Code Veronica should be remeastered in 1080p for PS4 (4K in pro) with disk release. PS2 classic will look terrible on HDTV but at least it got platinum trophy now… I really wanted this game on disk. SHAME.

andrewsqual 09 May, 2017 @ 13:15

The game was terrible regardless. Do you think a “remastered” upscale port to PS4 is going to fix the awkward lankiness that they turned Claire into in this game? Or do you think it would fix the fact that when she is running through the environment it looks like she is doing so at the speed of jogging. Do you think it would fix that horrible scene were she actually cries over wiener kid, most irrating RE character of all time, Steve???

CluckNuggets 09 May, 2017 @ 18:44

Sometimes people like things that you don’t.


@CluckNuggetsAnd sometimes people don’t like things that you do. So what was your point?

madmanwithabox12 09 May, 2017 @ 12:27

Yo blog team, The Caligula Effect isn’t out today. Might wanna check in with ATLUS USA and see what’s going on.


strafe says the 11th but seems like its out today on the uk store

Gillen McAllister 09 May, 2017 @ 14:24


I just bought the Caligula Effect to then find out it shouldn’t be live today.Will I own the version that goes live when the game officially releases, or is this another time when a game has launched early and I won’t own the version on the store?

The Caligula Effect is up on the store! What a communication [DELETED] show lol

JohanLiebert88 09 May, 2017 @ 13:09

Do you know Code: Veronica X price?

andrewsqual 09 May, 2017 @ 13:18

Since you already busted out the development archives for LocoRoco, wouldn’t it have been better to do the 2nd one and all the extra Holloween special versions too while you were at it?


There’s a glitch in the store. (January Sale Part 2, index picture of PS+ inFamous: FF, The Swapper)

Sh1nj1-sempai 09 May, 2017 @ 13:58

Is there any chance to see Ace Combat 4/5/Zero, Ridge Racer V and Burnout 3: Takedown as PS2 Classics on PS4?

Carnivius_Prime 09 May, 2017 @ 14:03

I’d like Burnout 3 and 4 as PS2 Classics thank you! (well actually a brand new PS4 Burnout would be great but much more work and I’d be happy with just playing the PS2 games in higher res with trophies… Also I really miss Paradise from the PS3… I spent so many hours there)

JohanLiebert88 09 May, 2017 @ 14:03

You need to ask Bandai Namco and EA…


The Simpsons Hit and Run anyone?

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@Gillen McAllister

Gillen McAllister 09 May, 2017 @ 17:09


Nice, to see someone caring again, here on the blog, THANKS.

mygamingnewz2 09 May, 2017 @ 15:26

@Gillen McAllister glad to see some replies after a long period of silence.

sweep_puppy 09 May, 2017 @ 18:39

How much will Resident Evil Code Veronica C cost on PS4 in GBP £ Please

Where is “Virtual Orchestra”? May 8th?

flipkick661 09 May, 2017 @ 20:41

Not seeing it on the Danish store either, even though it is specifically stated to be released here (unlike Gnog ).


You can add Caligula effect again it seems. doing Atlus things again.



Shouldn’t this article replace last week’s update on the blog’s main page?

May I ask why ” Polybius ” is not in the SA (Saudi Arabia) store, since you didn’t specify that its not available here?

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