Tackle colony management in PS4 sci-fi strategy title Surviving Mars

Newly announced title by Haemimont Games and Paradox coming to console

Hi, PlayStation players here on Earth (and elsewhere). I’m Jakob Munthe, product Manager at Paradox Interactive, and today I finally get to reveal Surviving Mars to you – a survival city-builder set on our closest galactic neighbour, created by Haemimont Games and Paradox. We’ve been working on this game behind closed doors for a while now, and I’m eager to give you a first look at what we’ve done so far.

First and foremost, we wanted our game to try and answer a key question: what will be required for humanity to not just set up a colony on Mars, but to make it livable and sustainable? How can we set up the standards of civilization that we’re accustomed to, when we’re millions of miles from home with no way to get outside help? We want Surviving Mars to tell a plausible story about the process, told through the lens of science, along with (of course) challenges and objectives that players will want to overcome for their own unique colonies.

Making a game that tackles those tasks requires us to present the situation in a visually compelling but scientifically feasible manner. In creating the game’s setting, we borrow as much from the work of NASA and SpaceX as we do from writers like Asimov and Clarke. Our game is a serious take on sci-fi — but one with an optimistic tone that updates the aesthetics of the original space race to the technology and societal outlook of today.

Surviving Mars

As for the gameplay, it’s still a little early in development to share all of the nuts-and-bolts of game mechanics with everyone. What we will say is that Surviving Mars is a hardcore survival city-builder, where players will be tasked with creating a livable colony in the harsh, hostile environs of Mars, floating far removed from any help. Players’ colonies will have to produce water, air and food on a planet that doesn’t have much of any to spare, while creating habitats with enough for colonists to do that they don’t go mad from boredom or isolation.

Yet, where there are challenges and threats, there are also and solutions and hope. The members of your Mars colony are humanity’s best: scientists that will create new knowledge and techniques for your new lives, and intrepid explorers that will find and solve greater mysteries than any on Earth.

In the end, all of us working on this project are genuinely excited with what is becoming something quite special. We know you will be excited as well and we’ll have a lot more to share as we move closer to launch.

See you on Mars!


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Sounds intriguing! Love the art style. Hope this is a proper experience – and not some mobile rubbish where you have timers etc.

CoolRichy007UK 12 May, 2017 @ 11:22

City skylines will be heading to ps4 as well it was rated on a brazil website 100% Real when a game gets rated it will be out asap :D

CoolRichy007UK 12 May, 2017 @ 11:21

Also City skylines coming to ps4 as well it was rated on a official brazil website so that is exiting news!


Sounds like a really promising idea. I really hope they try to respect the scientific probability regarding the harsh environment (pressure, air density, gravity, temperature, soil substance, water resource etc). Otherwise it will just be another city simulator with a shallow Mars theme strapped on.


This looks like a joke. In an environment as harsh and unfriendly as Mars, who would built domes are in those domes such buildings as can be seen in the images? Where would the diverse building materials for such diverse building come from? etc. etc. A Mars colonization game should rely on the Mechanics of the Mars Trilogy by Kim Robinson if it strives to be at least somewhat realistic.

tl;dr: Looks shallow and not hardcore at all.

Gillen McAllister 12 May, 2017 @ 16:54

*Makes note on book recommendation*



If you read the title, it says ‘Tackle colony management in PS4 sci-fi strategy title Surviving Mars’.

Sci-fi as in science fiction, emphasis on the fiction.

Games are about imagination and creativity, that’s what this is.


Emphasis on “Science” is what the article purports. Thus, my criticism is valid.

This looks interesting, I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Amazing!! Didn’t know you guys were working on a new project, and an amazing one too! Loved Cities Skylines and an hardcore city builder where you have to protect humans on mars against hostile envirenoment, hunger and other dangers sounds like my kind of game! Will keep a close look on Surviving Mars :)

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