Six reasons why you need to play PS4’s Pyre when it releases on 25th July

New title from Bastion and Transistor studio scorches onto PS4 this summer

We have some very exciting news to share: Our next game, Pyre, will launch on PlayStation 4 this summer on 25th July, 2017! Our team is hard at work right now putting the finishing touches on it. Read on to learn more about what we think makes Pyre special.

1. It’s a party-based RPG with a unique combat system

Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through ancient competitions spread across a vast, mystical purgatory. Who shall return to glory, and who shall remain in exile to the end of their days? Find out during the course of the single-player campaign (and maybe rack up a new Platinum Trophy while you’re at it).

2. It’s a new world from the creators of Bastion and Transistor

You’ll meet a large cast of different playable characters, such as these fine folk in the screenshot below.

This is the biggest and most imaginative world yet from us at Supergiant! You’ll get to know an ensemble cast of characters struggling to earn back their freedom as you make your way across the forsaken land called the Downside. Characters in Pyre come in all shapes and sizes, from hulking demons grown strong from their struggle to survive, to the winged Harps, who plot against their enemies from their mountain nests. Everyone in Pyre has a unique story behind their exile, and what might be in store for them if only they could return.


3. That unique combat system? It’s an action-packed, three-on-three mystical clash

Central to Pyre is the ancient competition called the Rites. Each Rite plays out like an intense close-quarters mystical battle, where the object is to extinguish your adversary’s signal flame before they can do the same to you. You’ll have to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents to succeed — or you can banish them outright with a powerful aura blast.

You’ll be up against a colorful cast of adversaries in pitched, high-stakes confrontations where each victory (or defeat!) brings your exiles closer to enlightenment. Choose three exiles from your party for each Rite, and outfit them with powerful Talismans and Masteries to gain an edge.

4. There’s a branching story with no game over

Think about how many games you play where you get stuck trying to get past a certain sequence, and keep throwing yourself at it again and again, just because you want to see what happens next. Sometimes that’s fun… but often, it stops the story dead in its tracks and just gets frustrating.

We wanted to make a game that had plenty of challenge and exciting action, but where the fear and frustration of getting stuck was not a factor. Picking yourself up after being defeated could be part of the journey, rather than something that took place in your head while looking at a Game Over screen. So, one of the unique aspects of Pyre is how you are never forced to lose progress. Whether you prevail or fail, your journey continues. The interactive narrative is expressed through a story that should feel personal to you, and that no two players will experience in quite the same way.

5. You can challenge a friend in versus mode

On top of the single-player campaign, Pyre features a local two-player versus mode, which we revealed at the PlayStation Experience last year.

Versus Mode lets you play against a friend (or CPU opponent) in one of the game’s fast-paced ritual showdowns. You’ll be able to form your triumvirate from more than 20 unique characters you’ll meet in the campaign, and customize your Rite in a variety of ways — configuring your characters’ abilities, choosing from the variety of stages each with their own distinct effects on gameplay, and more.

We think this creates a ton of lasting value for the game and have been having a great time playing it ourselves, trying out every possible character combination we can think of.

6. Enjoy the rich, atmospheric presentation


The Downside has a variety of different regions you’ll get to explore in your quest for freedom.

From the vibrant hand-painted artwork to the evocative musical score (featuring more than 90 minutes of music by Darren Korb, our audio director and award-winning composer of Bastion and Transistor), every aspect of Pyre’s presentation draws you into its fantasy world.

Pyre has been in development for nearly three years. We can now safely say that it’s the biggest game we’ve ever created, offering substantially more ways to play and more characters to meet than either Bastion or Transistor before it.

With each new game we’ve made, we’ve endeavored to push ourselves out of our creative comfort zone to make something that felt fresh to us, in the belief that this would translate to a worthwhile experience for our players. We cannot wait for you to try it and hear what you think.

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This looks so beautiful, great work!

CravingForCookie 30 May, 2017 @ 21:00

Supergiant Games is one of my favourite developers. Really looking forward to the next release!

mohd_shoaib18 31 May, 2017 @ 08:35


Nice indeed. Really excited to see what you bring us this time around. The story, voice work, sound and music have been extremely well done <3

Gillen McAllister 31 May, 2017 @ 18:06

Wait to you try the battle system. Nearest thing I could compare it to is a fantasy spin on NBA Jam, with its own unique rule set. Tried it at PSX and been looking forward to giving it another go ever since.

This looks very nice and I look forward to playing it. I absolutely loved Transistor (it’s in my top 10 favourite games ever) but still haven’t got around to picking up Bastion… :/

DeadpoolDunn 31 May, 2017 @ 23:16

You should definately pick up Bastion. It’s a fantastic game!


Bastion and Transistor were both unique and great. Definitely interested in this one as well.

DeadpoolDunn 31 May, 2017 @ 23:17

I’ve pre-ordered this (on Steam). Can’t wait to finally get my hands on it!


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