Gran Turismo Sport roars onto PS4 this autumn, check out the new E3 trailer

Tokyo Expressway and Nürburgring circuits highlighted in new gameplay footage

From the start, GT Sport has been Polyphony Digital’s most ambitious undertaking as they recognised the need for change in the racing games category was necessary.

In racing, the human emotion is what drives the need for competition, to be the best of the best. GT Sport is set to deliver a true-to-life racing experience where each driver will face real risks, rewards, and consequences through competition, and not just a single race to 1st place.


Regardless of your experience in racing, each driver is able to develop and compete against others with similar achievements and driving behavior, ensuring that every race is as fair and competitive as possible.

Unveiled earlier tonight on the PlayStation livecast before this year’s Media Showcase, the GT Sport E3 2017 trailer showed off the newly added variable lighting conditions, including night circuits in Tokyo Expressway and Nürburgring. The sense of adrenaline and harsh racing conditions are immediate as the team has been hard at work in delivering its most visually compelling and realistic racing game to date, showcasing dynamic 4K*, targeting 60FPS, and true HDR* effects.

The entire team at Polyphony Digital has been extremely busy for the past few months with the GT Sport closed beta. They are excited and also humbled by the fans who took the time to participate, and provide both support and feedback which will be instrumental in helping us deliver the most competitive and true-to-life racing experience possible this fall.


Stay tuned for more information to come this week for GT Sport at E3.

*Compatible 4K HDR display required.


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Stonesthrow 13 June, 2017 @ 19:10

Can’t wait for this. Have been waiting for a chill racer all gen. Not huge on racing but I need one or two. Really miss Motorstorm and Burnout too so this is the only one left for me.


I stopped caring about GT when it became about the visuals, not the gameplay.

Ever since GT5 Prologue, handling has been blocky, the AI rubberbanding and unrealistic.

I have more fun with the original on PS1 because it was actually about the racing, not pretty visuals. The only reason i’m giving this a chance is because of VR, to see how immersive you can make it, rather than just look good. I want it to actually be fun to play again.

Pixel_Hero_2 14 June, 2017 @ 08:03

After GT3, I’ve stopped playing the series. But this is the one, not only because of the graphics, that will bring me back to the series. I’d like the idea of e-sports (although I’ll never be a pro at that level). Where can I place my digital pre-order with some cool GT avatars?

Darth_Retro 14 June, 2017 @ 11:11

Loved the GT series since it’s introduction on the original PlayStation, (yes even the last gen games), but I am somewhat concerned about the over emphasis of esports and online play at the expense of a solid game with solid content for the many casual gamers out there who have no interest in online but simply want an excellent racing game in their library. Oh and I agree with the earlier post, missing Motorstorm big time this generation. Who knows, if the Wipeout remaster sells well enough, how about a Motorstorm trilogy remaster for PS4, with Artic Edge and RC remasters thrown in as extra goodies as well… Now that would be an automatic purchase!

What I’d like to know is if previous wheels will be compatible? I own the Logitech driving force gt and resent having to buy another wheel, when I already have a perfectly decent one. I can’t go back to using a controller. Playing GT5 with a wheel was a huge game changer. Sadly, I simply won’t bother with the new iteration, if my wheel won’t be supported.

DishWasher0792 03 July, 2017 @ 12:56

The Crew seems better

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