Introducing PlayLink for PS4

From gritty crime thrillers to quick-fire party quizzes, new game range offers pick-up-and-play party multiplayer

At PlayStation we’ve got a proud history of bringing new players to video games, and we’re constantly looking at new ways to keep that trend going. So, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to PlayLink for PS4 – an exciting new way to play games with family and friends.

PlayLink combines your smartphone or tablet device, TV and PS4 console, with a collection of brand new games that take advantage of the smartphone or tablet device’s touchscreen and camera capabilities.


Exclusive to PlayStation 4, PlayLink titles are designed to be played in a group setting, allowing for a truly fun and dynamic experience. The collection of PlayLink games vary from gritty crime thrillers to quick-fire quizzes. If you have a smartphone or tablet, and your PS4 hooked up to a TV, you’re already set.

PlayLink games turn your smartphone or tablet into a versatile controller – you can swipe, pinch, drag, tilt, rotate or even snap selfies and draw crafty doodles, depending on the game. No matter which title you choose from our PlayLink collection, it’s guaranteed to be a slick pick-up-and-play experience.

We’re kicking off the PlayLink range with a fun title called That’s You! It’s an audacious comedy quiz which challenges you and up to five friends to get personal and find out what you really think about each other. Featuring over 1,000 varied questions, reveal your daring side by taking part in doodle challenges and snapping selfies.

In celebration of PlayLink’s launch, PlayStation Plus members will be able to access the full version of That’s You! at no additional cost from 4th July. Non PS Plus members can purchase the game from 5th July on PlayStation Store or at retail for €19.99 RRP.


Want to see the game in action? Check out the video below, to see President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida and friends (Tom Bennett from developer Wish Studios, Pete Smith and Claire Bromley from Sony XDev, and Nic Doucet from SIE JAPAN Studio) enjoy a few rounds.

Other PlayLink titles coming later this year include:

Hidden Agenda


This narrative-driven adventure drops you into a detective thriller rife with chilling moral dilemmas that may determine life or death. Up to six of you can join in to make tough decisions about how the story unfolds, but not all of you will be working towards the same objective…

Knowledge is Power


Answer a variety of trivia questions and outsmart up to five opponents, with power plays and challenges thrown in to keep you on your toes. This game is all about speed and accuracy in the face of some wickedly crafted distractions from your opponents – are you up to the task?



Arcade-style fun and manic mini-games are all the rage in Frantics, where you and up to three friends have to face off in a variety of challenges. Bluff, battle, negotiate and co-operate your way to victory, but beware – mischievous host The Fox is also on hand to stir things up.

SingStar Celebration

Hit the high notes with upbeat tracks, massive hits and your favourite party classics. Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even just a Saturday night – SingStar Celebration is the perfect playlist to any party, with up to eight players able to join in the fun. Use your SingStar mic or combine your smartphone with the SingStar Mic App, and get ready for your big moment.

These are just a small selection of PlayLink titles to come from our talented studios, with even more in the works from the global developer community.

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Interesting. Didn’t think we’d ever see SingStar mentioned again on the PS Blog.

ollie_uk_2008 21 June, 2017 @ 14:58

and that’s not a bad thing !

“That’s You!” definitely has a Jackbox vibe to it, so roll on 4th July.


Definitely something I will give a go.

Nice! Now put Crash Bash into it and it will be a blast!

Cool features and will be fun for the kids but isn’t this the sort of thing that the second screen function in the PS App should have done? I guess PlayLink will be yet another separate mobile app? :/


E3 was great last night. Ubisoft and Sony are going to to bankrupt me with all these amazing games that i want. I watched the show with a friend who is in Canada and we chatted all the way through your Conference via Discord and we both were excited all the way through. PlayLink looks good. My godson is coming to visit in July so we will give the game a go. Hidden Agenda is my MUST HAVE, along with Spiderman and about 15 or so other games haha. Thanks for a great show.


Interesting approach on this, Hidden Agenda does spark some interest.

But, give us Bloodborne 2 and I’ll be more than happy ^_^

So is That’s You! going to be one of the PS Plus games for next month or is it an additional bonus?

supersmith2500 13 June, 2017 @ 15:35

I really hope it’s not one of the PS4 games for Plus. Otherwise it will just be a waste for me. :(

Velpandiajay01 14 June, 2017 @ 03:41

From now I will be eagerly waiting to play my lovely PS new games

L210995028G 15 June, 2017 @ 11:44



This is a really interesting concept. Can’t wait to see where you guys take it from here! Also, big ups for a successful E3! :)

ollie_uk_2008 21 June, 2017 @ 14:58

Looks cool party game! especially when you have non gamer friends round.


Looks really good – however not much explanation about how to get involved. Do you need to download an app? Or buy in store/online – Guessing you have have to buy PlayLink specific games, and currently there is only one available? Really great idea, something that non-gaming friends/family can get involved with (very Wii) just needs better marketing!

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