PS VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine is out tomorrow, with 10% off for PS Plus members

Check out the brand new launch trailer for Vertigo Games’ latest

Hey all, Trevor from Vertigo Games here. The last few weeks have been super exciting and hard work for us, but we’re thrilled that Arizona Sunshine will finally make its PlayStation VR debut tomorrow! Have a look at the brand-new launch trailer above to see what we have in store for you.

To thank you all for your amazing support, we’re celebrating the European launch with a limited ‘Arizona Sunshine Launch Edition’ which includes both the game and an exclusive Arizona Sunshine PS4 Theme for everyone who join the VR zombie apocalypse during our launch week! PS Plus members will even be able to jump in with a 10% discount.


One of the things I’m really excited about is how far we’ve taken support for the PS VR aim controller over the past couple of months. While it was already pretty awesome to play the game with it to begin with, we felt the game lacked proper support for it.

The solution? We created an entire, additional campaign mode in which you need to survive with 13+ newly added two-handed weapons at your disposal.

Arizona Sunshine is all about VR shooting, so it has been our top priority to get this absolutely right. Up until even last week we have been tweaking gun configurations to make it feel really intuitive. The two-handed guns have received a multiple passes on realism and control comfort. (Honestly, I could dedicate a whole post to this alone!)

What we found is that there is no golden rule in the way VR games should be played – everyone is different. That’s why we made sure you’re going to be armed with a bunch of settings that will enable you to tweak the VR controls to your liking.

Go with your controller of choice, choose between teleporting or walking locomotion and smooth or segmented rotation, adjust controller-gun offsets, and use the left-handed setting if you are a lefty!

Lastly, I can share some good news for all the PS4 Pro players out there. You can expect Arizona Sunshine to look its very best on your console, as we’ve visually enhanced the game to take full advantage of its power.

We’ve adjusted the graphic settings dynamically for each area to maintain a high framerate while pushing the game’s visual quality to its limit. Think of anti-aliasing, render-scale, fog density and draw distance. Don’t expect any gameplay changes though, because that wouldn’t be fair to non-PS4 Pro players when you’re all playing together in one of the game’s multiplayer modes.

I truly hope you will enjoy the game as much as we do! Now I’m finally off to my cave to get some sleep…

Welcome to Arizona Sunshine!

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Aim support and PS4 Pro support. Nice! You got my money :)


Cant wait for this. Need some more aim controller games. And everything I’ve seen of this looks awesome.

DenzilOshamen 26 June, 2017 @ 17:27

Well, this would be great if Sony hadn’t already apparently stopped making and selling the Aim controller. Farpoint bundle hasn’t been available for months and no sign of standalone Aim controllers being available. Another slow clap for Sony’s marvellous treatment of another of its own peripherals!!!


For months?

did your troll soup run out?

hint: Farpoint came out last month

DenzilOshamen 26 June, 2017 @ 19:26

Sorry, meant weeks. Still not a good sign to have zero availability of a new peripheral.

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Instabuy and i hope this will change my top 20 list a bit ?

Alucard6769 26 June, 2017 @ 17:57

Also The aim is very available where i shop. If it isnt for you maybe shop somewhere else.

DenzilOshamen 26 June, 2017 @ 19:27

Such as? Not available at Amazon, Game, Argos or Supermarkets. Where else can I get one from?


DenzilOshamen 26 June, 2017 @ 20:25

I’d prefer to buy in my own country. Their website is hardly functional, so doesn’t fill me with confidence enough to place an order with them.

If a retailer like Amazon can’t get stock, then there’s an issue. Smaller sites may well have one or two in stock, but that just seems to be pure luck and nothing that constitutes Sony actually manufacturing a decent quantity of units to make this a significant success. Games like this should drive sales, but at the moment I’d hold off buying the games until I can get the controller. Developers should be fuming at Sony for being so poor at manufacturing stock in order to drive game sales.

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PlanetJumble 26 June, 2017 @ 19:02

Day one buy, though I can’t play for a while, busy moving.

PlanetJumble 27 June, 2017 @ 12:45

Have to eat my words here, too many glaring issues. Will keep an eye on patch notes, but really can’t justify putting that much money in a game this unfinished.

If you havent bought this game yet i would wait it looks good but the control s are not very good atall desperately needs apatch

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