Dodge Hungry Hungry Hippos while battling it out in G.I Joe tanks in PS4’s Micro Machines, out today

From vehicle handling to humour, here's everything you need to know about a returning multiplayer classic

Remember the days when you used to huddle around your PSone, multi-tap plugged in and ready to race your pals on Micro Machines? Well, those days are back, and they’re back in glorious high definition – Codemasters have resurrected the Micro Machines franchise with a brand new game: Micro Machines World Series!

The first Micro Machines for the original PlayStation dropped 20 years ago, so it was about time that the franchise saw a HD, multiplayer-focused reboot. The latest title brings together the best of old and new; you’ve got the option to have four people sharing a sofa and shouting at one another while they race around a kitchen table – but on the other hand, you have some all-new and wildly addictive online Battle Modes…

Here’s more about what to expect!

Each car has its own unique handling

That’s right – your miniature heroes don’t just look different, they feel different too! You can use the variety of vehicles and their different styles to your advantage in each discipline, and even within each environment. Don’t want to get bogged down by the kitchen table’s blobs of honey, icing or milk? Then the hovercraft will be your best bet in making it around those sticky corners scot-free. It’s all about tactics.


Each vehicle has its own unique abilities – including a super special ability

If you like to play offensively, then there are some battle-ready brawlers in the vehicle line-up – but when playing as a team, it’s always best to consider the powers of your other teammates and how you might complement one another.TITLE

For example, Dr. Mal Practice’s ambulance will heal others on your battle team – whereas something with more bang for your buck, like Jack Hammer’s dump truck, can drop walls and launch dynamite at rival players. Then you’ve also got the nippier vehicles which can play Capture the Flag a lot more quickly, but aren’t able to handle as much damage as some of the slower vehicles. With six-a-side, there is plenty of scope for strategizing – and it’s that strategy that will give you the edge throughout each fight.

That classic Micro Machines sense of humour is back

The game’s as tongue in cheek as you remember it! Not only do our micro racers have their own emotes, but you can catch cheeky little touches in and around the game’s environments too. See what you can spot among these exclusive screenshots of our race locations…


The game guest-stars some other staples from your childhood


Sure, you might’ve played an old Micro Machines game – and heck, you might even have played with a real-life, miniature Micro Machine once upon a time! But that’s not all we have from your childhood. With Hasbro on board, we’ve brought you a whole host of fun stuff – ranging from race-ready NERF Blasters, to G.I. JOE tanks, to a very feisty Hungry Hungry Hippos battle arena.


Micro Machines World Series races off our tabletop and onto PlayStation 4 today!

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0 Author replies
Carnivius_Prime 30 June, 2017 @ 17:42

Oh if you’ve got Hasbro then I’d certainly buy it if you had little Transformers vehicles like Prime, Bee, Barricade and such, I’d prefer the movie ones but G1 also to please those guys too. :D

Used to love Micro Machines on the 16bits. So much fun. If this one is even half as enjoyable then awesome. :)

Low scoring reviews at PSU and Eurogamer, and also some less than positive comments on Amazon. Seems there’s no real single player mode, and disappointingly you can’t play 2-payer split screen online either.

Carnivius_Prime 01 July, 2017 @ 08:41

splt screen? I don’t think i’ve ever played a Micro Machines split screeen. I thought the whole point of the multiplayer mode was to get far enough ahead your opponent is left behind off screen and you get a point.

Is it o KY key or is the handling really off?

Sorry, is it only me or is the handling really off?

Got this today as I had fond memories of playing Micromachines when younger, I really wanted to like it but I just dont, there is local co-op but not a race, you can do elimination on same tracks weirdly or free for all, I also wish I could zoom out a bit as the view is too close for me so I dont see corners until its too late, learning the track obviously will help but I’m just not enjoying it enough to keep playing, disappointed.

Code masters letting everyone down yet again.. shallow game with no content or single player mode.. bring back micro machines 96 edition.. with these graphics and they will make a fortune.

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