PlayStation Store’s ‘Totally Digital’ promotion is live – save on indie hits

Pick up savings on Rocket League, What Remains of Edith Finch, Wonder Boy, more

Our Totally Digital promotion has begun! We have an amazing selection of PS4 digital and indie releases available on discount until 19th July.


Whether it’s Rocket League, What Remains of Edith Finch, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Euro Fishing or Darkest Dungeon, you’ll find plenty to get stuck into!

We also have content for free-to-play titles on offer. Head to PlayStation Store to find savings on content for the likes of Neverwinter, World of Tanks, Warframe and more.

Not only that, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can save up to 20% on selected digital and indie pre-orders such as SuperHot VR, Last Days of June, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and more.

The Totally Digital category page on PlayStation Store has all your pricing details. Here’s a look at what’s on offer.

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More like the ‘games most likely to be on PS+ sale’.

Skeptical69 05 July, 2017 @ 08:19

He does have a good point here!

Good things come to those who wait…

Cannot recommend The Sexy Brutale enough, great game.


I was wondering about that one. The title drew my eye.

7.50am UK time and can’t tell… the page and sale aren’tlive yet despite the article saying they are… standard Sony practice.

jason-bridges 05 July, 2017 @ 10:14

Gosh isn’t life hard

Carnivius_Prime 05 July, 2017 @ 09:01

Some fanastic games here. I’ve just bought and downloaded Wonder Boy – The Dragon’s Trap, Assault Suit Leynos and Samurai Shodown VI all for about £16. And very tempted by Dariusburst just being a tenner compared to it’s 50 quid usual price too. These be some games I’ve waited to fall in price and am very happy now. Makes up for a lacklustre store update and PS Plus freebie selection this month. :D


Will there be pre-orders availlable for Superhot(VR) and Tiny Trax on PSN in the Netherlands?

They do not show up in the PSN store at this moment.

Matthew Groizard 05 July, 2017 @ 09:49

Hey – I’ve just checked and it looks like pre-orders for Superhot, Superhot VR and Tiny Trax should be going live in all territories this afternoon.

timartinhof 05 July, 2017 @ 09:42

Sony stawp. I can’t save money with you making a promo each week.


Its not been updated on my ps4. It’s always well behind. Very sloppy

I didn’t even know that wonderboy was on the ps4. The master system was last time i saw that one…i think, it was a long time ago.

Carnivius_Prime 05 July, 2017 @ 16:43

Where you been dude? It’s on PS4, PC and I think Switch too. It’s a great remake and for once the HD art is BEAUTIFULLY done (unlike super street fighter II remix) and you can switch between Master System and New graphics at any time. Unlike some old games, the Master System version’s art hasn’t aged well at all but it does have it’s own charm and again it’s all in there for you to switch back and forth if you like. :D

Great, finally Shadow of the beast for reasonable price!

So you can buy Sound Shapes and all the DLC for a nice €3.99, it has been on sale at this price several times. Problem is if you got for “free” Sound Shapes on PS Plus. You can’t buy it. No worries there’s a pack with all DLC for Sound Shapes, which is also on sale… for €5.99. Genius, pure genius. We always get these wonderful prizes from SCEE… They sure know how to keep their loyal customers happy.

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