Serial Cleaner teases its secret movie-inspired levels as it releases on PS4 today

Macabre-but-lighthearted digital title will have you racing to clean up crime scenes while avoiding the cops

Hi, everybody! This is the day! Serial Cleaner is released after more than a year of hard work from our team at iFun4all.

We’re very happy that we can finally share our 1970s-inspired, fast-paced stealth game with the world, and we’re all very excited to see how you fare in the shoes of the elusive Cleaner!

If you haven’t heard about the game yet, here’s the short version: Serial Cleaner pits you in the role of a professional Cleaner – the guy to call when you’ve got bodies and evidence to get rid of from a crime scene. He mostly works for the mafia, but the game’s story mode tells the tale of the Cleaner taking on a new, mysterious client, which will end in a lot of trouble for him.

In addition to the story, the game also includes many challenge modes – cleaning bodies, blood and evidence from a scene as the police are securing it is one thing, but can you do it in even more difficult scenarios, and how well will you rank against other players?

Serial Cleaner boasts an authentic-sounding 1970s soundtrack with many smooth funky tunes (plus disco, heavy metal, and more besides), and the game’s unique art style will transport you to a stylized United States 40+ years in the past.

Add to that secret, movie-inspired levels, and unlockable costumes to get you in the macabre-but-lighthearted mood of the game, and you’ve got a package we’re really proud of.

Check out our trailer above if you need more persuading, and join us in enjoying the game’s launch! We hope you get as much fun out of the game as we had when we were developing it!

Can you dig it?

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