This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: Superhot VR, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Children of Zodiarcs

Plus all the new releases for PS Store this week, including The Girl and the Robot, Fortnite, and more

It’s a new week and there’s a wealth of new content arriving on PlayStation Store. We’ll be highlighting a selection of titles each week ahead of their PlayStation Store release, as well as keeping you updated on the full range of games that’ll be populating the digital storefront from tomorrow through to Friday.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of titles hitting PlayStation Store this week, and why they should be on your radar.

Superhot VR

In Superhot, time only moves when you move, so you’ll have to make every second count! The acclaimed FPS is bringing its stylized graphics and mind-blowing innovative gameplay to PlayStation VR.

The experience has been fully adapted for both Dualshock 4 and PlayStation Move controllers. Take part in time-bending combat and control the mayhem of this elegantly brutal game.

Out: 19th July

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder is a charming open-world adventure game that will let you give in to your sense of discovery. Explore the lush and ever-changing island of Gemea through its eight different environments, from gorgeous grasslands to dense woodlands, tropical beaches, or even snowy mountains. Discover a dynamic living world, complete with seasons, animal migration, day/night cycle and changing weather. Embark on a journey to become Gemea’s hero and save the island from the evil murk that took over this once idyllic paradise.

Yonder is truly an adventure to live at your own pace and with your own rules. You can fish, harvest, cook, quest, craft, or befriend the island’s inhabitants to uncover all of its secrets! Discover more:

Out: 18th July

Children of Zodiarcs

The latest addition from the Square Enix Collective is Children of Zodiarcs, a story-driven single-player Tactical RPG. At the heart of an evil empire, follow Nahmi and her fellow thieves in their quest to steal a priceless relic.

Heavily inspired by board games and collectible card games, this hybrid deck & dice tactical RPG combines a traditional strategic gameplay with collectible cards and craftable dice! You can read more about the developers’ inspiration for this gem here.

Out: 18th July

The full list of this week’s PlayStation Store releases:

7 Author replies
Alucard6769 17 July, 2017 @ 14:22

Great plan publishing this on a monday. Before the store updates on a tuesday. Colour me impressed ??

Eric Whelan 17 July, 2017 @ 14:56

Glad you’re a fan of the change! Always happy to hear feedback

StevenJamesHyde 17 July, 2017 @ 14:35

Liking the new format and timing. But isn’t there a Destiny 2 beta this week as well?

Eric Whelan 17 July, 2017 @ 15:08

Yes it is! Early access to the beta starts on PS4 tomorrow, but as it’s something you get by pre-ordering another item (the full game), it’s not something which really sits here at the moment.

StevenJamesHyde 17 July, 2017 @ 16:21

But it’s open from the 21st, no? Other 21st July releases are listed

darkswabber 17 July, 2017 @ 14:51

Why doesn’t orcs must die come to the netherlands? (And germany and the UK etc.?)

darkswabber 17 July, 2017 @ 14:53

Why doesn’t orcs must die come to the netherlands and germany? (forget about my last post, didn’t see UK)

Eric Whelan 17 July, 2017 @ 15:14

I don’t have details on this I’m afraid, but often issues like this are down to publishing arrangements. We don’t publish Orcs Must Die so we can’t say for sure. Sorry!

darkswabber 17 July, 2017 @ 15:17

Thank you for the reply, already tried contacting the official twitter page

it would be a shame, I was really looking forwards for this and also a lot of my friends were looking forwards for this

Eric Whelan 18 July, 2017 @ 16:52

Looks like you already got your answer on Twitter, but in case you’ve missed it:


Any articles on Archangel? Never heard of it until this post, and VR titles need more exposure rather than snuck in to Store updates.

Eric Whelan 18 July, 2017 @ 15:01

We didn’t run one on the EU blog, but our US colleagues had a feature in May:

Carnivius_Prime 17 July, 2017 @ 17:22

Monday’s a good day to do this since often the tuesday post would be hours after the store had actually updated. :)

I was waiting for the girl and the robot PS4 release, I was followed it for close two years in the kickstarter page even though I’m not a backer, I like the art style plus it give me strong ICO vibes and that a good thing

noodleboy1972 17 July, 2017 @ 21:01

Like the day before preview.

Is there a date for Leap of Fate yet?Think came out in America last week

Eric Whelan 18 July, 2017 @ 14:58

None that I can find. Will keep an eye out for you.

Alucard6769 18 July, 2017 @ 00:12

Just checked the price for Archangel £32.99. No way hose. Much too high priced. Wait for a sale on that. Especially as Superhot is only £15.99. Sorry no sale for me. Get the pricing right guys. Come on !

Still no news on Fallen Legions for EU? I was waiting for that great pre-order offer the US Store got ^^

Eric Whelan 18 July, 2017 @ 15:05

It’s listed for a 25th July release in Europe, even though it hit the US this week. If it makes that date, it’ll likely appear on the blog, or at least on Store, next week.

AngelVsMadman 18 July, 2017 @ 09:08

THX for the new format and the early update.


Loving the new format…. I missed it as I just found out now haha. Really enjoying Cloud Catcher Chronicles.

Gah… I wish my avatar would match my PSN avatar :( No sign of a fix yet?


Nothing for me this week but how many going reasle more neogeo games . Have got all of them in store by know.

Good job on changing the two-factor authentication to numeric values only, the mix of upper and lower case characters was a PITA. Looking forward next week to LEGO Worlds Space DLC and also Infinite Minigolf. Speaking of which, is the 20% PS+ discount only on pre-orders?


Love the fact that this is published on a Monday, much better. Love the new format as well – good work.


wow a idolm@ster game that they releasing here, normal that don’t come out of japan


It’s a bit annoying that there are 2 separate versions of Superhot… But what was even more annoying was that I went on the store to purchase last night after being dragged out to the theatre by my lady, ummed and ahhed about which version to buy for so long that I didn’t see it was 12:01 when I went to finally purchase and just missed out on the discount! SO ANNOYED! So now I won’t be getting either! Not at full price, sorry, for the sake of one minute :(


“Superhot VR” does not support Dualshock 4, as the article above informs, i just bought the game and it doesn’t starts without move controllers, what a lame disinformation, and disappointment :(


Did the same, totally gutted

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