Solve puzzles and battle bosses to aid a tower-climbing princess in PS VR’s Light Tracer, out September

Change perspective to find your way upwards through eight unique environments

We at Oasis Games are back with another VR game for you guys. Light Tracer combines platform-style movement with clever puzzles — and a unique style of game control. It launches on PS VR this September.

Developed by our friends at Void Dimensions, Light Tracer lets you play as a mysterious, godlike entity who can wield a magical Light Staff in one hand while you use the other hand to interact with the game world.

So with one hand you’ll guide the princess up this giant tower and with the other you spin the world to get a better view (more on this in a bit) and interact with game objects to flip switches, move items, etc.

So who’s this princess? Well, you’re not sure at first but her people are afflicted with a serious sickness and she needs to reach the top to restore them. Do you want to help her? Of course you do! As you help the princess get higher and higher up the tower, you’ll gradually learn about your relationship with her. And you’ll have lots of fun puzzles along the way!


A better view

As you guide the princess, you’ll quickly find that your point of view is important. Sometimes solving a puzzle is a matter of seeing things from the right perspective, so you’ll find yourself constantly grabbing and spinning the game tower with the controller in one hand to figure things out – and then clicking on triggers to open portals or moving objects to free up a path.

With the other hand you’ll be pointing the way for the princess to guide her safely – and clicking to have her jump or swing her little sword to fight off enemies. This keeps you busy. But as a godlike entity, you’re up to the challenge!

The princess’s journey up the tower is contained in eight very different chapters, each of which has a unique environment (such as ice or mechanical devices) and a different style of puzzles (gravity puzzles, anyone?).

Each level is packed with action-platform stages requiring jumping, timing, and enemies that you must defeat. And while the game looks very cute, levels end in a tough boss fight where you have to figure out the boss’s pattern as well as use your reflexes. Can you beat a sinister snowman or a tough rock giant?



A rising platformer

We think that Light Tracer is a fun new kind of VR puzzler. As a player, you’ll exercise the powers of a god as you brandish your powerful Light Staff in one hand to guide the princess while interacting with the tower world with the other to open a safe path upward.

With the VR headset on, you’ll be immersed in an almost toy-like world come to life, but the challenges are anything but easy! However, we have confidence you can beat the odds and get the Princess to the top of the magical tower.

We sincerely hope that you find the climb worthy of your time when Light Tracer launches for PS VR this September.

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This sounds good. Totally dependant on price of course 😁

While I do like the look of this game, (btw, please don’t take this as me [DELETED] on it btw) I see no reason for this to be motion controlled beyond a gimmick. The player is directing a character with a pointer and moving a camera; the exact thing dual analogues were made for.

Genuinely not putting a downer on the game, just curious as to what motion controls add to the game rather than just being ‘because we can’.

Martho Ghariani 08 August, 2017 @ 05:18

Hey there audi2k200!

Thanks a lot for your reply. The Move controllers are actually a pretty intrinsic part of the game. Being this mysterious Deity-Player being who ‘grabs’ the world to move around with one hand, and uses his other to guide the princess. Having those two move controllers awesomely copy this feeling, while also actually allowing the maximum freedom in moving around.

Thanks again for your comment!

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