Myst creator returns with PS4 adventure mystery Obduction, out 29th August

Cyan's latest game will offer PS VR support in future update

Hey everybody. This is Rand Miller, one of the original founders of Cyan and “Atrus” to those familiar with our legendary Myst series. It’s so exciting to be putting the final polish on Obduction for the PS4 and PS VR. We are working diligently to finalize our launch on 29th August and have put together a great PS4 Obduction Theme exclusive for those of you who want to pre-order.

Cyan has a rich history of building exploration games that reveal their story as part of the adventure in and around very diverse environments – and Obduction was created with that heritage in mind.

We’ve always loved the idea of putting players into new places, new worlds, with no backstory or instructions. This isn’t role playing – you play yourself. The best instruction is to act like this is really happening – what would you do, where would you go? Spend some time in this new world, learn and understand more and more, and you’ll realize that you can play a large part in this story.



Obduction is a gorgeous, mesmerizing, unique, and immersive experience in some very strange worlds. You don’t shoot things. Heck… you don’t die at all (well, maybe that’s not completely true).


The game begins with you enjoying a nighttime stroll along a beautiful mountain lake, but very quickly a streak of light breaks the calm. A strange organic artifact falls from the sky, approaches and takes you away from Earth to a new world named Hunrath.

Hunrath is a strange conglomeration of pieces of Earth from various time periods mixed in with alien technology. There’s even a message from someone at the beginning that seems to imply that this has happened to others, and they all live here happily – but something about the place doesn’t seem to jive with that. It’s too quiet, and empty, and… eerie. As you wander and explore you start to unravel the story – and find a way to “make it home.”

Making Obduction was quite a challenge. It’s taken our extremely talented team several years to take the concept from a Kickstarter project to the critically acclaimed title it has become.

Creating a game with both traditional and VR experience meant that we had to consider VR in our design work before there were any VR headsets available. But we were determined to build an amazing gaming experience that provided not just a satisfying experience for PS4 players, but something that felt like a full VR game instead of a small demo for PS VR players.

The response to Obduction has been amazing with rave reviews, awards and accolades – including Wired, Polygon, Destructoid, Vice Motherboard, The Daily Dot, Attack of the Fan Boy, A.V. Club, PCGamer, PCWorld, Giant Bomb, TechRadar, Mashable, CGM, Brash Games, DarkStation, UploadVR, and others.

Try Obduction for yourself. Obduction will be available on PS4 starting 29th August with a PS VR update coming soon. The PS4 purchase of Obduction includes the PS VR update.

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toxic-inferno 09 August, 2017 @ 15:43

Looking forward to playing this! Looks like a great experience. It looks similar to The Witness in many ways (not surprising, considering The Witness was partly inspired by Myst!).

Just to clarify, is this more of a ‘walking simulator’, or are there puzzle elements as well?

darthmarticas 09 August, 2017 @ 15:50

The game actually came out almost a year ago so there’s plenty of gameplay videos online to look at.


Hey, Rand here – Obduction is more than a waking sim. We love making games where there is rich story and environments along with puzzle friction – and we try to make all of those elements balance and support each other. The goal is to make the experience feel real – and make you motivated to become a more and more integral part of the story.

SynergyEffect 09 August, 2017 @ 16:16

Dissapointed VR aspect has been dropped from launch! So where’s the pre-order option then?

Gillen McAllister 09 August, 2017 @ 16:57

We’ll update the post when the pre-orders go live over here!


Me too! But you can imagine how the optimization and verification of VR always tends to take a bit longer, and we didn’t want to hold up the PS4 release.

Any chance the ‘pre-order’ will be up before the release, so we can enjoy the pre-order bonus like the PSN people in the US have?

I’ll wait until the VR is implemented before I buy.

Currently the pre-order only seems to be available on the US store. I read several comments to EU people on their facebook post saying, it will be available on the EU store SOON. At least this post is on the EU blog, so I assume the pre-order benefits will become available to us too.

THE-PLASTICA-MAN 10 August, 2017 @ 07:50

Any infos about PS4 PRO support?


Not really clear to me if this game will be fully playable in VR (after the update) or if there will be a separate, shorter VR experience.


The full game will be playable in VR after the update.


Thanks for replying. That’s exciting, looking forward to that experience!

Any news on when the game will be available in the UK?

And that’s why we don’t pre-order games.

gameplay-matters 12 August, 2017 @ 10:20

As someone who was a kickstarter backer, this game is great and I can’t wait to try this on my psvr. Is there any kind of discount deal for folks already owning it on a different platform, this question is more aimed at Rand than Sony.

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