New ‘Games under €20’ discounts start today on PlayStation Store

Digital Zone and Lego promotions also begin today, plus Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is new Deal of the Week

Our Games under €20 promotion is back and we’ve a fantastic selection of PS4 games on offer, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Little Nightmares, Tropico 5 and many more. Check out the full list below! Plus our Deal of the Week offers something for fans of one of the biggest Japanese series out there…

Deal of the Week (Until 23 August 2017)


The PlayStation Store Deal of the Week is back and we’ve got DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2* available on offer!

You can grab either the Standard or Deluxe editions on PS4 at a drop-down price, so visit PlayStation Store and save, download and play!

*Please note; Deal of the Week in India is GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst.

Games under €20 (Until 6th September 2017)


Our Games Under €20 promotion is back on PlayStation Store, and we have a host of amazing PS4 titles available for under €20 (or your local equivalent)

Save on the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Yooka-Laylee, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor-Game of the Year Edition, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Elite Dangerous* and many more!

Here’s a look at the full list, just head to PlayStation Store for your local pricing!

Digital Zone (Until 6th September 2017)

Our Digital Zone promotion starts this week, with an amazing selection of digital PS4 titles on offer.

Whether it’s Nex Machina, Firewatch, Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, Furi – Definitive Edition or Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition*, you’re sure to find your next adventure!

As before, visit PlayStation Store for all your regional pricing; here’s everything that’s on offer!

*Some titles may not be available in your region.

LEGO promotion (Until 30th August 2017)

We have a very special two week promotion starting today on select LEGO content across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on PlayStation Store.

We have LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, LEGO The Lord of the Rings and more on offer, just head to PlayStation Store for all the details!


PS Vita


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Some of the Lego links are broken.

Deal of the Week (Until 23 June 2017)!? June!? You mean August?

Elite Dangerous on sale already? Next time anyone sees me preordering something stop me.


why would you ever pre-order something digital?

It’s quite helpful for those of us with slow internet. It’s preorder and play when it unlocks, or wait til release day and wait for it to download.


Well anyone with slow internet would do the smart thing and go retail.

Carnivius_Prime 16 August, 2017 @ 08:20

Back to the Future for £5.79 seems tempting. It’s one of the few telltale games i really liked and have it on my ps3 so am tempted to play it through again on PS4.

Nice to see price reduction on Nex Machina as Housemarque’s new game is already out this week. Still dunno what happened to the NM demo that was posted about a few weeks ago.

Still no Kero Blaster. Game’s been out since April but not seen it in a sale yet at all. Hoping for Flinthook soon too.

Oh well, just used up my £40 of PSN codes on extending my PS Plus sub til Feb 2019 since it’s going up to £49.99 at end of month and currently there’s 15 months for £39.99.


Back to the Future is a great buy. Plus, the 30th Anniversary Edition has the lovely addition of Thomas F. Wilson as Biff again. There’s also a Platinim trophy now, if you happen to be into these :)


**Platinum. Damn lack of edit ability!

Carnivius_Prime 16 August, 2017 @ 15:06

Thank you :D

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Actual sale links (the titles) lead to 0 titles. Would make sense to not announce these things until they’re fully live.

I’ve a problem. I want to buy the Definitive edition of Lords of the Fallen, but I got the standard version with the Plus. How I can buy it? Because I want to play the DLC but is still 9€ vs the 6€ of the Definitve Edition, so I prefer to buy that instead! And btw is almost a year that I’m waiting for a discount of that DLC….

I think if you delete from your library the version of lords of the fallen that you got from the psplus, you will ve able to buy the defenitive edition

how do you delete a game from the library?


You can’t. He means delete the game from your system.

If you use the web store, it should give you the option to buy rather than the PS4 store. It might list the different purchasable options too.

Trying to buy the Homefront & season pass deal but it won’t let me as I’ve previously downloaded the demo and it insists I already own it. Probably for the best after some of the reviews I’ve read.

haha indeed, take it as good sign. Game is really bad.

THE-PLASTICA-MAN 16 August, 2017 @ 14:05

And again none of the DLCs of those games get discounted. Why?

ilikethispart 16 August, 2017 @ 14:42

There are a few discounted DLCs actually.


Because early buyers are always shafted.

ilikethispart 16 August, 2017 @ 14:41

Great sale! I’d been waiting for Yooka-Laylee to go on sale for ages. Ended up getting that, XCOM 2, the Darksiders pack, and the Sherlock Holmes games.

Between the Big in Japan one, the Summer one and now this, recent sales have been really excellent.

Where is THE TURING TEST? Or is it just not available in Denmark?


Me: I’ve made a promise that I was done with this sales

Wallet: If you’re done lying to me, then you should stop lying to yourself


No interest in full games digitally, no matter how good the price. Major waste of all those insignificant PS+ discounts as well.


£3.99 for Evolve? No thanks.

I just got it for $1 on the 2K Humble Bundle. US accounts only, but once on my system, playable with any region account.



Give us nsane trilogy.. These games are coming over and over again.. ?

supersmith2500 26 August, 2017 @ 23:07

Darksiders is the only game worth getting from the sale. The rest is just trash.

Can you guys fix the price for Max Payne 3 on the NZ store already?! I’ve contacted Sony, Rockstar and Take-2 and every one just says it’s not their fault. The listing on our store is different due to the AUS/NZ version of the game being slightly different, so it always gets overlooked when it comes to price drops and sales. It’s currently $64 (£36), more than twice the price of the UK listing at £16 ($30NZ). I don’t care who’s responsible for setting the price, just rectify this already!

Another Sandeep classic. Great post. Thanks.

Something wrong with Bioshock Collection. The price went back to original price. Can you please fix it?

Hi, BIOSHOCK COLLECTION has been increased to £45 but still showing as available until 6th Sept for under £16… any chance someone can fix this as was waiting for pay day to pick this up!!!

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