Introducing the Crystal Dualshock 4 wireless controller range

Crystal, Blue Crystal and Red Crystal all launch October 2017

We are pleased to confirm that three new special edition controllers will be joining our rapidly expanding Dualshock 4 range 17th October.

Some of you may remember the popular Crystal Dualshock 4 controller from last year. Today, we’re happy to showcase its return in an upgraded form, offering both direct USB and wireless control options, as well as a redesigned touch pad that reveals the light bar from above to provide in-game cues, such as your health status.



Alongside the return of Crystal, we are excited to be expanding the range with new special edition Red and Blue models – all available from 17th October. Both colour crystal editions feature the same striking translucent design with an added vibrant colour hue, so you can find a model to suit your style.




Let us know what your favourite Crystal edition is in the comments, and check out the rest of the range here.


*Crystal range not available in Russia. Red Crystal and Blue Crystal not available in the UK. Please check with local retailers for further details regarding price and stock availability.

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The blue one!

Walter White would really like the Crystal Blue one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Meh !!!

Why not in russia =_=


Would have considered the blue one… But as it’s not coming out in the UK, probably won’t be getting any of them.

Already wanted a usb controller, that white one will be my choice :)


These soo remind me of PS1 controllers!

Yet another controller (or two, in this case) that Sony can’t be bothered to release in the UK.

PS5 will ship with no controllers in the UK, you heard it here first. ;)

But who said that you can’t import them from abroad? Btw they’re ugly af.. i don’t like transparent controllers.


yeah if you want to pay import duties on top

Bit like when Nintendo launched the 3ds xl without an AC mains charger.

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And a black transparent smock?

Would be better to spend the time on better rubber and texture on the thumbsticks and less slippery grip on the controller. If that could be arranged the Blue one would be the one to get.

Why the hell aren’t they available in the UK?

SCEE really is getting pathetic.


i totally agree its pathetic


It may be something to do with the UK representing only a small number of console owners in comparison to a lot of sonys other territories. We have it in our heads that were an important market, but we’re probably not.


The UK is the 5th largest market in the world for video game sales. Last year we spent over £4 billion in games and consoles. We are far from a small market

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Wow these really look cheap, they look like the fake pads you see on markets!

How many controllers do I even need… BUY BUY BUY

Well another pointless reveal from playstation, show us a lovely red and blue crystal controller and then say oh sorry but if your in a certain country tough luck as your not getting it. At least this doesn’t happen with Xbox and their controllers!!!!

So i take in UK will have the Clear Crystal one for sale why are they not releasing Limited edition one in UK?


Here we go again with the unavailability bull. Please explain why?



And their HQ is based in LONDON. In the UK btw.


Brexit hasn’t happened yet.

Kylo-KnightOfRen 01 September, 2017 @ 11:10

I really like the Red one, and it’d go with my black PS4 Pro. But I’m not sure. I kinda want one of the Pro controllers (the Raiju looks great). Decisions, decisions.

Crystal looks slick! But I really want that 20yrs anniversary edition. Guess I have to wait for 25yrs anniversary

Buy mine off me for £200? unboxed and in mint condition.


Its just a controller sprayed up and its not mint if you used it oO

Was not offering it to you CoolRichy007UK so there’s no need for you to pass comment is there. Un boxed means un used so it’s ‘ mint in box ‘ Silly opinionated people, activate your cranium muscle first.

The clear crystal one has been available for sometime in the UK hasn’t it? Are you gonna stop giving us games soon? I just want to know if I should continue to invest in your company as you clearly don’t give a damn about us.


The Clear Crystal was a generation 1 Dualshock 4.

This new version is based on the Dualshock 4 V2.

Probably nacon v2.

Already have first one but looking for another.

I was really excited about this, until it was revealed that the red and blue aren’t coming to the UK. Thanks Brexit


Blame the government

nukualofaperson 01 September, 2017 @ 12:15

I don’t really like these. In want a magma red as my fourth controller, in addition to my two blacks and one silver.

I am sorry SONY but NO….they look a bit “Cheap Plastic”. I love SONY to death since PS1 but we need like an “ELITE” version of the controller with better functionality ans stunning looks; not just a skins


There already is, they’re by Nacom.


Nacom are third party rubbish. Horrible pads.


Those Nacom controllers have a horrible xbone layout too, so you can’t use the stick and the dpad at the same time (something I do all the time for DS and Nioh).

I love you Sony; i’m what you would call a “Fanboy” ; but please, enough with the lame controllers and “customs” ; please take a long look at wath the Xbax people are doing with their controllers; such dualshocks would make me so happy.

Am fine with them releasing there own design controllers. However, I do agree with you Sony should do a bit more and give us more option’s. I would love it if they offered something like design lab the Xbox has. Being able to design your own controller (colour wise).


Where is the PINK controller? PS3 had one and it was superb!

Let us design our controllers like Xbox!


Pink is not 4 guy gamers if ya want a pink controller spray it pink

Pink is for anybody, don’t be a pleb.

Like lot of people : the blue one is perfect

Can I change my old controller for free ?


Change it into a ps5

Like usual, shunning the UK and not telling us why. It has nothing to do with Brexit either. You’re starting to take the…



I´d love a PS4 controller whose R2 and L2 button do not break after a few weeks to month … pleeaaaaseee :) (they are just build to not last)


So no uk release for the red and blue versions. Bet we’re only getting the crystal version because we got the previous version.

Sony we want an reason why we are nolonger getting new controllers. Thats now 4 out of the last 4 announced the uk arent getting.

Would’ve bought the Crystal Red on day one, but seeing as you’re not releasing it in the UK I’ll be giving my money to Nintendo for some funky new green/pink Switch Joy-Con instead.

Love the white one!

yea, blue crystal for me


You should be on the US blog, not the EU.


Puts champos979 back in the usa blog where he lives

How about a bravia PlayStation laptop and a Xperia vita phone


Bravia is Sony’s TV division, Vaio were the laptops but they sold that brand off.


I miss Vaio :(

TROOPS_310KINGS 01 September, 2017 @ 18:55

Nice! Ima have to go White on this one.

Follow my IG for cool vids and updates : Trueper.gaming

Man they look cheap and nasty!

Is there any reason the red and blue ones aren’t coming to the UK? Would love a blue one, but if my only option is to import, then I’d rather spend the money somewhere else…


Any suggestions for best sites to import from?

Very lovely, will have to grab one or two this winter.

And for those who doest know: the DS4 v2 have a much better battery than the original DS4 controllers. Sony are just not talking about it for some reason.

Is this a Pepsi thing?


Lol maybe


Or a French flag thing..

Anyone know which EU retailers will stock the red and blue and will deliver to the UK? Also I’d love a crystal green/turquoise controller.


oO its not crystal its just a see through controller so unless its real crystal and not see through sony are technically telling porkies Sony crystal is NOT see through!


Amazon (de/fr/etc) would






Omg all 3 I’m going to spending a lot of mon


I mean alot of money when they come out.


Sony are trying to sell off the v1 duelshock ps4 controllers before they resprayed em

wish it was transparent blue camo all over. like my neo geo pocket color

no blue and red in uk. travesty

Crystal is nice. Opposed to just some new colors, however, I’d love to see an update on the controller. You managed to introduce ps4pro, why not for the controller either? The triggers could definitely use some work in not feeling so cheap… Touchpad and light can go altogether imo. Personally I would love one a bit smaller and lighter, more akin to the original dual shocks.

I also hate the analog, pressure sensitive buttons. Half the time it doesn’t register, even when I’m pressing my buttons harder than are comfortable. And it serves almost completely no function in any genre.

Not a fan of triggers either, with their long travel distance.


The Dualshock 4 doesn’t have pressure sensitive buttons, so that might be why! The last Dualshock to have them was the DS3, and it was barely used by any developer.


Yea, the only dev that really used them was Polyphony with Gran Turismo, it’s why the accelerate is always mapped to X.

Why not design a controller that doesn’t press the flappy triggers every time you put it down? Maybe look at the Xbox 360 controller? Maybe make the triggers offer some resistance? Maybe make a separate UK blog if you are only offering us a product that is basically a year and a half old already while showing us new products that you don’t want us to have? Maybe make a controller with a battery that lasts more than 3 hours? Maybe I should stop [DELETED] about this?

What about green crystal?

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