5 big new PlayStation Store releases you need to check out this week

Destiny 2, Knack 2 and Songbringer lead out this week's batch of new releases

This week Bungie invites Guardians new and old to another galaxy-spanning adventure in the long-awaited Destiny 2. But if space-faring isn’t your thing, then why not try some colourful solo or co-op platform action in Knack 2? Elsewhere, sports fans can scratch their b-ball itch with a free 2K18 demo, NBA 2K18: The Prelude. Of course, you’re not limited to just these either: check out the rest of this week’s releases below!

1. Destiny 2

Dive back into Bungie’s blockbuster sci-fi shooter with the much-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2. With its brand new story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer, Destiny 2 will take you and your friends to new unexplored worlds.

Why you should play it: Try your hand at Destiny’s best-in-class gunplay, explore the galaxy with friends and unlock cool combat abilities as you play with millions of other Guardians.

More info: 5 ways Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone showcases the big changes coming to PS4’s shared world shooter

Available: 6th September

2. Knack 2

Don’t get fooled by Knack’s size, he’ll go from big to small and back again in this vibrant and family-friendly platforming adventure. Expect expanded combat, fiendish puzzles to solve and full co-op play!

Why you should play it: For colourful platforming that’s easy to pick up but challenging to master.

More info: Bring a friend for some co-op platforming action in Knack 2, out on PS4 this September

Available: 5th September

3. NBA 2K18: The Prelude

A week ahead of the release of the 19th instalment of 2K’s famous basketball simulation, PlayStation Store is offering a preview of what’s awaiting you in NBA 2K18! Check out an introduction to the game’s Career mode and get a small head start for when the game releases. Pick up the free demo and dribble your way to victory.

Why you should play it: Find out what makes NBA the highest rated annual sports title of this console generation.

More info: NBA 2K18 releases on PS4 on 15th September, different editions detailed

Available: 8th September

4. Songbringer

Imagine this: You just woke up shirtless on a strange planet. You look around, and pick up a mysterious sword that accidentally awakens an ancient evil army. This is how Songbringer, a gorgeous pixel art action RPG, starts. Master the planet’s procedurally-generated dungeons and defeat its fearsome bosses to return the galaxy to peace.

Why you should play it: The planet is procedurally generated from a 6-letter word you pick when you start the game. Share this with your friends to find and share the same secrets!

More info: Procedurally generated sci-fi action RPG Songbringer comes to PS4

Available: 5th September

5. Don’t Knock Twice

From the great minds behind Late Shift, The Bunker and Soul Axiom comes Don’t Knock Twice, a first-person PlayStation VR horror game based on a terrifying urban legend. Enter the grand manor from the recent Don’t Knock Twice film and uncover the truth behind the mysterious goings-on.

Why you should play it: If you’re looking for a good scare in VR, this will surely raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

More info: How PS VR is shaping the unique scares of PS4 horror Don’t Knock Twice, out September

Available: 5th September

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Nothing decent this week. Thanks for posting though.

Destiny 2 and Knack 2 in the same week, huh? Bold move by Activision.

I wanted to comment on the same thing. It’s basically asking for Knack 2 to fail at release.

Carnivius_Prime 04 September, 2017 @ 17:24

eh maybe but I’d take Knack over Destiny. I like third person adventure platformy sorta thingies and I dislike first person shooters.

^ same.

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Zero Escape: Zero time dilemma digital, any news to report? Like a release date or why it’s not on the store as advertised 2 weeks ago. Anything to do with the announcement of physical release?

Some info would be nice. I don’t understand why the last few weeks every question in the comments here get the silent treatment. It’s not too difficult to at least aknowledge what people are asking and if you don’t know the answer, to try and get some answers from people who possibly know.

Even if you can’t figure it out, at least say something, because the way it’s going now, it seems like Sony Europe doesn’t care about their customers. You know, those people who make it possibly for Sony to exist as Playstation is the only pillar of Sony that doesn’t loose money.

Still waiting for Everest vr from last,does anyone from the ps blog ever reply to any of the posts on this thread?or it is just a waste of time posting here?

“Imagine this: You just woke up shirtless on a strange planet.”… sounds like just another sunday. #songbringer

But for real, how could there possibly be any demand for Bloobowl 2??

especially that the ps4 version is really bad, bug ridden crashing piece of crap. Completely ignored by devs. So buyers beware.


Still no Night Trap?

Carnivius_Prime 04 September, 2017 @ 17:07

Think I shall keep my money this week.

So first Knack is coming finally to ps+ IGC ?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I really enjoyed Destiny the 1st time around but time-limited DLC just shouldn’t be allowed so I’m boycotting Activision’s cash cow this time.

Don’t Knock Twice looks good though :)

Why no Rock of Ages 2 – Binding of Isaac Pack in store?


A week where Knack is by far the best offering is strange!

Closing Evolution Studios, and making another Knack game – great decisions, congrats Sony!

lol i got 2 more for you

closing studio liverpool

closing zipper interactive

and making another whatever game.

I feel really bad for the person who has to write these articles. Imagine having to pretend that destiny and knack would be worth playing for free, let alone paying money for


You wash your mouth out. Knack is an amazing game.

Destiny always left a bad taste though.

Meanwhile Knack 2 is currently listed as free on the Australia PSN store, so technically you could play it for free!

What’s happened to Lost bear. ? More delays without explanation ?

Lost Bear is out today!/en-gb/games/the-lost-bear/cid=EP1731-CUSA04537_00-1234567890123456

(I’m one of the devs)

We were keeping people updated via our twitter/fb/reddit – unfortunately the delay was out of our hands!

Why haven’t the PS+ game for September gone up yet? They were meant to change yesterday.


They’re supposed to change on the first Tuesday of the month. But either way, they’re up now!!


Yea, but for some reason my brain thought it was Wednesday.

It looks like they’ve lost the lost bear,maybe that bear wil turn up on Everest,opps They’ve lost Everest vr as well,may be some kind person for the ps blog will come on here and let us known,when these wil be release.

Its finally out today (I’m one of the devs) we had a problem PlayStation side that’s now been fixed –!/en-gb/games/the-lost-bear/cid=EP1731-CUSA04537_00-1234567890123456


1st Knack 2 worlds best game 2017 and in very super last place destany2

Yeah, cool, how about informing us that PS+ price went up next time before you charge us, huh?

To be fair, I am quite sure they emailed us about that (mail from 28/07/2017). Altough it is possible you only got this if you turned on the newsletter (my email is from I also got an email on 18/08/2017 which says to buy 15 months of PS+ for the price of 12 as long as it is still possible.

I thought the blog also made an article about this, but I can’t seem to find it, so they possibly didn’t (which I do feel is an oversight).

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