Introducing the Destiny 2 PlayStation Gear range

Forge a new legend with our huge range of official accessories, artwork and more

To celebrate its imminent launch, we’ve put together a great range of Destiny 2 merchandise on PlayStation Gear – fit for all Guardians.

Gear up for your next raid with everything from stylish caps, key-rings and wallets to framed prints, fridge magnets and even a Tricorn ice cube tray!

Destiny 2

Check out some of our favourite additions below.

Represent your class with a wide range of mugs out now featuring a mix of stylised character artwork and iconic game insignia.

Destiny 2

Look the part of a Guardian with stylish Vanguard, Veist and Tricorn snapbacks plus premium Tricorn wallets.

Destiny 2

Show off the striking new Destiny 2 artwork pride of place in your home with framed premium prints.

Destiny 2

Quench your thirst after an epic quest and keep your keys safe with these 3D ghost key-rings and bottle openers.

Destiny 2

Let us know what you think of the new range in the comments and continue your legend over on now.

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Very nice gear , any chance of a free game code #4theplayers

I got you covered. Destiny pre-order code sent to your account. #enjoy


Thanks much appreciated if only all gamers were like you


Is this a joke or did you legit get a free copy of Destiny 2?

A new Future War Cult baseball cap would have been tempting.

Nice gear, but isn’t the ” Glacier White PS4 Pro Limited Edition Destiny 2 Bundle 1TB” available in Sweden?

Been looking for it to preorder but can’t find it anywhere…

Gear store ever going to reopen in Ireland, closed down over a year ago and nothing since.

Is there a way to upgrade a physical copy to the deluxe edition the way other games do :)?


There should have been a Destiny 2 themed grind wheel.


Also who cropped those images for the prints? It just looks weird in a “I picked the wrong frame and cut down the picture to fit” way!

I pray to goodness that there are no Muppets out there that are stupid enough to buy into this tat.

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