Strategic twin-stick shooter Time Recoil explodes onto PS4 next week

Plan your attack, slow down time itself and maximize the destruction you leave in your wake

Hi everyone! It’s great to be back on PlayStation Blog to show you a new game — Time Recoil will be available for PS4 on 13th September.

You may know 10tons from our previous twin-stick shooter Neon Chrome, which was available through PS Plus for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in June. After developing that sprawling, procedurally-generated, roguelite-ish big chunk of a game, we felt like we enjoy making twin stick shooters as much as ever, but we should make our next project something completely different.

We almost instinctively looked at more compact games like Hotline Miami, Mr. Shifty and even Superhot. Each of these titles feature a very strong core mechanic, with the whole game wrapped tightly around it. We weren’t surprised when the first Time Recoil test players mentioned some of those reference titles in their feedback.



So, Time Recoil is a twin stick shooter, but it’s very different than Neon Chrome. Time Recoil is all about single bullet kills and making full use of the time slowdown effect that kicks in every time you take someone out. Additional kills in slowdown mode extend the period of the slowdown, and as you progress in the game, chained kills charge increasingly powerful special moves as well.

Special moves are the key to clearing many of the harder challenges of the game; they’ll allow you to dash through walls and enemies, obliterate rooms of enemies in a single blast, and ultimately even freeze time completely. The toughest levels require you to figure out sequences and even rhythms to your kills to keep the time slowdown going and chaining enough kills to get that all-powerful special move.

The action puzzle like elements are emphasised even more in the game’s time attack mode, where each of the game’s levels are timed. The online leaderboards competition is likely to get heated, with times recorded up to thousandths of a second!

A PS Vita version of Time Recoil is also possible somewhere down the line. It pretty much comes down to finding the… time. Stay tuned!

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Busy with Songbringer right now, but this sounds fun.

Did you mean ‘roguelike-ish’ or is ‘roguelite’ a thing now?


Roguelite is indeed a thing now. Steam even has a tag for it. But then Steam has a tag for ‘transhumanism’ so maybe that’s not the best measure.

Jaakko Maaniemi 07 September, 2017 @ 08:10

Transhumanism is perfectly apt though, regarding scifi and cyberpunk. It refers to the stuff when machines/IT/computers/AI meld into humans, transforming them into something beyond mere flesh. Like cyborgs, but also as entities with more or less substantial mental/personality connection to, say, cyberspace for example.

Very actual topic too! If one stares at a smartphone for hours and hours daily, is that not a step onwards in transhumanism?


Yeah but ‘transhumanism’ has been applied to six products on Steam, so not overly helpful.

Carnivius_Prime 06 September, 2017 @ 18:19

I didn’t really know of Neon Chrome til I got it on PS Plus and on first play through I didn’t really think much of it…but I got a nagging feeling to try again a few days later…and then got kinda addicted to the darn thing. Definitely one of my fave twin stick shooters and so will check this out even though I have a slight loathing for purposeful slow down (even in films. :P )

Jaakko Maaniemi 07 September, 2017 @ 08:15

Glad to hear you got into Neon Chrome! A lot of people did, eventually.

If it’s of any consolation, the un-slowed time in Time Recoil can be ridiculously deadly. Well, perhaps not on the easiest difficulty setting, but even then you’ll be hard pressed to consistently NOT die when taking on alerted guards from the front. As one previewer aptly noted, “if you’re playing it in normal time, you’re probably doing it wrong”.

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