Agriculture sim Real Farm hits PS4 on 20th October – watch the trailer

Start at the bottom and farm your way up in career, or take it easy in free mode

Howdy! My name is Remco, CEO & Founder of Triangle Studios, and currently working on Real Farm. Real Farm is a brand new farm simulator which enables you to perform all the tasks of an agriculturist using tonnes of powerful machines. Check out our brand new trailer below!

The game will release 20th October this year on PlayStation 4, both boxed and digitally worldwide. In this blog I’d like to tell you a little bit more about Real Farm and where we got our inspiration for building the game.

First a little background info about us. Triangle Studios has been developing multi-platform games since 2006. We even cooperated with PaRappa the Rapper maker, Masaya Matsuura on the mobile rhythm game WINtA. Real Farm is the second project we’re doing in collaboration with publisher SOEDESCO.

We’re based in what city folk would consider the more rural parts of the Netherlands. Our province, Friesland, is famous for its vast agricultural areas with historical and modern farms. Friesland only has around 650,000 inhabitants, while there are more than 500.000 cows. That’s almost a cow per person, making this the largest cow population in the country!

Real FarmReal FarmReal Farm

Living in the countryside means that we are surrounded by farmland and livestock. Pretty much everyone on the team has at least one relative who works on a farm or owns one. This puts us very much in touch with nature. We know when it’s time to harvest corn, barley and wheat, and we know what a potato looks like before it ends up as fries in your local fast food restaurant.

Our publisher SOEDESCO, however, is based in a big city and they know a little less about farming than we do. Therefore, we invited the whole publishing team for a day long farm visit, so they could see what farming life is like. It was a day full of cow milking, and tractor driving, so we made sure they got their hands dirty.

Being surrounded by farms gives us the ability to gain a lot of valuable and unique insight into how we can build a great farming simulator. That’s the inspiration we use for Real Farm.

The main part of Real Farm that we’re tweaking right now is the career mode. Real Farm offers two game modes called the ‘career mode’ and the ‘free mode’.

Real FarmReal FarmReal Farm

In free mode, you can start farming right away, continuing the game as an established farmer who already owns some vehicles, equipment and a farm.

However, in career mode you start from the bottom. You’ll have to do contract farming work for other farmers, build your reputation and earn money before you can buy your own vehicles, equipment and even your own farm!

But that’s just part of what makes the game interesting and fun. We’re also very proud of the economic system we’ve built in the game. There are multiple stores around the map with their own inventory, so you’ll have to play smart to get the most out of your harvest!

The market also reacts to what you do, so if you sell a lot of a certain crop, prices will lower dramatically and vice versa!

Thanks for reading, and in the meantime, don’t forget to watch the gameplay trailer!

Real FarmReal Farm

Real Farm

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When’s construction simulator, SimCity and space engineers coming to ps4?

The trailer shows two absurd (unreal) moments, so it doesn’t give much hope that they know what they are doing!

UnREAL MOMENT #1: @16th seconds, they are spreading slurry on ripe grain…. why? It’s ripe already, and will do more damage than good.

UnREAL MOMENT #2: @38 seconds, they are driving through ripe grain…. with a mower for grass, in the mowing position, but not cutting anything (probably because the grain has broken the grass mower!)

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