Twin-stick shooter/match-3 mash-up Transcripted hits PS4 on 13th September

The folks at Alkemi Games introduce their eccentric, stylish new project

Have you ever wondered what you would get if you ever mashed up a twin stick shooter with a match-3 puzzle game? Well, I did (yes I’m a bit weird) and the answer is Transcripted, coming to PlayStation 4 later this month!

Transcripted is an arcade game where you must survive waves of enemies and at the same time think and plan your next move to create cascading combos in a match-3 challenge. This is an unusual mental task, but don’t be frightened by the number of enemies or bullets. You just have to use cleverly the invulnerability system and you’ll be able to survive seemingly impossible mayhem!


When working on a mashup, I truly try to create something different, something more than just the superposition of two genres. For the game design of Transcripted, we’ve twisted, bent and cut some of the codes of the twin-stick shooter and the match-3 genres. With its dual difficulty scale you can adjust the parameters of the shooting action and the puzzle complexity independently. Transcripted has a fair challenge to offer to virtually everyone whether you’re here for casual action or a more hardcore challenge with a scoring competition.


Alkemi is a small indie studio focused on creating original concepts with high production value even with a limited team of four persons. We like shiny graphics, ambient music and we do like stories… so for our enjoyment and I hope yours too, we added a little sci-fi-techno-thriller fully voiced scenario to the mix.


Transcripted was born years ago from random experiments as a modest Flash game. Today, with the help of our friends at Plug In Digital and Seaven Studio, we’re super excited to announce that Alkemi’s first born will finally be available on 13th September on PlayStation 4!


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