Fortnite introduces a new 100-player PvP mode, Battle Royale, later this month

Mode already available for public testing ahead of its official launch on 26th September

Hey PlayStation Nation! We are excited to announce a new mode coming to Fortnite on 26th September: Battle Royale. 100 players. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills combined with intense PvP combat. The last player standing wins.

Our Battle Royale mode is now in Public Test for Fortnite players and we would love your help testing it.

Just open the game and select Battle Royale. We expect the mode to experience crashing and stability issues during the Public Test.

Wait … what?

Yeah, we made a PvP mode for Fortnite. We love Battle Royale games like PUBG and thought Fortnite would make a great foundation for our own version. A few months ago Epic’s Unreal Tournament team began experimenting with the mode while the original Fortnite team kept updating the core game. To maintain game balance we kept the PvP mode completely separate from the PvE mode. The new Battle Royale mode was so much fun we decided to share it with everyone to get feedback.

This is also a great time for new Fortnite players to jump in, because for one week only (12 – 18th September) we have a 25% discount on our Standard and Deluxe Edition Founder’s Packs.

Fortnite Battle Royale

We are really excited about Battle Royale and can’t wait for you to play it. This is just the first version of the mode, and we will update Battle Royale and the core Fortnite game throughout Early Access and into launch. We are excited to grow the game with the PlayStation community. Thank you for joining us on the adventure.

The battle is building. Good luck!

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Been waiting for ages for a Battle Royal game on the PS4. Ill be buying Fortnite now.

^ that’s why they did what they did


And destiny does 4 v 4 thats epic

R6:S 5v5 is more epic than anything PubG can do. It’s never about player count.

Hmm, this game might be something interesting after all. Going to check it out with my friend now :D

Is it a mode that’s launching IN fortnite OR Is this a seperate game that’ll launch later in the month?

It says a new mode, not a new game.

I’m not paying for early access. Not again.

Yeah, I her ya. I don’t want to pay for betatesting an upcoming F2P game. I’ve helped playtest many games before in Alpha/Beta, but I would never pay for it. Devs are not doing us a favor, we’re doing them a favor by playtesting their game.

The first of literally dozens of PUBG ripoffs to come in the near future.

Supposedly Sony doesn’t allow “Early access” games. How is that only Epic games can skip that filter?

It’s not the first.

There was also The Tomorrow Children, which also became free2play, and the servers of which close on November 1st due to lack of players.

I’m guessing it’s some loophole. Fortnite itself is “Free” (this caused confusion and controversy a while back) but the Founder’s Pack is not (which is required to play in the “Free” client).

Epic, well played. This made me buy the founderspack today.

But in order to keep the playerbase large before f2p next year, add one invite code in founders.

Better jump on that PUBG bandwagon, this will be the first of many to come until we are all sick to death of it in a few years time.

To be fair Battle Royal games have been around for the last few years. Starting with the likes of Arma and DayZ and CS:GO. Followed by Ark Survival Of The Fittest and H1Z1 King of the Kill. PUBG simply made the best Battle Royal game so far. Am sure there will be more Battle Royal Games and am sure there will be better ones than PUBG. I bet Studio Wildcard are kicking them selves for not releasing Survival Of The Fittest on PS4 last year when they where suppose to. Instead they scrapped it to focus on Ark Survival Evolved.

Loving this game mode :D Would love to get some trophies for it as well :D

Also, will there be classes and abilities available in this mode? Eagerly awaiting vehicles also :D :D

I suck at it but love it…:D

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