New PlayStation Store discounts start today on Battlefield 1, Overwatch, Superhot, more

Grab deals on a range of EA titles, plus check out savings on digital-only titles

We have a host of amazing EA titles on offer starting today in our EA Promotion! You can save big on full games and add-ons across PS4 and PS3 until 4th October!

Whether it’s Battlefield 1, EA Sports UFC 2, Need for Speed, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, or the many other top titles we have on offer*, there’s definitely something for everyone.

All your regional pricing can be found on PlayStation Store. Here’s a look at everything on offer*!



*Some titles may not be available in your region.

Deal of the Week (until 27th September)


The world needs heroes in our latest PlayStation Store Deal of the Week: Overwatch Game of the Year Edition!

The Game of the Year Edition includes the full game as well as a host of digital content, available on PS4. Head to PlayStation Store today and don’t miss out on this awesome deal!

Digital Zone (until 4th October)


Our Digital Zone promotion is back! We’ve got some amazing digital-only content on offer on PS4 starting today.

You can save on the likes of Superhot VR, Pyre, Euro Fishing: Urban Edition, Verdun, Lawbreakers: Deadzo Deluxe Edition and more*.

Head to PlayStation Store today and start your next digital adventure!

*Some titles may not be available in your region.

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Most of these games should just be discounted permanently at this point, they show up in every other sale… Was really hoping for a discount on Red Dead Redemption 8(

Same EA titles that fill 90% of this years sales at the same prices. Is it so hard to throw in some variety?

Anyone else having trouble accessing the store online? I’ve been having problems for two weeks now. Either ‘site not available’ or store page simply not loading.

Try clearing your browser data and cookies for all of the playstation store sites. I had the same issue a few weeks ago in Chrome but I found IE worked fine…

If you have the Chrome App on your SmartPhone; Go to the Playstation Store (doesn’t matter if it won’t load)> Press your phone’s Menu button> select the Information Icon (a Circle with an inverted i in it)> Site Settings> “Clear and Reset”

If you have Chrome on Windows; click on “Secure” next to the website’s URL> go down to Site Settings > Cookies> Allow: [*.], [*.]> Click on the 3 vertical dots menu next to these and select “Remove”

Any other browser, well, Google it XD

Thanks for the feedback, issue solved.

Even using a different browser works just as you wrote. I was using Chrome with no luck, and when I tried using Safari it was all fine.

Yea, the site seems to have a common problem with Chrome, but clearing all cookies for it resolves it until it happens again.

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buy that dragon age inquisition & battlefield…or else!


No il just kick battlefield and inquisition of the cliff

Carnivius_Prime 20 September, 2017 @ 06:57

bah, still waiting for flinthook and kero blaster to be cheaper.

I’m appalled at the complete lack of Vita discounts.

Because having sales dedicated to EA once a month is much better.


This is the problem. EA hates European Vita owners. All of their PSP and PS1 titles aren’t even compatible anyway.

The price for PVZGW2 is decent and titanfall 2.


Yay for bf1 premium discount finally, shame it’s 37% and not 50% but can’t complain ?

Carnivius_Prime 20 September, 2017 @ 08:49

yeah ya can. it’s real easy.

What about PS VITA and PSP? No discounts on the games for these systems? :-(

Carnivius_Prime 20 September, 2017 @ 08:51

Hm i might get Skylar and Plux. £5.59 seems a nice price.

Why is there star wars level dlc on sale the season pass is free so in turn the dlc is free..sometimes I wonder if they even look at the stuff or just get handed a list and are told to discount it

Nice discount Sony and EA, many games are not available. Thanks from Ukraine! My relationship with Electronic Arts is over.

Gonna get Pyre for sure (loved Transistor and Bastion from the same devs), and maybe BF1.

But yeah, the lack of dicounts Vita-only titles is sad

YES, Pyre is mine!!!!


I just sold your copy on ebay

blacksheepwall_ 20 September, 2017 @ 13:03

I got Pyre too but these sales are getting way too obvious. The only one that’s any good is the made in Japan one where there’s at least some variety.

Some possible PSV and PSP purchases provided next time please?

Having perused Playstation I shall purchase Pang and Pyre, perhaps using Paypal.

Hello there ! How about psvr games discounts?

Is Battlefield 1 worth buying? Or does it easily get boring?

X_Blood_Curse_X 23 September, 2017 @ 11:44



Without any doubt, Darkest Dungeon, Pyre and The Sexy Brutale are must buy.

One thing is sure, I’m never getting BF premium full price again. Always have but they drop in price so soon now, I hardly even played it. Never again, unless for 2143 Hardly play online anymore now I have to pay for it, ironically… Oh PS+ how I hate thee..

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