5 big new PlayStation Store releases you need to check out this week

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2, Everest VR, Battle Chasers: Nightwar and more...

This week on PlayStation Store you’ll patrol the night to safeguard a city, climb the highest mountain, delve deep in the darkest dungeons, embark on a fantasy adventure epic and more.

Continue Batman’s story-driven adventure in Gotham with the second episode of Telltale’s latest episodic tie-in or get an intimate and awe-inspiring look at the world’s largest mountain with Everest VR. Cult comic book series Battle Chasers gets a new lease of life in PS4 turn-based RPG Nightwar, while Capcom’s fantastic fantasy actioner Dragon’s Dogma is unleashed on PS4. Get more info on these, plus all the rest of this week’s releases below!

1. Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 2

Telltale’s spectacular Batman adventure continues with episode 2, The Pact. As explosions rock Gotham, Batman races to face new foes, but encounters a force that may cause even the Dark Knight to fall. Become the Batman and make your own decisions in this new chapter featuring Harley Quinn and other familiar faces…

2. Everest VR

Ascend to the top of the world with this immersive first person experience and climb Mount Everest in virtual reality. Journey from the base to the summit through 5 interactive climbing scenes and prepare for the breath-taking views from the top. Don’t get vertigo!

  • Why you should play it: Try Everest VR’s God Mode that lets you experience the mountain at human size or tower over it at 1500x scale to see the peak from vantages points only possible in VR.
  • Available: 4th October

3. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

The creators of Darksiders are bringing back the cult comic Battle Chasers in a new PS4 RPG. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is inspired by dungeon crawlers and classic JRPGs. Dive deep in the procedurally generated dungeons and master the turn-based chess-like combat system!

4. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Capcom’s critically acclaimed action RPG debuts on PS4 and is a must for fans of fantasy open worlds and inventive monster designs. Choose your vocation and lead a team of NPC adventurers to tackle bosses and explore an ever-evolving world.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

  • Why you should play it: Dragon’s Dogma is created by the same minds behind the Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Breath of Fire franchises, and offers its own unique spin on the fantasy RPG genre.
  • Available: 3rd October

5. A hole new world

Upset with the rampant evil, the goddess who created the world comes up with an idea: she splits the world in two, separating all evil away from the peaceful half. All was well for a while until the evil forces found the way to reconnect both worlds, joining the malevolent world just underneath the peaceful one. This is the predicament of A hole new world. Fight with Fäy, your companion fairy, and your carefully crafted potions through the side-scrolling worlds of this 2D arcade game with its retro aesthetics. Epic bosses await you!

  • Why you should play it: No tutorials or “Easy Mode” to assist you, the games simple controls make for an easy to play but hard to master type of gameplay.
  • Available: 6th October

And here’s the full rundown of all this week’s new releases:

PlayStation StoreOut this week











2nd October

3rd October

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“Big” titles?

Carnivius_Prime 02 October, 2017 @ 14:12

I’ll probably get Mystik Belle cos one of my online artist friends made it and I like games with proper lovely pixel art. :)

I’d rather have full complete free roam games for VR, not rubbish timed experiences, that stuff is for tech demos, not full purchases.

Play solus project in VR. Its amazing and took me 2 weeks to completed . Also freeroaming openish world

Link for Dragon’s Dogma says:

More info: EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone expands game, removes need for PS VR

Is it so hard to check the article once before to publish it? It seems one week can’t pass without errors in the weekly update post.

Please Sony Blog-staff, start linking videos for all the games. Every week I click on the titles a few times before I realize that they don’t link to anything.


Don’t forget on Tuesday 3rd Raiden is supposed to be available for Injustice 2 for Ultimate Edition owners and that on Friday 6th he’ll be released for everyone in celebration of the Mortal Kombat 25th anniversary guys ;)

Is the digital version of NIGHT TRAP ever coming to the EU store? I thought it was due last month?

RedDevilDazzy 02 October, 2017 @ 15:47

Where’s A Hat In Time? That’s out on 5th October on PS4 yes, I really hope it’s out this week, I want to get that game.

supersmith2500 02 October, 2017 @ 17:02

Later this fall. That’s only for the Steam version.

RedDevilDazzy 02 October, 2017 @ 17:08

Oh? God damn it, I got all excited, well thanks for the info though.

Dragon’s Dogma for me but that depends on price since it’s quite older.


It’s £20 On amazon

thx for the info, looks like i’ll go for physical version for obvious reasons.

Cheapest I’ve seen it is £16.85 or €20.25

Not sure if they ship to the Czech Republic but its worth having a look.

More Destiny 2 and Cuphead for me until Fractured But Whole comes out

nfskingrlinworld 02 October, 2017 @ 19:29

Looking forward new PSh but I still enjoyed destiny 2 so much

Is information forthcoming where Blue Reflection is for the Australian store? It was apparently rated by our board on the 28th of July without issue. Thanks


Transparency Sony…. Do you speak it?


I’d never played Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. Maybe it’s time to play :)


Is Danganronpa V3 finally going to come out on the Aus/NZ stores or what? It wasn’t listed as not coming out on these stores, nor has there been any reason given, so the whole thing seems like a mess.

On a similar note, the Amnesia Collection isn’t on the NZ store, so is it going to be added or are we getting a replacement game instead?

On Outbreak Day, US-Store got “The Last of Us Part II Stop Sign Theme”. Why isn’t it available in Europe/Swedish store?


What no aca Neo geo titles this

Tamagod_Sushi 03 October, 2017 @ 19:46

Heya team,

Where’s Danganronpa V3 on the AUS/NZ PSN Store? It’s been nearly a week :(

StevenJamesHyde 05 October, 2017 @ 14:45

What has happened to Twin Robots? Still no sign of it on the UK store


where is “a hat in time” i thought the release was the first week of october

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