PS4 system software update 5.00 goes live today

Team vs Team esports events, new family controls, 1080p Twitch streaming, more

Today sees the next PlayStation 4 system software update rolling out with a host of new features for your console.

Some of you may have already got hands-on with system software 5.00 in our recent beta test and tried out a few of the features, such as the new family management setup and improvements to the Quick Menu and friends list, and we’ve been fine-tuning these based on your feedback. But there are a few additional features that will go live shortly; take a look at what’s coming your way:

Team Tournaments

The 5.00 update brings a new dimension to eSports on PS4, with the launch of ESL Team Tournaments.

An extension of the PS4 Events tab, you’ll now find the option to join or create a team of players to squad up and play together online in selected team-based multiplayer games. You can register your team for any upcoming tournaments in the Events schedule, see what upcoming matches you can compete in, then show off your results on your team page (if you want to).

Each team can have up to 100 members, and you can join up to 60 different teams at once, each with a unique name, logo and profile. There’s a team chat function so you can discuss tactics before jumping into battle, and you can recruit (or remove) members as you go – so before long you could be part of an all-conquering crew.

Supported games at launch are Uncharted 4 and Mantis Burn Racing, with more to follow.


Parental control improvements for families on PSN

One major feature that was included with the 5.00 update beta trial was a brand new family on PSN , replacing the previous master/sub accounts.


With this new family system, each PS4 user can be managed individually, meaning parents can stay in control of what younger children play, watch, and their online access, while older kids and adults are free to play games or watch movies suitable to their age group. And because the controls are applied individually to each PSN account (rather than just to your home console), they’ll apply to whichever PS4 a family member signs in on.


Family management

Now, with the full launch of system software 5.00, families on PSN can now be managed from a dedicated web portal, meaning parents and guardians can easily adjust their parental controls from their smartphone and PC.

These new Family Management settings are now available in the PS4 settings menu, and are ready to set up now. If you’ve already set up your family on PSN and want to try out the web portal, you can find it HERE.


Follow Anyone

You can now follow any PSN account to see what they’re playing and sharing on PS4, without needing to be friends with them – so if there’s a player who’s a master of your favourite game and shares inspiring videos and screenshots, you can follow them to see their latest updates in your What’s New feed.


App updates


As well as the on-console improvements, we’re making some updates to our smartphone apps too:

    • PlayStation Communities:
      The app will now flip into landscape mode when you rotate your phone, and you’re also now able to post animated GIFs on community walls. Additionally, the Communities app is now available in Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.
    • PlayStation Messages:
      Similarly to the PS4 console messaging improvements, the PlayStation Messages app will now display a preview of a website if you’re sent a URL within a message. And, along with the Communities app, the Messages app is now available in Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese. In addition, there are new stickers available.

    How to control your notifications

    How to create custom gaming groups

    How to stream 1080p 60fps on Twitch

    Just in case you missed our beta trial announcement post a few weeks ago, here’s a quick run-down of the features that beta testers will have been using already – or read about them in more detail HERE:

    • Friend list management
    • Twitch 1080p broadcasting
    • Message improvements
    • Notifications updates
    • Quick Menu updates
    • Music player improvements
    • Virtual surround sound for PS VR when watching DVDs and Blu-Rays
    • Updated language support

    We’re really looking forward to everyone getting stuck in to the new features, and are keen to hear your feedback in the comments below. We’re always listening, and your suggestions could help inform what goes into future system software updates.

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    And… where are the PS PLUS offerings for the month of October ?


    They’re available if you search for them individually

    EDIT: scrub that, only Metal Gear is at the moment


    MGS5 and amnesia collection

    Not in my region!!!!

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    Thanks for support Hungarian language.


    Uhh.. Ez a mondat magyarként fájt.. De köszönjük! / Thank you Sony for supporting our little country! I’m going to give a feedback about the translations!

    Látod. látod… Kell az a magyar fordítás.


    Nem baj, én nem haragszom és nem is kötekedésből írtam :)

    Any plans to add support for more countries on Playstation Network soon? I live in Egypt and I’ve been waiting for years.

    How about deleting unwanted messages from notification list, since that feature was removed?

    Allow us too put our trophy list in alphabetical order

    And to delete 1% games from the list…. :D

    Don’t care about anything from this update btw. Maybe I’ll appreciate the family update when my kids grow older (oldest is 4 now). I think it’s time to change your slogan to 4thesocialites instead of 4theplayers…


    Any plans to add Ukrainian language to PlayStation store and PS4 console?


    They gonna take your hryvnias, but they shall not let you use your console in your native language. “For the players!” ha haha, what a [DELETED]

    ODDBALLobscene 03 October, 2017 @ 13:22

    I’m really loving the new update. The way it says “please wait” for 10minutes now :D

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 15:28

    Haha, that was my first thought too xD

    Luckily its been a lot smoother since (updated a few hours back).


    That please wait message goes away after updating profile and agree to new TOS

    Still no proper screenshot sharing functionality! Please add support to share image to image hosting website and not only to social networks!!!


    Awesome features.

    But when can we expect the drift issue to be solved in PSVR. I have a suggestion. Allow screen tracking to be turned off in Cinema Mode. The drift is caused by the gyros not being 100% zeroed.

    Please get rid of the beep when you turn on ps. Or at least make it configurable.


    That’s hardware, not software. Can’t be changed through an update.


    it IS software instead and can be configured. An example? When you badly shutdown a ps4, next boot it alerts you of the bad shutdown with a triple beep and a message on the screen. So they easily could let the user decide if it should beep or not.


    In increase of the amount of people in one partychat to at least 12 would be amazing guys, please get that on the to-do list.

    Where’s the ability to change my PSN ID?

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 15:30

    Never going to happen due to the way they made it.

    I agree at the very least they should let you change ONCE, even if it cost a few quid to do so. But alas, unless they change how the PSN ID’s work, it just won’t happen.


    Your fault for making a bad ID.

    Just link your FB account and use your real name.

    xaris_perissos07 03 October, 2017 @ 14:08



    Già sou aderfe, logika to mihanima prepei na se eidopoihsh mono tou oti einai etoimo già update and install.

    not that exciting tbh. And what about the main PS app?? You guys haven’t updated it for an entire year.

    jason-bridges 03 October, 2017 @ 14:16

    The family stuff is great


    Couldn’t care less about that E-Sports rubbish.


    Proper parental controls, at last!

    Thanks, can’t wait to try them out! :-D

    Hello I updated my PS4 pro just an hour ago. And I have to say that it sucks. My PS4 keeps freezed, my web browser doesn’t work. I want the reparation now ! Does anyone have same problem?


    Same. I payed for a console with a internet browser, i knew it wasn’t the best but it used to be OK. So fix it or get me a Xbox.


    I do not want xbox :D but it is annoying I want some fix update…


    4.74 meant I could no longer play several games: Disc Dirty Error. 5.0 same result but only for BF1 which is my main jam. The disc is pristine. These software updates always [DELETED] with my PS4!

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    Just a small aesthetic request I’d love to set a number of dynamic themes rather than just one have them cycle in and out when you switch the ps4 on similar to how you can on the 3ds

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 22:17

    Good idea, there should be somewhere where you can request (like in a Poll), we would get far more focused updates then.

    AlexJones_Bankai 04 October, 2017 @ 21:42

    Oh you good man, had NO idea that was actually a thing >.<

    Thank you!

    Well i can’t even download the new update… im getting this Error Message su-30679-5 ?


    Same here. I messaged PlayStation support on twitter. They said they are looking into it. My PlayStation is an ornament….

    And when will you be able to download 5.0 to a USB and install it that way?

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 15:32

    Does it really matter how you can update? (Not being an ass, just questioning why you can’t just download via the Console?)


    Cuz when im doing it via the console i get the Error Message, and aint able to download it..


    Just sounds like an internet issue on your end to me.

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    Anyone been able to test if the Media Player still goes out of sync when playing mp4 videos?

    It doesn’t look like the version number of the Media Player has changed sadly. Still 3.0

    Back to my PS3 to watch video files as always.


    This. There seems to be no interest from Sony to sort it out. They’ve received loads of complaints about the PS4 Media Player, and nothing. Its been over a year now. I haven’t used it for a long time.

    The best solution is to download the Plex Media Sever app. It is free to use now.

    I can assure you that it works perfectly with no audio sync issues, and plays a variety of media files, with perfect audio (surround or stereo).

    What’s the catch? You may spend some time organising your library and setting it up to go. But in the end, its all worthwhile.

    jason-bridges 03 October, 2017 @ 17:47

    Just plug your media directly into the TV? Usb is how I watch loads of stuff


    That doesn’t work if you don’t have a TV that supports that. Mine doesn’t. I play my media through UPnP, as I have it stored on a separate Linux machine.

    Boris_Trousers 03 October, 2017 @ 14:54

    How about the ability to remove demos/expired betas from our library?

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 15:34

    I know right!

    There are so many useless things in my Library that I will never use again because they are Demos or Betas, surprised this wasn’t something they added from the start.



    Does the family management update stop the use of master/sub account then. Or do I have to start buying 2 of everything again. Don’t really fancy shelling out £100 on fifa 18 for myself and kids..

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 15:35

    As long as you use it on the 1 Console then you’ll be fine.

    Nothing’s changed in that regard (at least I’m 90% sure). Hope that helps in some way.

    It’s nice that PS4 is now supporting new languages. When Ukrainian fans will get such a great present?



    Since the update to 5 my browser keeps crashing and store taking at least 1-2mins to load. Anyone else having this issue?


    I have the same problem.


    Same. They actually made it worse than 4.74.

    I dont go to there houses and wreck stuff.


    When I’ll be able to change my GT or ID??

    AlexJones_Bankai 03 October, 2017 @ 22:20

    Never (or at least looking VERY unlikely), its because of how they made the PSN IDs.

    If you aren’t big on Trophy Collecting etc, I’d just make a new account. I know its a pain in the ass :(


    When to add ukrainian language?


    Ого, тут українців багато! :) Коли вже в дідька …please, add ukrainian language support. Thank you.


    Update 5.0h That’s Disappointing

    dogsdanglies__0o 03 October, 2017 @ 20:13

    Did you get this message  E-801809A8


    i got that error


    Great, now my ps4 wont go online! :(

    dogsdanglies__0o 03 October, 2017 @ 20:13

    Did you get this message  E-801809A8

    Still waiting for an update that let me connect my non-Sony bluetooth headset. (LG)


    Want to know if there is any way to remove people you don’t play with anymore from your friend list , without doing it 1 at a time .

    ps4 friends, good day, I personally thank you all the effort you are making to give us the best, but ….. what happened to the support of 4k? this topic is the most important technologically speaking, the rest is fine … thanks … but ….. the 4k resolution and its support is and should always be your priority. regards

    jason-bridges 03 October, 2017 @ 17:48

    Why should it be priority if only a small number care?

    MiseryPrincess 05 October, 2017 @ 16:06

    People still buy almost as many DVDs as Blu Rays, and most people don’t even have HD for normal television. It’s not exactly something people particularly care for right now.

    Added to that “4k” isn’t even true UHD, just a half step manufacturers pushed for instead of making true UHD 8k sets (which was what all the testing of cameras, broadcast and technology were done at) to sell another tier, so it’s basically just HD 720p again.

    Finka_Karfein 03 October, 2017 @ 16:55

    I wonder if the old VR screenshots are restored. The new-notification ones were ugly during beta. Not even a trophy name and the notification was nearly in the centre of the screen!


    Well…..Isn’t this exciting….

    Need ukrainian language.

    This has broken my ps4 it won’t work since the update??

    dogsdanglies__0o 03 October, 2017 @ 18:41

    Same here…

    Is your poor quality bluray drive working???

    Kevinmcdaid_1990 03 October, 2017 @ 18:08

    When did you you last update it

    Kevinmcdaid_1990 03 October, 2017 @ 18:09

    A can’t even update mine as there is this error

    dogsdanglies__0o 03 October, 2017 @ 18:30


    Anyone else getting this message…

    Now cannot go online, completely disabled my ps4 ??


    Same here, trying to figure out how to fix. Think we need the update file via USB?

    dogsdanglies__0o 03 October, 2017 @ 20:11

    I’ve read USB fix doesn’t work also ?

    Nice one Sony….. Been with ps since birth, I would expect a £400 machine to work flawless but hang on you are not Microsoft!

    1000’s of unhappy customers are at your feet.. What you gonna do!


    I can’t log in to PSN to update, safe mode freezes my PS4 too. Anyone have any ideas? Can’t seem to find the update to download via USB.

    Hello, is anyone having trouble with the new update with power, my PS4 Pro will not turn on?

    I am most excited about the added system language support. Keep that going and add new language options to the PS Store, too.

    Tiger_With_A_GUN 03 October, 2017 @ 20:09

    Dear sony. I’ve been using your products since I was a kid, my grandfather in 80s bought an music center and I’m still like to listen it. With Ps2 I meet in 2003, and it was best few years in my life later psp, ps3 and ps4 of course, I owned many of your phones, and also fall in love with mdr-1r (put them back to market!). So what all this about. I’m from Ukraine, as many of your fans, and we feel kind of abounded here, we still dream to see our language on PlayStation, to see lot of Ps logos around city. Where you sony?

    The parental controls are awesome but they won’t work for online games. It is ridicules that I can allow my 10 year old son to play GTA 5 without problems but playing Overwatch online is prohibited by Sony no matter what settings I use. If you want to empower the users with parental controls then do it all the way. Allow me to configure them for both online and offline games.

    ultravioletblade 03 October, 2017 @ 20:29

    finally 1080p streaming on Twitch! thank you :-)

    ultravioletblade 04 October, 2017 @ 22:56

    oh, still 720p i see.

    might want to update your blog sony

    With new 5.0 update my PS4 Pro always starts in unsupported 4k resolution on Sony FullHD TV . Also PS pro gone off for no reason.

    Does anybody have the same issue on Pro + 1080 TV?

    Hi Sony, i tried to create a sub account for my son but when i enter the sub account and all games are blocked only to be used by the main account. been trying everything, am i doing something wrong?

    UchihaSasuke- 04 October, 2017 @ 10:33

    Just activate your system as main. This will do.

    AlexJones_Bankai 04 October, 2017 @ 21:45

    Good point ha

    Never thought a major update, would bring nothing at all for me. Mandatory; PSX support?

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