Feel the power of the dark side on PS4 as Darth Vader is unleashed in Star Wars Battlefront II

Iconic Sith Lord returns with an awesome array of Force-fuelled powers

The Dark Lord of the Sith is coming to PS4. Gleaming helm, sweeping cape, glowing red lightsaber: Darth Vader’s imposing presence is so purely menacing that few dare stand before him. In Star Wars Battlefront II, you will wield the full arsenal of Lord Vader’s vast powers against the enemies of order.

Anger fuels the dark side of the Force, and Vader’s rage is nearly boundless. By drawing from his potent fury, Vader can periodically increase both his durability and his damage output, becoming stronger as a battle unfolds. Vader is always dangerous, but when he calls upon his anger, he is nearly unstoppable.

Darth Vader

Vader can also attack at range with his lightsaber with a powerful throw, sending the red blade of energy scything through enemy ranks and then returning it to his hand. This allows him to make potent strikes at a distance.

And of course, Darth Vader wields his iconic Force choke, punishing his enemies with a telekinetic attack that lifts them off the ground as it weakens them. The crushing grip of the Sith Lord holds victims in the air, then drops his enemies at a place of his choosing (like a nearby cliff).

Players can also customise Vader’s abilities with Star Cards to suit their play style. Regardless of the configuration you choose, you’ll be delighted by Darth Vader’s ability to effortlessly cut down opponents within reach of his lightsaber, and impressed with his durability.

Darth Vader is just one of many heroes and villains you’ll be playing in Star Wars Battlefront II when it arrives everywhere 17th November.

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jason-bridges 09 October, 2017 @ 14:20

What about Anakin?

I hope you have a better voice-actor this time. Vader sounded awful and was laughable in the first game.

jason-bridges 09 October, 2017 @ 18:01

Good point, you would think a properly licensed game could get clips at least from the actors made famous from playing these roles

Or just ‘feel the power how money hungry we are at EA.’ With the supply drop system in the game the “free content” that you’re going to give the players, makes no sence. You’re just gonna get back the money from the crates.


Only morons will be buying crates.


From a 40 players lobby, 35 will use this advantage. I’ll give this game a year before it dies. Can’t wait to see the video of it.

Thanks for showing us the loot crate system in the beta. Elite Trooper pre-order cancelled. I put over 100 hours into Battlefront and have decided I won’t be paying £70 to have some kid who gets a load of Christmas/birtday/bar mitzvah money to squander on loot crates get an advantage off the bat. This is nothing but greed and I won’t be giving you a penny unless you do a massive Uturn on this.

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