Introducing the limited edition Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 4 bundles

EA's upcoming FPS sequel gets some handsome bespoke hardware

With the release of Star Wars Battlefront II just over a month away, I’m thrilled to introduce a range of PlayStation 4 bundles to celebrate the return to the epic sci-fi saga.

The limited editions

First off, we’re launching two Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 4 consoles. First is a customised PS4 Pro system, matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and a physical copy of the Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition.

The Star Wars-themed PS4 Pro is decorated with the iconic Galactic Empire and Resistance emblems, as well as an insignia for Inferno Squad – the specialist Imperial squad featured in the game’s campaign. The console has a beautiful mirror finish.


If you look closely at the matching Dualshock 4, you can spot the Star Wars logo imprinted in the touchpad. The controller’s grips are also decorated with the Imperial and Resistance emblems.


The Deluxe Edition of the game included in the bundle lets players begin their journey to the galaxy far, far away three days earlier than the Standard Edition and also comes with premium digital content, including upgraded versions of all four trooper classes, and instant access to elite hero and starfighter epic Star Cards.

The second limited edition is a 1TB grey PlayStation 4 which also has the trio of emblems emblazoned on the console and insignias and logos on its Dualshock 4 controller.


The Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 4 bundles

We’re also introducing a range of PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro bundles. All bundles include a Standard Edition physical copy of Star Wars Battlefront II.*


What do you think of the Limited Edition Star Wars-themed PS4s? Let us know in the comments below.

*Check local retailers for region-specific bundles.

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renaultmilton 16 October, 2017 @ 15:11

please say that controller is getting a standalone release

please say that controller is getting a standalone release

please say that controller is getting a standalone release

please say that controller is getting a standalone release

icecrasher_zero 16 October, 2017 @ 15:37

You really like that design? It’s awful…

renaultmilton 16 October, 2017 @ 20:53

not only that controller, i also would love to get that PS4 Pro console, because it also looks so amazing (but i already got my PS4 Pro sadly)

TRULY awful. Who designs these console decals? They are atrocious!!!

@renaultmilton16 Then just effortlessly draw a few squiggles on your PS4 Pro. Problem solved.


With the exception of the touchpad on the controller, this is a horrible design. How can you mess up a Star Wars limited edition console?

Instead of making people waste money on that Pro filth, why not just make the designs vinyl stickers? You’ll sell way more of those than consoles I’m sure.

Simple yet quiet nice. Would of bought this if I was going to get BF2. But I don’t support loot boxes so sadly I will have to give this a miss.

Will these be released in Australia? If so when?


Not into Star Wars but I like seeing the Pro getting limited editions like this rather than the Slim or old PS4’s which have had many.

Not a bad looking kit. I particularly fancied the STAR WARS etching on the touch pad.

Why don’t we get more Star Wars PS2 Classics? It’ll be two years since we got Jedi Starfighter, Racer Revenge and Bounty Hunter when this comes out.

Episode III and Starfighter were released as PS2 Classics for PS3 so they should be no problem. There’s also The Clone Wars and the original Battlefronts on PS2.

Please release more Star Wars games as PS2 Classics for PS4.

Carnivius_Prime 16 October, 2017 @ 16:37

Can we just have more PS2 Classics in general please like Burnout, Maximo, Gungrave etc etc etc?

Oh I agree, just bringing it up here since the first Battlefront PS4 bundle saw those 3 Star Wars PS2 Classics released.

Carnivius_Prime 16 October, 2017 @ 18:49

Yes and curiously the Super NES game Super Star Wars. Probably so far the only officially released SNES game on PlayStation. :P

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The design is meh (looks like you just slapped a few stickers on the regular pro model), but in this case the design doesn’t matter, because it would always remind me that it’s based on an Electronic Farts game, so I wouldn’t touch that thing with a ten foot pole!

jason-bridges 16 October, 2017 @ 16:25

Hey it took them like 5 whole mins to come up with that design. I heard there’s more to it but you need the season pass or loot crates to get all the console decals.


I wonder how many will actually get a PS4 inside. Maybe if I buy 10 of them…

I guess this is targeted at 10yr Olds so the design doesn’t matter?

MiseryPrincess 18 October, 2017 @ 07:38

The round symbol look like a cats…rear… which was quite a brave thing to so boldly put on the design!

Another lazy controller design :( You could have done so much more, but I guess it’s cheper just to slap on some stickers.

THE_JOKEZ_ON_YOU 17 October, 2017 @ 04:26

love it! the pro looks amazing! I’ve got the first Star Wars battlefront console and will most likely buy this one too

Why you made a silver console with a black controller, what’s the idea behind this because I really started to believe that you projected-designed-produced and sold these “limited elegance” edition console over a night.

As a huge PS fun I believe you can do better than that for sure.

P.S. Check at Microsoft site for some cool controller designs ?


The design on the controller is better than the design on the consoles.. I agree that the designs could have been so much better.. But as a huge star wars fan and a collector I would like to at least add the controller to my collection.. I hope I can get it separately.

MajorCAPT_Kelso 18 October, 2017 @ 06:24

I think both consoles are pretty cool, I am a fan of Star Wars, i would buy this console if i had enough money of course.

Great job guys!!

Great ..two questions how much and where can i buy them?

Any update about UK ?? release date and price? I’ve been waiting for my first PS4 Pro Star Wars bundle for while now, so definitely want to get my hands on one of this beauty!! ☺️??


I’ve been searching online since they announced the new Star Wars console but nobody is aware of a UK release, some are saying US only?? Hope this isn’t true as need to get the new console


It does look that way , but i dont think they would put it on the Europe site if it wasnt going to be available,


Do hope your correct, contacting my local game store on a daily basis to keep checking, they said beginning on November they will know more

Globalisateur 19 October, 2017 @ 16:54

Not interested in this one, I didn’t like the Battlefront LE PS4 console design but at least it looked special. This one looks cheap, like if it’s only 3 stickers pasted on the console.

On the other hand the Monster Hunter World Pro LE console is beautiful ! I’d buy that one if it was available in EU !

They didn’t name the price of the bundle.?


I’m guessing $449, just like the Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle a few weeks ago.

robertwait2003 22 October, 2017 @ 19:20

Prefer my Darth Vader PS4 to the new one.?


I have been holding out on the Pro for this console. Anyone got any idea as to release / pre order day for UK?

I can only find pre-orders on US Sites

Broodje_Nutella 30 October, 2017 @ 14:54

Are the bundles coming to the Netherlands, if yes when?

Where can I get the Star Wars pro console the shops I’ve been in just look at me like I’m mad

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