Mesmerising new The Last of Us Part II footage debuts at Paris Games Week

Naughty Dog adds another piece of the puzzle with introduction of new characters

After nearly a year since our announcement that we’re working on The Last of Us Part II, we’re finally ready to reveal a bit more of the game. The following is an all-new in-game cutscene on the latest iteration of the Naughty Dog engine, running on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Enjoy!

At its core, The Last of Us is still very much about Ellie and Joel, but for this reveal, we wanted to showcase several new characters that are integral to their next journey.

We’re sure you have many questions after watching this scene. We’re also pretty sure that we’re going to see all sorts of theories about whom these characters are, where and when this scene takes place, and how all of this fits into Ellie and Joel’s next story.

For now we’re keeping mum, but we’re excited to see what y’all make of this piece of the puzzle.

With all of Naughty Dog working on The Last of Us Part II, we’re making great headway into the project. From art, technology, gameplay and story, this is by far our most ambitious game yet. You’re in for an intense, beautiful, harrowing, and emotionally moving ride.

We’re extremely proud of the game we’re crafting and can’t wait to show you even more – and we promise you won’t have to wait as long for the next big reveal!
Until next time, endure and survive!

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Still no PSN+ for november?

They will be announced Wednesday as usual (last Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month)

Carnivius_Prime 30 October, 2017 @ 18:07

PS Plus gets announced on last wednesday of a month doesn’t it?


I say it’s gonna be Knack

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Carnivius_Prime 30 October, 2017 @ 18:04

Looks like it’ll be another well crafted epic but I’m glad it’s not out just yet cos I’m already depressed lately so this wouldn’t be the right game for me at present. :P

as good as the game looks, this trailer really isn’t appropriate for site visitors under 18.


I found the level of violence shown to be very excessive. It’s bold and in your face and a little distasteful. Hopefully they only did that for the shock factor and this gruesome violence will be restrained into something a little less explicit when the game comes out.

Speak for yourself Harrisown. That’s what I personally want from a TloU game, those raw, brutal and real scenes.

To be fair the trailer does say 18+ at the beginning.

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Wow… hard stuff… too violent for a main showcase at pgw?

But… tlou2 will be another masterpiece… thank you naughty dog for all that stunning games since my childhood… addicted to naughty dog games since crash bandicoots first level n’sanity beach…


You people say that the trailer is so brutal and shocking? Did you expect another crash bandicoot or a child friendly TLOU?

Was just wondering, is it possible to make the ‘playstation 4 exclusive’ banner a bit bigger?

Useless info. Stop treating paying plus subscribers like [DELETED] Where is the lineup for november????


Calm down. They arent treating people like anything. Ps plus games are released the first tuesday of the month (7 november for this month) and are announced the wednesday before, which is tomorrow (1st november).

Its been this way for ever. The announcement just depends when the first tuesday of the month falls.

so because your so impatient and salty because they havent announced games for ps plus (which arent even due yet) you spit your dummy out and think there should not be any news on here at all, nice sense of self entitlement there, any wonder why the team rarely answer anything

It’s TLOU what are people expecting? Sit around and discuss problems over a cup of hot chocolate! It’s violent and gory get over it!!!!

THAT… Was brutal… I like.

I see what you did there ND. ;)

MiseryPrincess 31 October, 2017 @ 16:13

To be honest, it wasn’t “shocking”, just a lazy, boring scene and exactly what was expected.

I wanted to see something different and unexpected, not taken straight out of a boring “brutal” student film. Hopefully the whole game isn’t this tiresome and poorly written.

Carnivius_Prime 31 October, 2017 @ 19:00

‘Hopefully the whole game isn’t this tiresome and poorly written’ Like MGSV. Except Naughty Dog know how to actually make good cinematic games that have a nice blend of great storytelling and fun gameplay.


You mean the game you admit yourself you didn’t even play?

Anyway, the trailer was just the same tired “shocking” crap I’ve seen hundreds of times before, and as such it was as utterly boring. I know they can make good games, which is why this being so lazy and formulaic and relying on shock gimmicks was a let down.

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