Introducing the redesigned PlayStation App and new PS4 Second Screen App

Get the new PlayStation and PS4 Second Screen Apps now from Google Play and Apple App Store

Over the last few years we’ve made a number of changes to our family of Apps, as part of an ongoing mission to help our players get the most out of their PS4 – whether at home or on the go.

In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that the PlayStation App has a new, improved altogether more intuitive design, making it easier than ever to stay connected to your PS4, friends, and the games you love to play.

For instance, new tabs at the bottom of the screen make it easier and faster to switch between viewing who’s online, checking notifications, and keeping up with the latest activities and posts from your friends and the PlayStation community.

PlayStation App Redesign

The updated interface also features a new central PS button, which is similar to the well-received PS4 Quick Menu, which ensures the Apps key features are never more than a touch away.

From the PS Button menu you’ll have instant access to a whole host of features, from browsing the PS Store and remotely managing PS4 downloads to checking out upcoming events.

For a more seamless experience between our family of Apps, you can also access PlayStation Messages (Apple Store / Google Play), PlayStation Communities (Apple Store / Google Play) and the all new PS4 Second Screen App (Apple Store / Google Play) via the PS Button menu too.

PlayStation App Redesign

For a more bespoke, tailored user experience the PS4 Second Screen now has its own dedicated App too (Apple Store / Google Play). Accessible via the PS Apps quick menu, you can use PS4 Second Screen to navigate your PS4’s menu, use the on-screen keyboard and even view extra content in compatible games, such as map and radars.

If you don’t already have PS App installed in your mobile devices, it’s free to download through the App Store on iOS 9.0 or later and through Google Play on Android 4.1 or later.

PlayStation App Redesign

Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments plus what other features you’d like added, and keep your eyes peeled for future news about how we’ll be continuing to improve the App.

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Thanks for all your feedback in the comments! We’ll be passing it all back to the team in charge of the apps.

Baseball-Dude42 28 November, 2017 @ 03:27

How about a remote play app for Android? not everyone has sony xperia or psvita they’re expensive

Did you remove the landscape mode on iPad? It’s stuck on portrait which is annoying. Please make it usable in landscape orientation as well.

Also, did you remove the ability to remove trophies for games with 0% completion in the app?

AhmedYossef1988 08 November, 2017 @ 11:00

It is very nice redesign since I use it a lot I love the new updates..

Great new and much better app than the old, but please add iPhone X screen support in near future.

While i like the design it looks alot like facebook could sue you for it

New app but no iPhone X update bummer…

“viewing whose online”

Whoops. Any vacancies for a proofreader at PlayStation Blog? Let me know where I can apply. ?



What about a UWP version for Windows 10? You can have it on both desktop and Windows Phones then.

You’ve already brought Remote Play to PC, now complete the picture, don’t leave a user-base out.

Pretty unlikely it will happen

I do not see any change. I can see the new update description on App Store with old screenshots. Is the new app only for UK and US?

Give it some time to roll out completely

Apps are better just one question, when will the remote play app work with other android phones other than sony please?


It won’t, it’s a way for them to sell Sony phones as an incentive.

so no need for this “new” app then.

Remote play has always been a separate app julio. The new separate app is Second Screen which is different to remote play.

Why have one App when you can have 3! Why?

How about Remote Play for Android/Ios devices? Imagine how many more people would be actively using Ps4 and possibly choosing the console over competitors because of this feature. It works great on Sony phones, yet I see maybe 1/1000 people using an Xperia phone while most everyone has a Iphone or Galaxy phone. Thanks for listening.


Never going to happen. It’s incentive for people to buy a Sony phone.


Yet Xperia phones are dead and Sony has sold its smartphone division. Go figure.

Baseball-Dude42 28 November, 2017 @ 03:24

That would be nice


Where is Live from Playstation gone??

It got intentionally removed. From the US Blog:

“After the update, the Live from PlayStation feature will no longer be accessible on PS App but you will still be able to spectate the countless game broadcasts from the dashboard of your PS4.”

Bring live back!

When you said remotely managing PS4 downloads, I was really hoping I’d be able to view my download progress remotely, and pause if needed etc. Can’t find anyway to do this though, so guessing now that you just meant I could go to the PS Store and get something downloading? Which I could easily do before this anyway. Or am I just missing something?

No link to playstation blog? Seems a little stupid


Sony doesn’t want you to comment about their app.

Its rubbish. Before finding the blog was super simple. Now i cant find it and its the only reason i used the app. Whats the point of an app if i need to go the ps website to find it?

Awful redesign. Used to be able to open the app and see at a glance who was online, and what recent events have flagged up. Now have to switch between multiple screens for no reason other than the app now looks pretty!

Also, someone else has mentioned it but no link to the blog? Whose dumb idea was that?

You win the award for ‘Pointless Redesign of an App that Destroys Functionality’ (previously held by Cineworld for the past few years)

Not availabel in Belarus…

Android 4.4.4 and the application now crashes when loading, great. Sent a couple of reports through Android’s report feature, hope this gets fixed by the developers.

Same (well, kind of, 4.3 here), app crashes every time i try to open it. On the bright side, the separated messaging app finally was justified since it wasn’t updated and i’m still able to send messages to my friends… for now…


Any way to find out what games are compatible with the second screen?

Really? Come on now. That would be too much like a good idea…


Hardly anything. It’s a pointless gimmick that failed to be accepted.


How about a PS NOW APP? :-)

Any chance of having some voice system incorporated on the app? It would be cool to use the party chat while being away from the ps4…


Then get a Vita.

Why would i pay 200€ for a console that Sony barely acknowledges it exists just to use a single feature (party chat)?

If i can even find one (new) in the stores…

Shame barely any games utilise the second screen. Stuff like GTA 5 and the Witcher 3 would have been great to have map on your phone, to set waypoints and objectives etc, but no. Also, how about making remote play work on other phones and not just the Sony branded ones? We all know it actually works fine on other phones, but you can’t use the app via official means and have to download a cracked one. Why!?

ApexPredator530 08 November, 2017 @ 14:33

This really cool… But could we have remote play available to other devices than Sony?


You can. PC



No you can’t. Because Win10. And this topic is about the PS App, which should allow remote play.


You do realise you can officially use Remote Play on PC right? Been available for over a year.

Awesome update, looks so much better now! <3

This app is not working. It’s not accurately showing who is online. At least the old app was working.


Great to see Henry Bayle still alive and kicking on all the PS4 marketing stuff, just like at the console reveal 5 years ago lol


Do not use this bloody thing! I used it for 5mins today and it used 500mb of my mobile data!!


Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Also used up 547MB of my data in November. Have no idea why or how it used it since I only open the app for “buying” the monthly PS+ games.

You can no longer see parties that your friends are in or specifically what they’re playing (Like when I play ACO, it’ll say “Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Exploring Siwa”. Now it’ll just say “Assassin’s Creed Origins”) This is a vote down for the new update


That kind of application is designed by people who don’t even use a PS4 and have no clue about what features are really useful.

The app was useful for me as a fast way to playstation blog, guess that’s gone for me. :-/

Where is the option to create an event? Was it removed? Can see events but can longer create one.

Do we still need a seperate app to send messages for no obvious reason?

Nope still goes to second app to message

Figures… I’ll pass then.

half of the games in my wishlist are gone plus can’t download from the wishlist menu. Now i must enter game page in order to click download to ps4. Talk about giant failure

murkmonster420 08 November, 2017 @ 20:51

I’m unable find the option to power on/restmode my PS4 from the redesigned app

Why the hell cant I make events anymore!?? It was the only thing I used the app for :(

My case too. I have a clan for Destiny 2, the app was the only way to see in advance who could Raid.

That second screen app is totally useless.

Make it a remote screen like on Vita or Xperia and we’ll talk again.

Every time they update the app, I hope they finally put a feature in that lets you sort through your purchased games.

It is always a fun time to scroll through a couple hundred games to find the one you want to download.

I beg of you, please add this feature. I know you have always been a hardware company, but you have some pretty intellgent developers at your studios that could make this app unbelievable.

Well, I uninstall the app and wait for next time.

Have a great day everyone.


Actually still have to use plugins to organise/sort the list when accessing on a PC, even though we’ve been asking since PS3 days…

Is this app available in Vatican City? Just asking for the Pope.

Portrait mode on tablet please. That’s how I use the app. Other than that, looks OK.


The app is missed ‘sort by’ on the trophy ? section. Otherwise nice redesign on mobile. The design doesnt work on ipad in landscape. Ahhhhh the Sony way.

I do not like the fact that PlayStation have released 4 apps in order to allow us to use second screen, communities, messages and general info. It is a terrible design decision to fragment the features in this way and serves no beneficial purpose. All of these features should be in 1 app.

berdieberdberd 09 November, 2017 @ 07:24

the Deals tab is not available in the app’s Store anymore – literally the only thing I was using this for

no deals at PS Store?or you removed them as well?

So, I’ve read all the comments and I have to say that there are to many NO’s for my liking (if they are all true):

NO landscape mode on iPad

NO Live from Playstation

NO link to playstation blog

NO accurately showing who is online and what is played

NO option to create an event

NO deals tab for the PSN Store

and you still need a separate app to send messages

So, it’s better to stay with the old version then!? Glad, I didn’t hit the update button!


Lucky you… My apps update automatically…

Bring live back!

Unfortunately I can’t use the app anymore.

Old version worked without problems but right after the update I only get the loading screen and after a few seconds the app simply closes automatically.

Even a re-install didn’t make a difference.

The update was a big mistake.

Hi could you perhaps give us to option to delete user accounts that has been created as in fully delete them so we can use that ID in future .Also apps we do not use on our home screen we cannot delete and the app shows games i have deleted and never even started playing please make it possible for us to clear out our notification to delete apps we dont use and to not show games in my ps app i havent even played ..also why did i have too download a app to second screen doesnt make sense.. also app is delayed as to who is online Thank you


It is a joke? Where is the landscape mode?

What is a point of making 3 different apps when you can make just one ? Why i need to download app for chat if you can make it on just 1 app? This apps are absolutely rubbish. All of them

Only thing I need to know – can I now actually use this as a remote when streaming media (netflix, nowtv, etc)?

As before the options when using as a controller were garbage…

thestylewithin35 10 November, 2017 @ 01:38

I found it very annoying that I cannot update my app on my NVIDIA SHIELD portable I checked the app’s page in Google Play it says not compatible with this version. Please work on fixing these issues.

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