New collectible figurines range and exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn prints arrive on PlayStation Gear

Introducing 15 new premium character models plus a closer look at exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn prints – all available now on PlayStation Gear

It’s an exciting time for PlayStation Gear, as we launch not only two Horizon Zero Dawn exclusive concept art prints but a whole line-up of premium figurines too.

Our new range of highly-detailed models include characters from epic franchises ranging from Crash Bandicoot, Fallout, Mass Effect, Overwatch, DOOM and Destiny to Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter.


First let’s take a closer look at our two new specially produced artwork prints.

The Aloy Concept Art Print features the modern gaming icon in a dynamic hunting stance with her bow drawn, while the Landscape Concept Art Print shows Aloy gaze out at the game’s stunning surroundings.


What makes these collectibles particularly special is how they’ve been uniquely produced. The exclusive high-resolution artwork is printed in archival quality onto an aluminium metal, before being mounted onto wood.


The result is a truly unique piece of artwork with a premium look and feel which can be proudly displayed upright or hung on a wall.

The exclusive artwork joins our huge range of Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise on PlayStation Gear, which includes hoodies, bags, key-rings, mugs plus a whole line-up of exclusive t-shirts featuring stylish illustrations of the games iconic machines.


Moving onto our new figurines and characters range, we have a huge line-up which you can check out now on PlayStation Gear, and find out more about some of our favourites below:

Crash Bandicoot Statue

Crash is back, now as a premium 23cm tall painted PVC model – carefully crafted from 40 individually moulded parts for an incredibly detailed finish.

The mad marsupial model comes complete with a special Crash Bandicoot branded base and premium deluxe presentation window box.


Street Fighter V range

You can proudly display Street Fighter champions Ryu and Chun-Li with these epic action figures.

1:12 scale model of Ryu is 18cm tall and boasts over 30 articulable features, interchangeable facial expressions plus exchangeable palms – so you can perfectly re-create different iconic fighting poses.

The equally impressive Chun Li 15cm tall action figure can also be configured into a range of dynamic poses, with three exchangeable sets of hands, a signature lighting kick effect and stand plus a backdrop sheet.


DOOM coin bank – Cacodemon

When it comes to dramatic display pieces, it’s tough to beat this Cacodemon coin bank.

The 15cm tall model of the levitating demon from DOOM is made from PVC and sure to keep your coins safe from the toughest of marines.


Assassin’s Creed range

Our recently launched Origins Bayek Statue is joined by a 1:1 scale illuminated Apple of Eden model as well as an 18cm tall model of Assassin’s Creed III’s Connor, which was sculptured from 3D in-game assets for impeccable detailing and comes complete with an individually numbered, special edition window box.


Overwatch – Nendoroid Action Figure

Our last – but certainly not least – favourite new addition is this cute and quirky 10cm high Tracer model.

The Overwatch collectible can be fully articulated for unique poses, includes the characters trademark pulse pistols and even features interchangble bent legs and hair options!


Let us know what your favourite new addition is and head over to PlayStation Gear now to check out the full range of characters, figurines artwork and a whole lot more.

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Carnivius_Prime 13 November, 2017 @ 16:17

I really like the Ryu figure but S.H. Figuarts is always so darn expensive.

Where is the Modern Icons 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Statue that’s availabe in the US PS Gear store for 40$???

I hate that Crash statue. He is in the pose from the EARLY boxart for N. Sane Trilogy. The final one looked nothing like this so why not make a statue of that more awesome looking cool Crash?

Lol oh and Conor from AC III, hahaha, NO.

MiseryPrincess 14 November, 2017 @ 02:23

“New collectible figurines range” sounds really weird as a sentence. It should be “A new collectible figurine range” or “A new range of collectible figurines” or something.

Also “modern gaming icon” sounds weird, should be “boring looking dull woman designed primarily to not offend anyone on Tumblr”.

I want that Tracer. hopefully they’ll put out more OW figures in the future. cheers love!

MiseryPrincess 14 November, 2017 @ 22:51

The company that makes them (Good Smile) already announced a range of 5 them (Tracer Mei Mercy Genji Hanzo) so i’m not sure why they only listed one. You can see the page about them here

Are you serious with these prices, this is a markup beyond belief on some of these items, in some cases almost double the price of other stores. There is not a single item here that hasn’t been marked up in some way – here’s just a selection of comparisons from the PSGear official store:

Static Arts Vincent Valentine – PSGear: £62.99, Square Enix Store: £32.99

Barret Wallace Play Arts Kai – PSGear: £179.99, Square Enix Store: £114.99

Fallout 4 Vault Boy (Arms Crossed) – PSGear: £76.99, Bethesda Store: €62.99 (£56.37)

Assassins Creed Origins Bayek Statue – PSGear: £69.99, Ubi Store: £49.95

This is absolute daylight robbery – at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask.

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