Acclaimed 3D platformer A Hat in Time jumps, flips and swings onto PS4 this week

Gears for Breakfast’s adorable intergalactic 3D platformer launches today

The time has come! Gears for Breakfast’s critical and commercial hit 3D platformer A Hat in Time is available tomorrow on PS4. For lovers of Crash Bandicoot, Psychonauts, Jak and Daxter, or Sly Cooper, here is your next modern favourite!

A Hat in Time tells the tale of the space-faring (and surprisingly acrobatic) Hat Kid. A Mafia goon (without a spacesuit, no less) punches a hole in her spaceship, and out fly the 40 Time Pieces that power her ship. Hat Kid must traverse five large, luscious worlds — while using dozens of badge-power-ups and adorable hats — to regain her Time Pieces from the corrupt Mustache Girl.

Along the way, you can expect some high-flying and hook-shooting adventures in Alpine Skyline:

You’ll also race a rocket-riding Mafia goon, solve a murder mystery on a high-speed train, and work spooky contracts to try to reclaim your soul. Nothing serious. While platforming and collecting gems across a rooftop party, you will also lead of a marching band that won’t hesitate to kick you down to the streets if you’re too slow:

A Hat in Time features comical writing and over-the-top voice-acting — it even has an unlockable option to turn those voices into mumbles, if that’s your thing. The unique mechanics, clever level design and writing, cute-as-heck characters, and outstanding orchestral soundtrack have already made A Hat in Time a major critical and commercial hit, with thousands of overwhelmingly positive player reviews. A Hat in Time is also currently the #4 most active game, surpassing decades of classic and modern platforming and action games.

We thank you so much for your support of A Hat in Time throughout the years; we hope you enjoy!

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YEEES! Can’t pre-order in the Hungarian ps store, but on tomorrow if I get home, i’m going to buy this instantly. I love platformers games, especially 3D platformers. Hope you make more games like this if it will be a success.

If you get home? How dangerous is it there?

Oh sorry, I didn’t mean in THAT way. :D Still need to polish my English language knowledge.


Was really intrigued by this, but so far have been unable to find any information on a physical release, without which I will have to give it a miss . Are there any plans for one?

Racist JonTron still in it? Yes? No purchase.

:( JonTron is a complete tool and nobody should give him work but this is a great game. It’s a shame he puts you off. The reality is every game you have played most likely has a racist somewhere on the team.

MiseryPrincess 07 December, 2017 @ 01:26

Good to know. I was interested in this, but I can’t support anything that promotes or includes disgusting racists.

Most games probably do have the occasional person with outdated views. But that’s different to having someone who’s a “personality” which means in a way their entire product is their views and personality. So in a way provides promotion and a platform for them and their views.

Carnivius_Prime 07 December, 2017 @ 17:01

You’ve probably given your money to a racist or homophobe or other kind of bigot at some point though. And this game doesn’t necessarily reflect the views and opinions of one guy you happen to know that has a small part in this game. What about all the possible non-bigots who worked hard on it who need the money to pay their bills?

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