Ambitious 2D action platformer Iconoclasts finally hits PS4 & PS Vita early next year

New trailer showcases platforming, big boss battles and the oddball cast from game, out 23rd January

Robin is a self-taught mechanic who spends most of her days helping to fix the broken “ivory”-run machinery of those around her. However, she lives in a land heavily governed by the religious bodies, who are adamant to have full control of the occupations of rural people, and an unlicensed mechanic handling ivory is the most heinous thing of all.


Iconoclasts is the journey of young main character Robin, in her world of strict control and people who she wants to help, but also those who see her as malleable. It’s a story of trusting who you want to be, but how hard it can be to let that happen.


With my love for action and good movement, the game has a ton of big boss battles and platforming, very much designed around a great feel and flow. Use your wrench to activate machines, smack enemies on the head or even turn their attacks back at them. But you also have a trusty (if illegal and powerfully modified) stun-gun to take out monsters, machines or even people who look at you wrong.


There are bosses numbering all the way up in the twenties, skills to unlock with materials you find across the lands, many areas to visit and people to meet, resulting in a game that lasts for many hours, which I’m very happy with!


This game is an open-ended action platformer first and foremost, but with a big slant toward a character-driven narrative. I have always been a big lover of colourful people, who you can sense have good intent in their hearts, but struggle to express it. It’s been a style of game I have wanted to create since I started game development, and now I’m finally realising it with Iconoclasts.


It’s taken me a while to get this game finished! Now I hope all of you will enjoy the experience, the battles, the characters. I thank each and every person who has stuck with me over the years and are still here at the end, and I also thank anyone who has come around just now for the first time, in time for the coming day that Iconoclasts finally releases!


Iconoclasts releases 23rd January on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, supporting English, Spanish, French and German languages.

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Hi Joakim,

Thanks for supporting Vita!! Your game looks great, I’ll be there day one. Will it be cross-buy?

X_Blood_Curse_X 06 December, 2017 @ 16:04

This actually looks really good, never heard of it until now.


Damn! Looks great, day one purchase for me :D

Carnivius_Prime 06 December, 2017 @ 16:35

Yep this looks like a quality 2D platformer from all the stuff I’ve seen of it on Konjak’s twitter of the past year or so. And it’s on Vita too? Definite bonus points there. I feel bad if I ask now it it’s crossbuy?

Helvedeshunden 06 December, 2017 @ 17:58

My Vita and I are going to be all over this!

jamie-sixtyfour 06 December, 2017 @ 22:21

Bloody hell, this is amazing! Great job!

Looks Awesome….. Please be Cross Buy!!?? Would pay a little extra to get them both in one!

deffo want to purchase it Day one if it is ??

Looks gorgeous, will get this day one!

Looks amazing, can’t wait to play it.

When you say “open-ended”, do you mean it’s a metroidvania?

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