The Last Guardian VR Demo lands on PS4 this Tuesday

Immerse yourself like never before in Team Ico’s extraordinary world

From the first moments we were introduced to Trico many years ago, there was a special connection between that mysterious creature and its beholder. After we reannounced The Last Guardian at E3 2015, we explored the idea of a Trico fans could interact with. What became the Trico projection wall was something that many of you might have seen at a subsequent PlayStation Experience show.

Still, even after the launch of the game, we wondered about ways to bring across the special bond between Trico and the boy in even more engaging ways. The launch of PlayStation VR offered a tantalizing means to do exactly that.


We are proud to announce The Last Guardian VR Demo, a special virtual reality experience VR set in the unforgettable world of The Last Guardian: one filled with haunting ruins and breathtaking scale. Users will play from the perspective of the boy as he interacts with Trico.

The Last Guardian VR Demois a short experience, and it is standalone; there are no larger versions of this project planned. But it is an amazing testament to the power of PS VR to immerse, and the breathtaking scale and character of the world of The Last Guardian. Also, it works with a Dualshock 4 and does not require that you own copy of The Last Guardian on PS4. You will, though, need PS VR and the PlayStation camera to experience the demo.



The Last Guardian VR Demo will be available for free via PlayStation Store on 12/12. We hope you will step into this magical world and behold the wonder of staring up into Trico’s beautiful eyes, of calling out to it, and of the thrill of riding upon its back.

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Really looking forward to this VR experience

MIGHTYMECHANIC 09 December, 2017 @ 11:03

Sounds great but I’d really like to see full vr support in the original game.

Being a rather sedate platformer I think it would be amazing in vr and not too overwhelming for the senses.

Bound shows this is possible.

could work from a god like perspective maybe.

I’m interested to see how they handle this considering the games performance frame rate wise

Kinky_Friedman 09 December, 2017 @ 15:16

A demo is better than nothing I guess. Maybe they’re going to use the number of downloads to gauge whether there’s enough interest for a full VR version :)?


‘ it is standalone; there are no larger versions of this project planned.’

There’s your answer.

Performance-wise, it’s already a mess on PS4 and Pro.

I can’t wait to see what sort of trainwreck it is on VR.

Any confirmation that Shadow of the Colossus: Special Edition is getting a release over here? No news anywhere on the EU blog.

Downloaded and looking forward to playing. Agreed about a port of the full game to VR.


I hope they are considering to make a full game of The Last Guardian in VR for me it was the best VR game experience ever i loved it please make a full game!!!!

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