InnerSpace’s launch trailer teases the serene journey to come when the PS4 flight adventure releases next year

Fly through the decaying hearts of inside-out planets from 16th January

We are happy to announce that InnerSpace is coming to PS4 on 16th January! To commemorate our first game, we’re debuting our launch trailer, “Into the Inverse.” Enjoy the flight!

More good news! All PlayStation Plus members who pre-order InnerSpace will save 25 percent!


What is InnerSpace? On the surface, it’s an exploration flying game set in the Inverse, a universe of inside-out planets. Thematically, much of InnerSpace’s story is about cause and effect. You come into the world at the tail end of civilisation, and the ruins here tell an ancient story. Why is the world this way? How did it get this way? As the Cartographer, it’s your job to find out.



This isn’t quite a post-apocalyptic setting, of scorched earth and radiation. Some ruins remain, and life, as it tends to do, still lingers. Even the landscapes have a story to tell, deliberately designed to hold true to the history that only we, as its creators, know. It’s a colourful puzzle of sky and water and the whims of ancient gods, and we hope you enjoy putting the pieces together. If you believe something you see has meaning, it was most likely intentional.

So, when you hop into InnerSpace, I hope you question everything you see. This world is open to interpretation, and every experience will be different. When in doubt, just keep flying, and the secrets of the Inverse will reveal themselves.

InnerSpace InnerSpaceInnerSpace


Thanks for reading, and from all of us at PolyKnight Games, we hope you check out InnerSpace on 16th January. Your greatest journey is within!

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This looks like an extremely relaxing and thoughtful kind of experience. I am a fan of games that are a bit off centre (as this very much appears to be). I’m in.

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