5 things you need to know about Metal Gear Survive’s beta, starting tomorrow on PS4

Test out weaponry, explore for resources, co-op strategies and more

From 18-22 January, you’ll be able to get your first taste of Metal Gear Survive as beta kicks off. You and up to three friends will be able to step (sorry, transport) into the world of Dite. Your objective? Work together to defend a Wormhole Digger from waves of enemies. Oh, and you’ll need to keep each other alive too! Do that and do it well, you’ll be rewarded with the best loot.

It’s a blast, especially if you’re playing with friends, and we’re super excited for you to get a taste of the online co-op, but also want to make sure you’re fully prepared. This survival thing isn’t easy, you know. Plus, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So without further ado, here’s a list of some handy tips that will help you do exactly that:

1. Spend time in the Staging Area

Like a lobby menu come alive, the Staging Area is where you and your friends come together before transporting into your mission, but don’t go jumping straight in. That would be foolish. Have a look around and you’ll see it has so much to offer. There’s a training area, a space to craft items and you can even test out weapons/gadgets without having to worry about loss of ammo. Most importantly, you can plan your mission and have some fun with you friends in the process…

Metal Gear Survive

2. Resources, resources and… more resources!

You’re not going to be able to create any items if you haven’t got the necessary resources. It will also make it tough to defend the Wormhole Digger and complete the objective, so any chance you have to go wandering a bit and gather resources… do it! You’ll have some “free” time at the start and between waves, making these the ideal points to go looking for precious pieces of wood, iron and many other important bits. Remember, break everything that can be broken and gather away. Just keep an eye on your weight!

Metal Gear Survive

3. Defend smartly

It might seem like a good idea to just put a barrage of fences to cover all gaps leading the Wormhole Digger, but that won’t get you too far once the bigger waves of enemies start to attack. Instead, it’s better to defend smartly by looking at the arrows telling you the projected route of the nasties and placing defensive items appropriately. Also, don’t place fences too close to each other as they might all go tumbling down at the same if a big group decides to attack. Instead, back up a fence with a low barricade or get stuck in yourself and stab away through the holes (the good old “fence-and-stab” technique as we call it).

Metal Gear Survive

4. Together stronger!

This one ties everything about the co-op together. Communicate with your buddies or at the very least look at what they’re doing so you can tackle the objective in the most efficient way possible. Duplicate fences or (even worse) placing one in a place that hinders your team (we haven’t done this…) is not the way to go! Work together as a team instead. This is a big part of any co-op game, but it’s essential to succeed in Metal Gear Survive, especially if you want finish the harder mission and earn the best loot!

Metal Gear Survive

5. Explore, you never know what you might find

Don’t be scared to go exploring between waves (and sometimes even during) because you might stumble across some very helpful items. The maps are quite sizeable and resources are not the only things littered around the environment…

Metal Gear Survive

That’s it. The rest we’ll leave for you to discover and enjoy as you play the beta. Download it now and have fun!

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“That’s it. The rest we’ll leave for you to discover and enjoy as you play the beta. Download it now and have fun!”

Is there a pre load?


We’re you seriously expecting to find it in the store? As with all posts of late, all the games/beta they expect us to download are never loaded onto the store until at least 5 hours after the post. So just sit tight.

It has been available for pre-load since around 4pm 17th January (Uk Time). You just had to search for it via the search menu.



I’m still waiting if Konami will ever announce a Special/Limited/Collector’s Edition of Metal Gear SurviVe (after the Beta ends maybe?) before placing my pre-order for this MGSV Spin-Off: did anybody have any information about it ?


It comes out in a month, the time for collector’s edition announcements has long since passed. Don’t hold your breath.

There’s so much hate for this game but I’m looking forward to trying it. I do love a good survival game.


Thanks for your interest, pody. Hope you give the Beta a download and enjoy. Any questions about it, I’m here to answer.

I’m having a lot of fun with it! It’s super polished and feels very nice to play. The staging area is one of the coolest features I think, very innovative. It lags a lot when other players join but I’m guessing that will be cleaned up by release time.

Looks interesting, I’ll certainly give the beta a go


Let me know what you think, MikLSP. Feedback and comments are welcome. :)

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like this when I tried it last night. There was so much being thrown at me on every screen, there were even around 7 different types of med kits exclusive to different injury types, and I found a lot of it very fiddly and hard to handle. I even had to look up online how to invert the y-axis (hold the left half of the touch pad to access options for anyone wondering….quite what is wrong with the OPTIONS button I do not know!)

After wrestling with the very cluttered UI I was fairly stumped by a complete lack of ammo, managed to find some materials to craft TWO BULLETS…..hmm.

I’ll consider trying it again tonight with a different approach but so far, it’s not for me at all.


It’s a survival game. There’s going to be a lot of stuff to learn. It’s part of the charm.

You’re not supposed to just empty the clip on enemies and not worry about ammo. Try and conserve it and maybe use melee in the start if you empty out a lot. You do however have a chance to restock your ammo right beside the digger when the third wave starts. You can do that as many times you want.

The different medikits and food, you don’t really need to think about in the co-op experience. I think that’s more for the singleplayer.

I do agree with you about hiding the menu options on the left touchpad (by holding it down). What genius came up with that idea and not show it in any tips? Took me a while to figure that out.

So… I’ve watched a bit of 40 minute long video about this game and I do know it’s not for me. Kind of sad they had to stick huge Metal Gear name to boost the sales. Does it have even a story? I’ve seen only info about multiplayer which is very similar to Fortnite, or other survival type game.

I’m wondering if they are going to make Battle Royale mode, after success of PUBG, or Fortnite Battleroyale(?)…

Carnivius_Prime 17 January, 2018 @ 13:45

I care not for Metal Gear anything but wanted to ask…is there a new SALE today? I noticed Windjammers is half price from 16th – 23rd (which is nice cos it’s on my wishlist so I bought it) but can’t find any info about other sale stuff other than the January stuff that’s been on sale for past few weeks.


I would have missed this as I was not aware and it’s a game I had been interested in. Cheers

Carnivius_Prime 17 January, 2018 @ 16:45

yeah I just randomly was looking at my wishlist and noticed it was half the usual price and have been interested in it since I used to play it loads in a local arcade in the 90s. It’s Crossbuy PS4/Vita too. Good times. :)

6. Hideo Kojima didn’t create it so it sucks. :p


I personally can’t wait. Been keeping an eye out on this since it was revealed, love me some Metal Gear and the gameplay mechanics were excellent in V and this looks like they have improved on them even more. Will definitely be giving the beta a go tomorrow night. Can you play single player in the beta or is that just online coop for the beta ?

Only online co-op.

Where can I find it on the store? It doesn’t show up under “Betas” and when I search for “Metal Gear Survive” I only find the full game for pre-order. And if I search for “Metal Gear Survive Open Beta” I get nothing. And some other variations of that.

Do you have a link to the download on the store?

I’ll be honest, I actually find MGS V boring, so the thought of that with (yawn) ZOMBIES, means this is a definite swerve.

Sprint… out of stamina….stand still unable to move… button……options button….delete.



Like if you want Konami to make metal gear shadow moses remaster


Not Konami, Kojima. But obviously they’ll never sell the rights to Kojima Productions…

icecrasher_zero 18 January, 2018 @ 22:05



Where is stardrone VR?




MGSV could barely be considered a real MGS due to severe lack of story and character development. Not to mention it wasn’t complete…

This is just… Relying on the brand name to try and get some extra sales, which will probably have the opposite effect. And maybe a little sneer towards Kojima, like ‘hey, look what we’re doing to your baby’. You should have left the series to die with what little dignity it had left after MGSV.

Oh, and I just read you always need to be online. Doomed from the very start, this project be :)

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