6 things you should know before playing this month’s PS Plus headliner, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The creator of the sci-fi thriller on early access to heavy weaponry, easter eggs and more

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is one of your PlayStation Plus games this month! Whether you’re new to the series or have already played a Deus Ex game before, here are a few pointers from our team to help you get started in your quest.

1. The story so far…


If you haven’t played our previous game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (or simply don’t remember what happened), don’t worry: a recap video will get you up to speed on the events you’d be interested to know about. The bottom line is this: in 2029, two years after a terrible incident that happened at the end of Human Revolution, mechanically augmented people are oppressed and forced to live in ghettos. Adam Jensen, an experienced covert agent, is trying to expose the secret organization he believes is responsible for this new world order, in an attempt to manipulate and control the fate of mankind.

2. “Show, don’t tell”


As soon as you complete the first level set in Dubai, you will reach the city of Prague, where you’ll be able to start exploring the game at your own pace. From early on, you can find many helpful weapons and items, but the game won’t nudge you in their direction. It’s up to you to observe your surroundings and guess where they might be hidden. For example, a grenade launcher is hidden in plain sight in the first district of Prague that you’ll visit – can you find it without setting the city on fire?

3. Not your average side-quest


Our team put a lot of work into making sure that side-quests feel like fully-fledged stories. Let’s say a side-quest is a hundred page script. You might decide to finish it as quickly as possible, and be done with it in 10 minutes. But on the other hand, you might think: “Wait a minute, that’s intriguing, I want to follow up on that”, and end up meeting new characters and have other things happen as a result. Want to know who committed this gruesome murder? You’ll have to question everything to find out…

4. Guns blazing… but pacifist?


Stealth or action? Lethal or non-lethal? In Mankind Divided, you can mix and match every playstyle, to the point where you can be extremely aggressive while still sparing your enemies. Using augmentations like the Tesla, or EMP ammunition for shotguns and rifles, are just some of the tools at your disposal to go in guns blazing, while still being a pacifist. Play however you feel like!

5. Having fun with our own game


Creating a game as dense and intricate as Deus Ex, where you have to support as many play styles as possible, is extremely complex. Some of the things our team created might not be seen by a large number of players, if they simply don’t feel like exploring areas to the fullest.

Nonetheless, we strive for making exploration as rewarding as possible with many hidden gems… some of them being spicy Easter Eggs! Our audio, art, creative, design, production and writing teams all got to slip in their own Easter Eggs, such as a cover of Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles, unanimously voted Game of the Year 2029.

6. Above all, be creative


While augmentations are the main tools at your disposal to navigate the world of Deus Ex, we also encourage you to be as creative as possible. Using the environment in unexpected ways might help you reach areas you wouldn’t have been able to get to. In Mankind Divided, we’ve tried to make areas as vertical as possible, which means you’ll come across high balconies that may be difficult to reach. But with all those art installations and boxes laying around…

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Tried this but couldn’t get into it, only played like 30 mins but the controls felt clunky and the frame rate isn’t great, might try again at some point on pc😀


I haven’t played it for over a year but the frame rate definitely improves after that opening sequence. I remember being a little disturbed by it at first. I am getting the impression that people new to the franchise are finding it difficult to get into this game though. That wasn’t the case with Human Revolution, so… very interesting

dupe comment. sorry.


When I access the PS+ exclusive discounts I just get around 60 normal priced titels and maybe 4-5 with PS+ discount. Why is that?

mschulze01010111 20 January, 2018 @ 10:01

the store is broken..has been forever and no one’s fixing it

Yup, it’s not been updating to show what I’ve already purchased for several months now, download list is broken too, at least there’s the in-console library so I can still download the stuff I buy.


“This month’s PS Plus headliner” ?

Showing as £24.99 on store for me.

Same for me …

Tjungyin_Games 20 January, 2018 @ 13:43

Somebody know why it isn’t free anymore?


DeusEx is in the list but the store still shows me the regular price.

Shows as full price to me too, on both console and web stores.

Yup, not free for me either (even though listed in the “monthly games” section)


I played Human Revolution on PS3 and did not like it that much. Especially main character’s voice is really creepy.

MiseryPrincess 22 January, 2018 @ 10:26

I can’t wait until people stop putting croaky old guy voices for main characters. It’s nice when the main character doesn’t have a phone pervert voice and a mass of facial hair.

They all need to shave and take some lozenges.

RLA_penn_Daycare 21 January, 2018 @ 17:37

for me also – shows full price instead “add to library”

Number 1: That it’s not actually available via PS Plus.

The end.

“Mankind Divided” is not a free “Plus” game; it’s listed at 269 NOK in the Norwegian Store — has been for several days.

hotsnaildotcom 22 January, 2018 @ 09:30

I am a big fan of the Deus Ex Universe. Human Revolution was a great game and on most things this is an improvement, it has the potential to be a really great game but its buggy as hell to the point of sometimes being barely unplayable! PLEASE PATCH THIS GAME SQUARE ENIX! :( :(

jarreltan12537 22 January, 2018 @ 12:48

I’m too poor

It is free to download again now, presumably changed in error when the PS Store was last updated with sale items or something.

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