God of War release date announced, special editions revealed, new trailer debuts

Kratos returns to action on PS4 from 20th April 2018 – and pre-orders are now open

People of PlayStation the world over, God of War is launching on 20th April 2018. I would love to write a long blog post here but, apparently, I have a game to get done by 20/4 so I gotta get back to work as soon as possible.

God of War

First, let me say that this is my favourite release day of my entire career. If I live to be 100, I do not think I will be able to top this release day.

This has been a long journey just to reach this point so it is a little bittersweet to think that we are only a few months away from that journey finally coming to an end. While I am sad, I am also excited because it means everyone will get their hands on this crazy adventure we have been crafting for nearly five years!

Speaking of trailers. Yeah, I just lost interest in finding an elegant way to get here from the last paragraph so I just went for it. That is just how I roll. I really am ecstatic that I can finally show you this beautiful trailer we have been cooking up in the creative kitchens of Santa Monica Studio headquarters. It will give you more insight on why Kratos and Atreus are going on their journey, as well as provide a glimpse at some new bits of action.

I love this trailer. After I saw it, I pre-ordered the game.

So, 20th April 2018… mark the date on your calendar. Clear that schedule, tell your significant other they are wonderful, because that is always a nice thing to do, and then wonder what you will do with all that free time you have now that you don’t need to keep asking me when the release date is.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of our game making addiction. I will do my best to keep sharing information as we head towards launch.

But wait, there’s more! I’m proud to share our limited Collector Editions and Digital Edition whose every component is connected back to the Norse universe and story of our game.

Pre-order offer

God of WarGod of WarGod of War

I should first mention, if you pre-order *any edition* (or already did) worldwide at a supporting retailer, you’ll acquire these three legendary shields skins (which you’ll need internet to access!) for Kratos to bash and defend against all manner of creatures we created in the brutal Norse wilds.

If you pre-order any edition at selected retailers across Europe, you’ll also receive Luck of Ages XP Boost, which grants you +10 Luck and has 1 Enchantment Slot. Luck influences the following:

  • Increase XP gain
  • Increase Hacksilver gain
  • Increase the ability to trigger Perks

Collector’s Edition

The 9” statue was crafted by our team in collaboration with the incredible folks at Gentle Giant. The cloth map is a unique companion to your journey, and an art piece on its own. The Huldra Bros carvings pack as much detail as their personas do in game. Just a few of the highlights, not to mention the digital items as well!

God of War

Limited Edition

Designed to look like it came straight from the forges of Midgard, the black and silver SteelBook is embossed with the Huldra Bros logo, and it comes with a physical copy of the art book by Dark Horse too. Of course, we’ve also included some cool in-game extras, like the Death’s Vow armour set, Exile’s Guardian Shield and a GoW PS4 theme.

God of War

Digital Edition

If digital-only is king for you, we didn’t forget. Adorn the legendary Death’s Vow Armor Set to increase your strength, and honour the solemn promise that sends Kratos and Atreus on their journey through the Norse wilds of Midgard and beyond.

The digital comic book from Dark Horse, Issue #0 starts to unearth the story of Kratos before his quest with Atreus begins. Not to mention both the digital comic and mini art book will come with exclusive creator commentary tracks.


Again, mark your calendars for God of War’s release on 20th April! If you’re not convinced yet, watch that trailer one more time or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more development updates!

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Wow. Can’t wait.

The Digital Deluxe Edition in the only one on offer? No standard digital edition?

Usualy the PS4 exclusives cost 59.99€, and not 69.99€

Carnivius_Prime 23 January, 2018 @ 16:20

The physical items look great but they ain’t for me. Am looking forward to the game. :)

Watching the trailer gave me goosebumps. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for videogames, especially on PlayStation and I am beyond excited to get my hands on the new God of War. Thank you to Cory, Sony Santa Monica and PlayStation for continuing to invest in amazing singleplayer experiences and they literally don’t come any bigger than God of War.

I never liked the god of war games, hated kratos BUT I won’t lie and say this trailer didn’t look incredible, even kratos seems more mellow and likeable.

Carnivius_Prime 23 January, 2018 @ 18:13

I always enjoyed the games themselves and liked Kratos as a gameplay thing cos it’s fun to run about hack and slashing things feeling all powerful as him and looking cool but I never warmed to him as a character and was never hugely into the storyline. I just kept playing anyways. I already like him much more in this trailer though it’s somewhat unsettling to see him speaking so much more calmly and less RAAAGH than usual. :P


I loved every God Of War game and this one looks very different- but I gotta say this trailer got me super excited!


Looks great, but I don’t know why North America gets extra items with their Collector’s Edition and an extra pin with their digital purchase…a non-digital item with the digital edition?! It’s confusing and irritating. Why? My money is just as good.Am I somehow different from a North American? Or is it because of rules and regulations or store competition ??

Oh, and it’s the first time that I noticed a CE doesn’t hold the physical artbook and a limited edition does…so weird



They need to comment on this without giving us some PR bullcrap. We’re basically paying more for this and we get less stuff.

Why not ALL the stuff that is in the US  the Stone Mason Edition?!

Are we in the EU lesser customers?

InSaNiTyBro21 24 January, 2018 @ 04:35

Honestly I really wish I could get the limited edition that you guys are getting

Raptor-Skittles 24 January, 2018 @ 16:08

Same here EU friend, I’m forced to buy the edition with the statue if I want all the stuff. All I wanted is Steelbook and a artbook, so I would loved to have just the Limited Edition you guys are having :(


U can check it on Amazon for Stone Mason Edition.


Will there be a standard edition released? Would like to have a version without the steelbook and I’m not buying digital.

‘Artwork not final’ on the Limited Edition? That’s good because i hope you will put the amazing boxart from the CE on it aswell. Kratos & Atreus with grimy & fiercesome faces hits the tone perfect imo and looks very aesthetic, too. Please, guys!


I hope the child will not be annoying , looking forward to play the game tough hope its gonna be great

Gameplay Looks awesome but I really worry about Krato’s son. Hope he’s not too annoying and that the story has more to offer than the relationship between father and son. TLOU managed to do so, so I am hoping God of war can achieve the same.

You preordered your own game?

Yeah, seems a bit odd :D


Sony are a bit tight.

Europe getting shafted again reg. content of the C.E. :/

spacehopper69 23 January, 2018 @ 18:30

Will there be a PS4 Pro bundle though?

StevenJamesHyde 23 January, 2018 @ 18:57

Not a huge God of War fan, but I do love this Limited Edition format. Nice content without taking up too much shelf space


fix your server

Fix the greek store plz!

It’s my birthday on April 30th! I’ll be treating myself to this!

Happy Birthday to me!!

Looks good, just please no microtransactions/lootboxes etc. I havn’t seen any yet so heres hoping


I don’t get why Game doesn’t ship the Collector’s edition outside of the UK.


This is the reason.

“We are unable to ship orders weighing over 2kg outside of the UK. This includes all hardware orders and special editions.

We cannot ship products valued over £100 out of the UK. If you are an international customer, please take note that orders over £100 will be declined.”

To sum it up, they cannot send them , when they’re over 2kg or/and £100GBP.

Only way to deal with this is to have a friend that lives in london to get it off GAME and send it to you.

Raptor-Skittles 24 January, 2018 @ 16:12

So this explain why my payment was declined when I tried to ship the limited edition to Canada. Guess I will have to buy the collector or Stone Mason edition if I want all the stuff :(


Important question ! When and where can we pre-order the Collector’s edition in Europe ? Second: will the Stone Mason CE be available in Europe or is that one only for US ?

Raptor-Skittles 24 January, 2018 @ 16:13

Stone Mason is only in US. You should be able to get the regular collector with the statue tho. I wish we got the basic limited edition, steelbook and artbook is more than enough for me :(


What the [DELETED] guys?

We’re obviously going to end up paying MORE for this like we usually do and we have LESS stuff in this edition. Why didn’t you guys include all the trinkets, that’s complete bullcrap and you know it. You don’t even make a reference to it aswell or answer anyone else pointing this out, you always do this with our editions in some shape or form. It’s like like the other items are illegal or something in the UK.

It’s a big [DELETED] to the consumers, if it’s the exact same edition then include everything, we should be getting more stuff to be honest since we’re paying more.

Fix this please…you have until April. Plenty of time and actually respond to this. Thanks.


On the plus side we have universal healthcare. If I was an American I would not be buying the stonemason editon, likely due to crippling debt brought on by my wife’s ill health, or perhaps due to crippling grief because our hmo refused coverage.

Raptor-Skittles 24 January, 2018 @ 16:14

We have healthcare too in Canada and we are part of North America :)

Assassin-_-MerKz 23 January, 2018 @ 22:01

So the EU/UK is missing out on the following:

-Stone Mason’s Ring

-Mimir’s Head Talking Keychain

-2″ Horse & Troll Carvings

-Defender of the Chosen Shield (DIGITAL CONTENT)

and a Kratos & Atreus physical pin for the digital deluxe edition


Wait, why are we not getting the Stone Mason’s Edition? :(

THE-PLASTICA-MAN 23 January, 2018 @ 23:01 Edited

In the EU store , there are no physical pins and it says the 3 shields are pre-order only. I really hope they reconsider this and make them available to get later or through another version.

Is it just Game carrying the collector’s edition in the UK? They messed me about with my Destiny 2 pre-order (they cancelled it without asking me, engineered me into re-ordering it afresh and thus I lost a bonus item of a Cayde 6 figure) and I refuse to give those jokers another penny. I spent thousands with them over the years and they really hacked me off. Poor service from a terrible company. I love collector’s editions but I despise Game now.


No I seen it on Shopto. I’m sure others will have it too if it’s not up yet. But the Limited Edition is exclusive to them though

Edit – weird. Just noticed it disappeared from their site this morning. Got my pre-order in yesterday and no cancellation email


Thanks, it was there on ShopTo when I looked and I’ve ordered it.

Tough luck Game, another sale you’ve lost from me due to your poor customer service.

So disappointing that only the US gets the stone mason edition – UK gamers get the worst deals as always – shame on you !

> Adorn the legendary Death’s Vow Armor Set

“Adorn” doesn’t mean “wear”. The correct usage would be “Adorn yourself with the legendary… etc”

May I ask where the God of War Stone Mason Edition is sold online for UK? Only seen this tweet about it ^_^


that information is just bogus, they will only sell the “normal” CE :)

So if I`m reading this right, the artbook in the collectors edition is a digital copy, while the artbook in the limited editions is physical?

Looks awesome but i dont do pre orders. Though borderlands 3 will test my resolve.

Well,this is BS. Cause US getting more for the same price point,there is two more carvings and plus keyring (which for me is realy cool). What the hell is wrong with you? I bough most of PS4 exclusive CE and after seeing this and also it’s not selling outside UK is biggest dissapoitment so far.


Does anyone know if the limited edition is available in the US? I would LOVE to have the steelbook, but I don’t really want the other figurines that come with the other editions. I can’t seem to find the limited edition in gamestop.


If you compare this to this picture ( ), it’s obviously a FU to the European gamers. I got the CE pre-ordered, BUT I want the extra stuff included in, because this CE costs 120 euros PLUS the tax fee, meaning around 150 euros, while in America it’s 120 dollars, which is around 100 euros. Do your maths, you PR idiots.

I will wait till you change your stupidity, otherwise at the very last minute I’ll cancel it.


Paid full price at launch for GT sport (and Destiny 2), didn’t get on with it at launch, by the time it was fun to play (mostly single player) it was half the price. This is looking great and I’ve loved all the others but boosting pre-orders with xp and loot is another way of pay to win.

Not sure I will be willing or able to pre-order this having been bitten twice so recently so will lose out on loot luck and xp boosts. Don’t mind not having cosmetic items but this doesn’t feel right to me. This aspect of modern gaming sucks.


The CE looks all good but I want the option of getting the Stone Mason Edition. Every region should get the same editions. Simple

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