Try out supernatural teen adventure Crossing Souls today with free PS4 demo

Get to know the cast and their abilities ahead of the game’s release on 13th February

Ahoy fellow adventurers, the gang of Crossing Souls is assembled and ready to start their supernatural journey when the game releases on 13th February!

With just one week left until launch, we wanted to take this opportunity to give our PlayStation fans a deeper look at this band of misfit heroes and announce that a demo of Crossing Souls is available now on PlayStation Store!

The demo takes players through the opening hour or so of Crossing Souls as Chris, Charlie, Joe, Matthew, and Kevin are introduced and come together to face an eminent danger that threatens their small town. You’ll be able to get to know their personalities, test out their combat abilities, and give each one’s special abilities a spin!



Chris is the leader of the group, whether he likes it or not, because of his bravery and quick to act on any challenge that comes their way. He’s agile and good with his hands which allows him to climb surfaces that others can’t while using the family baseball bat to bash baddies and knock away incoming projectiles.




Not one to give second chances, Charlie has quite the temperament and doesn’t put up with nonsense from fools or even her friends. With a chip on her shoulder for coming from the poorer area of town, she converted her old busted jump rope into a snappy whip to use to defend herself and fling herself over large gaps. Agile and athletic, Charlie can dash around quicker than her opponents can track her.




A big dude with a bigger heart, Joe isn’t one to pick a fight but if one is picked he’s the friend you want in your corner. Joe isn’t afraid to use that power to his advantage by throwing devastating haymakers and using sheer force to move any objects in the gang’s way.




The archetypal boy genius, Matthew’s most powerful weapon is his intellect. Homemade inventions produced his trademark laser gun and jetpack allow him to fire from long range and fly short distances when the time comes.




Kevin’s a troublemaker for sure – problematic, daring and shameless… a genuine magnet for trouble! The gang looks over his tiresome jokes and lack of any skills at all, learning to love him and use him strategically when they’re in a pinch!


The team are certainly friends but aren’t without their arguments so you’ll need to switch between them on the fly to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in their way. Each has something to offer (well, maybe less so for Kevin) and as a team they can overcome anything. We hope that you’ll come with us on the Crossing Souls adventure and can’t wait to share the full game with you next week!

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Any news from the PlayStation Vita version?

jamie-sixtyfour 06 February, 2018 @ 16:59

No GIF for Big Joe?! Say it ain’t so!

Juan Diego Vázquez 06 February, 2018 @ 18:47

Fixed! Thanks for the warning!

jamie-sixtyfour 06 February, 2018 @ 22:17

Big Joe appreciates your efforts. :)

Carnivius_Prime 07 February, 2018 @ 05:31

Not really the kind of pixel art style I like but it’s fine and hey there’s a demo so I will try it (why so few games have a demo these days is silly especially when it’s so much easier to distribute them than it was on magazines)


The demo is enjoyable. :) Except for having to kill rats. Am a owner of pet rats. :/

Also noticed the Mother Russia Bleeds arcade game. I just bought the actual game last week. :P

The demo plays great but C’mon!! … An 80’s styled game not on handheld?!! That’s like getting the Delorean to 87 miles per hour! I’m still holding out for that Vita version!

Played the demo in VR in Cinematic Mode. It was amazing!!!

I would buy it three times on the Vita! Please say that a port is on the way! Please, please?

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