Top 10 Valentines gift ideas from PlayStation Gear

Great gaming gift ideas plus savings on PS Gear exclusive clothing and cufflinks

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we wanted to share our top gift picks to help you find something unique and perfect for the special player in your life.

And with no time to spare, we’ve got you covered with next day delivery as standard on all orders before 2pm!

1. PlayStation cufflinks – 50% OFF

PlayStation Gear

Give the gift of gaming style with these official cufflinks, which are all half price until 9am on 20th February, or stocks list.

2. PaRappa the Rapper stubbins

PlayStation Gear

This PaRappa the Rapper won’t need to drop beats to win hearts. Everybody’s favourite rapping dog is now available as a Stubbins plush.

3. Aloy Pop! Vinyl

PlayStation Gear

She’s the plucky protagonist on a journey to discover her destiny in a post-apocalyptic world. Now Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn™ can be collected in cute Funko Pop! Vinyl form.

4. Destiny 2 black and white bath robes

PlayStation Gear

Have a cosy night in as a clan of 2 with our comfy bathrobes, complete with embroidered Destiny 2 insignia.

5. Crash Bandicoot candles

PlayStation Gear

Light up the room like they light up your life with our splendidly scented Crash Bandicoot candles

6. The Last Guardian framed print

PlayStation Gear

The unforgettable story of a deep bond between a young boy and a colossal creature is captured in this collector’s piece of artwork.

7. PlayStation coasters

PlayStation Gear

Give the gift of nostalgia with not one but three volumes of original PlayStation game coasters to choose from. The sets feature the cover art of classics ranging from Resident Evil and Dino Crisis to WipEout and Destruction Derby.

8. Fallout checkers

Wait out the apocalypse together, with a Nuka-Cola themed take on the classic game.

PlayStation Gear

9. Monster Hunter: World pin badge set

Let your Player 2 proudly display their conquests from the new world.

PlayStation Gear


10. Horizon Zero Dawn vinyl soundtrack

PlayStation Gear

If you’re feeling extra generous, then why not enjoy the games award-winning soundtrack on limited edition white vinyl. This collector box set is the ultimate gift for Horizon Zero Dawn fans, complete with 74 tracks across four discs and exclusive artwork on each sleeve.

Check out even more gifts over at and don’t forget you can now grab up to 50% off PS Gear exclusive clothing too.

PlayStation Gear

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Destiny bath robes – what a good idea, Bungie (Activision/Blizzard) are in it up to their necks, right now, so these will come in pretty handy for them.

MiseryPrincess 13 February, 2018 @ 18:35

“Hey darling I got you this picture for valentines”

“Wow thanks erm, am I the little boy or the bird hyena camel”?

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