Look after a virtual cat in pet sim Konrad the Kitten, out on PlayStation VR next week

Attach a Move controller onto your favourite plush toy and bring Konrad to life

Konrad the Kitten is a unique experience that brings a cute virtual cat to your PlayStation VR device. Originally, the very first prototype was created by one of the team as an anniversary present for their girlfriend. The concept worked that well, that FusionPlay decided to expand the idea into a full game.

As you would expect it from a pet raising simulation, you need to care about Konrad’s needs and desires, making sure it eats, drinks, sleeps and more. If you care well for it, it will stay healthy, become well educated and will love you. This helps you to unlock new areas, objects and mini-games. But there is one thing that really makes this game unique: Plushy mode.

Plushy mode

Konrad the Kitten

You can activate Plushy mode in the options menu. You can then transfer one of your plush toys into virtual reality by attaching the Move controller on its back. The plushy will then come to life as the cute little kitten in the virtual world allowing you to really touch, lift and cuddle the virtual pet. This creates an incredible level of immersion, making your virtual kitten feel like a real one.

Konrad the Kitten

When attaching the Move controller to a plush toy, assure that it’s fixed proper and cannot become loose. In the studio, we use rubber bands or scrunchies, wrapping them around the belly of the plushy, then slide the controller in between. Note: the Move Controller needs to look away from the plushy’s head. The strap of the controller can be used to additionally secure the controller!

Konrad the Kitten


Konrad regularly wants to play mini-games that require you to actively guide him. He catches mice, flies through an obstacle course of rings or throws dishes from the couch table. Scoring in these mini-games rewards you with coins that can be traded in for 50+ different accessories. Customise his look by dressing him with hats, glasses and necklaces or even change the colour and pattern of his fur. Just make him look like your own cat or the cat you always wanted to have.

Konrad the Kitten

Konrad the Kitten will launch globally on 23rd February for PlayStation VR. It’ll be available in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian languages!

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Sounds brilliant. Price and trophies?


We are happy you like it :)
Price will be 14,99 and there are 13 trophies to unlock.

I am seeing myself attaching the move controller to my actual cat…

No, that can’t end well…


We really suggest not to do this!
Instead, try have you cat playing with the plushy after you’ve played Konrad the Kitten ;)

Vincent_Deseers 14 February, 2018 @ 11:11

This game really needs a physical release with a bundle that contains a move controller and a plushy, there can be different plushies per bundle. then you can sell seprate plushies as an add-on. Oh the plushies witll have a carefully designed slot to place the move controller into, so not some random plushie. Then after a few months you can release themed plushies or plushies that tie in with other franchises (e.g. Dorimon, Feline from Monster, hunter, Jak from Jak and Daxter etc…).


We like the idea of a physical bundle. Actually we already thought about creating a dedicated plushy with a pouch to put the controller in.

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