Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality release date confirmed for PS VR

Only a couple of months before you can explore dimensions, solve puzzles and get yelled at by Rick

Hey PlayStation fans. PlayStationers? Whatever. Big news — Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality PlayStation VR is coming on 10th April, 2018.

Virtual Rick-ality is an adventure game that immerses you in the strange and unusual world of the Rick and Morty TV series. As a clone of Morty, you’ll be put in the center of a unique story that takes you across dimensions, to death’s door, and to alien planets. You’ll solve puzzles, get yelled at by Rick, and even fix an intergalactic car along the way. You can also pick up a diverse range of crap and throw it at your favorite Rick and Morty characters, for better or worse.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alityRick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality


We’re all really excited to get this game into your hands and for all of you PlayStationheads (?) out there to experience Virtual Rick-ality.

See you on 10th April, 2018. You know, because that’s when the game comes out. On PS VR.

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I really hope this fails here. The US get a collectors edition, we get a standard release… I would love to here the non-existent reason for this.

The disparity between US and European releases have been growing of late and it’s nothing but a slap in the face for us. We should be thankful we are getting the game at all I guess? It feels like the 16 bit era all over again despite the advent of something called the internet.

This has to stop. Your level of customer service has been shocking for the last few years now, it’s time it changed.

standard edition? we don’t get any retail version! only digital for us!


Who cares? It only comes with a POP Funko and a double sided poster, both of which can be pretty much be bought anywhere. It’s nothing special.

Kinky_Friedman 20 February, 2018 @ 10:59

‘POP Funko and a double sided poster’, that sounds like tat to me. I’ll be happy enough with the standard release.

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Are we getting deals like the US has, the PSVR headset for 200 euro? I would buy that, because I have the camera and move controllers already. BTW this game would be on shopping cart as well…

ThatIsMyKillMorg 24 February, 2018 @ 23:46

Really? I got the psvr for over £400 but still, its worth it

Finally a VR game on PS4 for us intellectuals to play.

What are the Pro benefits?

gachoqwertyuiop 17 February, 2018 @ 15:46


Why have the PSVR bundles been discounted in the U.S but not in Europe?

ThatIsMyKillMorg 24 February, 2018 @ 23:47


ThatIsMyKillMorg 24 February, 2018 @ 23:58

I know, it needs to get fixed


Which distributors are distributing this in the UK? Nothing on game or shopto yet

I with the stupid playstation people would release this earlier!!!!!!

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