18.2 million Thunderjaw kills, 51 million Watchers overridden: a look at Horizon Zero Dawn’s first year in numbers

Stat-crunching 12 months of player metrics reveal some impressive figures for Guerrilla's award-winning action adventure 

Horizon Zero Dawn recently reached two major milestones: the game turned one, and it crossed the 7.6 million mark in sales numbers. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve released a free avatar bundle and Photo Mode theme for PlayStation 4. In addition, we’re running several promo discounts on Horizon Zero Dawn and related items, which you can read about here!

To celebrate this momentous first year, we spoke to fellow developers and the community to understand what makes Horizon Zero Dawn so special for them. Take a look at what they had to say:

These milestones also offer an opportunity to look back on the way fans have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. While it’s very much a single player game, it does use online connectivity to log certain metrics for bug tracking and analytical purposes.

In aggregate, these metrics paint a fascinating picture of the way Aloy’s story is experienced by players – from their favourite weapons to the choices they make in life-or-death situations. We’ve compiled the most interesting facts and figures into the infographic below (click on the image for the full version):


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the numbers that shape Aloy’s quest. Be sure to follow the PlayStation Blog and Guerrilla’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts for all the latest updates on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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People feel surprisingly passionate about killing glinthawks. And there I was, just trying to avoid the bother XD

Loving the statistics!!! Nice infographic for such an amazing and memorable game!!!

Amazing to see all these stats!!

and hopefully we will not have to wait to long for a second game.


One billion watchers killed, LOL. Let’s all come together as a community and stop mass genocide against Watchers.

I got this game fairly soon after release. Haven’t had time to play yet. XD

P4NCH0theD0G 08 March, 2018 @ 11:11

Best Game of the last few years. Wondering if people just don’t fight Stormbirds, but those guys killed me more than anything else…

Also, if you’re into a bit of funny fan-fiction:

Wait… “first year”? “Year one”? I thought the Frozen Wilds was the only DLC the game was getting? Is the game going to continue to be worked on??

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