Breed and ride dinos in Ark: Survival Evolved PS VR tie-in Ark Park, out this month

Explore 10 maps, solve puzzles and defend against dinosaur attacks from 22nd March

Ark Park is a multiplayer adventure game designed from the ground up to harness an ultra-immersive dinosaur theme park. This virtual reality experience fulfills your dreams of entering a world where living breathing dinosaurs are roaming the earth.

10 gorgeous maps


Explore freely at the grand virtual world where there is no set plot line. Tour around distinctive primal environments solo or with a group of friends. These stunning maps can be relaxing and challenging at the same time.

Gene collection


Visitors may collect ‘Gene Fragments’ from the many extinct creatures during the excursions. Determined visitors will need to use a combination of puzzle-solving logic, action skills, exploration and careful resource management to bag the most prized animals.

Dinosaur breeding


Incubate the eggs you collected and raise your own little dinosaurs. Gather food to keep them satisfied and watch them grow. Nothing beats the feeling of going on dinosaur rides when your baby dinosaur grows into adulthood.

Battle scene


With friends by your side, defend the base and human kind from raging dinosaurs with weapons you forged. Strategically choose your weapons from a selection of melee weapons, ranged weapons and combat items.

Ark Park will be released worldwide on 22nd March, 2018!

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Looking forward to this :) also any word on coolpaintr for psvr?

PlanetJumble 14 March, 2018 @ 07:48

Too bad the trailer is completely recycled, as are the screenshots. And all that is taken from a PC. I’d have hoped to see true PSVR material so close to release.

MadMax196rus 11 April, 2018 @ 13:00

not available in eu ps store ((((

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